Okay all you Sunbreakers out there, what did you think of your first taste of frontier.

  1. With the likes of Malzeno and Scorned Magna being in the game, I think Espinas fits comfortably in and I feel like other Frontier monsters save for the zeniths would probably feel the same. I'd really love to see some of the more powerful frontier Elders make it in to mainline (Maybe a slightly redesigned Duremudira), they all look especially cool.

  2. I would argue some zeniths could come back as a more balanced version(more watered down, and balanced, but still a tier above most monsters).

  3. Well given the rise/handheld team has quite a lot of frontier Devs, I foresee more to come, especially since it was originally said that frontier Mons wouldn't be introduced, that's clearly been lifted.

  4. In Frontier, it had a phase in between its current ones, where it was awake but still sleepy and extremely armored. It was quite funny watching it look at you, wonder “is this pest going to stop?”, and when it notices you won’t stop it explodes (metaphorically) with anger and enters the phase it has in Sunbreak right after waking up.

  5. At first I was slightly disappointed because I thought it would be harder because it felt like a mix between Rathian and Diablos, which I don't struggle with at all. After a couple of hunts though its grown on me a lot, I'm a big fan of the fight and design and I've really grown to love the monster.

  6. A symptom of being a veteran no doubt. Many new players struggled with Anjanath in World, who I found funny more than difficult. I'm sure tons think this monster was tough as shit but like you said, it sharing similarities makes it easier to approach for us after our years of experience.

  7. Yeah, Seregios felt more unique in terms of the fight compared to espinas. But that music and the double status breath were cool for sure. Still got some mantles to farm, and I'm not complaining.

  8. Well I do remember recently seeing a familiar silhouette on 4chan and if it’s real then that means that capcom will be adding in the most difficult monster in the entire franchise, but take that one with a huge grain of salt.

  9. Just really Hope some other designs get added eventually, specially the rather unique ones like the Scorpion duo, or Rukodiora's Magnétic shenanigans could be interesting With the higher mobility of Rise.

  10. It was a rough first encounter, but overtime I've grown to really like the fight. It's super fast paced and keeps you on your toes. Plus the theme and it's armor are really nice too.

  11. Meanwhile the people who have already fought either Hypnocatrice or Lavasioth before are rolling their eyes in the corner.

  12. Yeah but I mean… hypno isn’t that insane and lavasioth is (to me) just lame agnaktor. Either way it’s the first taste we’ve had in awhile. I think espinas shakes things up a bit more because he’s way more insane. Fire poison para fireballs man.

  13. It’s just so confusing that they’d give the armor a skill that boosts poison when most of its weapons have fire instead.

  14. I remember when I fought white espinas for the first time I lost my marbles seeing the ultimate move and thought I had to heal through it and carted. After that I realized all you gotta do is just get away

  15. Aesthetically, Espinas is one of the Frontier monsters I could most enjoy being in the mainline games. My only reservation is the aesthetic of things like its Zenith; They seem a bit much design-wise, stepping away from the more naturalistic design philosophy of the current titles.

  16. I thought it was great. I love his armor and his fight is a better rathalos imo . I hope he becomes a staple in the franchise

  17. Is there any way to play frontier nowadays (legitimately or legally not necessarily required....) because the monsters all look incredible and I would love to try the magnet spikes

  18. Actually there is! It is a bit “frowned upon” by some as it was only possible with stolen files, but if you are interested there are quite a few YouTube tutorials out there in order to play it.

  19. First Cart I had in sunbreak. I enjoyed the monster a lot, felt familiar but unique at the same time. The weapon design is amazing, not the biggest fan of the armor design but everyone’s taste is different!

  20. Got carried through my first fight with it, so when I did the follower quest with Arlow I got terrified when it hit me with a fireball that halved my health and inflicted all 3 statuses. Great fight

  21. Maybe I’ve just gotten better but once I paid attention to its moveset it was disappointingly no match for my cb. That para poison burn on breath attacks was cool tho

  22. Good. I don't want more of the wackier designs unless they're dialed down a bit. Prefer new monsters, preferably not winged wyverns.

  23. As someone who’s played monster hunter since Tri and heard so much hype behind Espinas and the crazy triple threat fireballs… i was pretty disappointed. I saw some videos on how it’s so tough you have to beat it up while it is sleeping for a while just to get it to acknowledge you, then i went and woke it up first hit. So a combination of the changes they made for rise and the high expectations all of the frontier fans set made it disappointing when i beat it so easily and all of the threats were so easily avoided. Took until my 4th time fighting it for it to hit me with a fireball. Thought most hits were going to poison because of the spikes, but no.

  24. Honestly? Rather disappointed. It's basically a mix of Old World Rathian and Diablos. It has a charge, a fireball and that's it. The multi-status gimmick is interesting but unfortunately locked away in a very rigid move that's unlikely to hit anyone.

  25. Espinas carted my partner twice and me once because we failed to realize how hard the charges hit and we ended up stopping for the night after that lol.

  26. When I fought him the first time I was like "wow he looks so cool!" and then he inflicted me with poison, burn and paralysis in a single attack. I killed that bastard.

  27. As an IG enthusiast, I found the fight kinda easy first time through ngl. Any flying wyverns are easy money once I bust out the glaive 😈

  28. Seemed pretty par for the course. No idea why Frontier is so isolated. After Valstraxx they should have just said fuck it and opened the floodgates. I still want to see more crazy monsters invade the newer titles.

  29. Espinas’ music lead me to listening to most of the Frontier music and I’ve determined by the music alone that we need more Frontier monsters in main line games

  30. I really hope people get orange boi, it's an awesome variant with sick moves. And if they add white boi, I really hope they shorten the AoE time & make it smaller, or the fight will be super stale & dragged out. Or removing the burn dot area directly beneath him so you could actually earn a juicy dps window with i-frame dodging the blast.

  31. I'm around the endgame and it's still one of the monsters I'm nervous about fighting game because of how hard to handed my ass to me the first time, it's like its own difficulty level. However I do find it an oddly uncreative monster, it's like they just reinvented Rathian from memory, and real disappointed not one of its weapons offers some Paralysis, that would've really helped it feel less redundant. And finally the armor feels distinctly low rank in aesthetics, yet another reason we really need some alternate version armor options.

  32. Reminds me a bit of Anjanath in that he has real ability to cart you while not being overly hard. That being said Fulgur Anjanath was dangerous as hell and a solid challenge. I’d love for an Espinas subspecies to come out and really make more use of his elements

  33. I like it. First monster in Sunbreak that gave me a sense of 'Oh no, that's not good' when I woke it up with an Impact Crater to the head only to get 'tink tink' and white numbers. Pretty fair fight imo (once I learned that getting hit by the charge meant to just wait out the rest afterward).

  34. I thought his infamous fire breath would be worse than it was, but he doesn't really use it well. Either he fires a single shot, a triple shot like Rathian, or he fires two then blasts his feet. No his real weapon his that absurd charge damage, it feels like a faster Diablos and it hurts like hell.

  35. I'll just keep it simple: as a fight, Espinas is like a weird offspring of Rathian and Diablos. Lots of charging forward with a deadly horn, some HEAVY tail swings and the most offensive fireballs I've ever seen. But he somehow manages to be really cool and really unique. 10/10, a great and fun fight with an equally great design

  36. The model and specifically form of its parts make me think this Espinas was modified from Gravios (which I still hope makes an appearance). My first taste of Frontier would've been Lavasioth all those years ago, and I'm still not sold on bass-shaped wyverns. Espinas is super fun to fight though! Frontier designs stand out for their creativity. Except for Magma Plesioth.

  37. Although I never got the chance to play Frontier, I would take glimpses of Frontier-exclusives every now and then and stare in awe. Being able to finally fight Espinas was nice.

  38. I've never played Frontier but I love how he's such a heavy sleeper but when you wake him up he's so pissed that he'll chase you around the map. The hugebox charges kind of suck but otherwise he seems fair enough, like a Rathian's wacky hipster brother when you throw out his weed.

  39. Espinas is cool, but I feel like most monsters can’t live up to their full potential mainly because Sunbreak is a part of Rise, and Rise just isn’t as high quality as world, which is fine.

  40. Eh. If frontier is a pie, sunbreak is the crust. Even Espinas just isn't quite right in Rise. I was hoping the game, being already so far removed from monster hunter, would lean closer into frontier stuff.

  41. It's not like what I heard. Specifically how it usually starts. For fifth gen, Espinas immediately aggros after waking. Though, I do understand sone liberties were taken to being all frontier monsters over eventually.

  42. I have made a vow to capture every Espinas I hunt, they really just trying to sleep. Other than that I love fighting them, 10/10 need more Frontier

  43. Love Espinas. Crazy fun to fight imo, and his aesthetics are amazing. He is amazingly well implemented in the game and doesn’t fell out of place at all. Only thing I don’t really like is that I feel that his weapons + armor are really meh and could have been reworked or changed a little bit, but the monster itself is one of my all-time favorites.

  44. I love how much of a glass cannon it is. Seems to have way less health than most monsters but if you mess up and get hit it will hurt a LOT. And I love how it's moveset is basically a cooler version of the rath movesets. Feels much more aggressive and dangerous!

  45. Espinas is my first brick wall. Dude just bill charges but he carted me 3 times in like 4 minutes my first time against him.

  46. Might get downvoted but personally I found Espinas boring :/ I think the novelty of a dragon made to look like a dragonfruit is kind of cute, and the weapons are neat looking. But imo its a really boring and uninspired monster compared to other new ones like Garangolm (not that he's exemplary, just the first one w a fun moveset in Sunbreak to come to mind). Imo you can't just slap 2 elements onto a dragon, give it a moveset from a few well-known franchise staples, and call it a day. It's a really sharp contrast how lazy the design feels to me when so much of Rise's new fights are so good.

  47. I played Frontier, so I remember Espinas as being... well... forgettable compared to the likes of Toa Tesukatora and Rukodiora (all of the absolutely cracked up frontier elders basically).

  48. With the amount of people I've seen cart at malzeno...I dont think the fanbase can handle to many more monsters 🤣🤣🤣 maybe the games just to hard for people?

  49. Im sad that he lost a lot of his flavor. he starts asleep sure but then he immediately goes to his full state. That middle bit where he tries to just slowly kill you while asleep was pretty funny

  50. So far my favourite addition! I'm in the weird ground of both veteran and newbie (took a long break from the series for personal reasons) and Espinas has been just a joy to hunt. So cute and spiky, and oneshotted my husband and best friend when I introduced them to Espinas yesterday :)

  51. My thoughts were "damn hypnocatrice and lavasioth suck" because I got it in Freedom unite. Turns out trying to build an MMO on the FU engine just makes FU monsters with MMO nonsense moves.

  52. Only fought it once so far but the first half of the hunt was super easy; arguably easier than Great Izuchi. I got hit maybe 2 times. Once people started joining my quest and jumping in, he started using his special moves (before he just did standard bite attacks, spins, and runs) and became really fun.

  53. What do you mean first? I bet most of the Rise players who didn't play Frontier already fought Lavasioth or even Hypnocantrice in the past.

  54. I honestly wish there was a game that used a lot more subspecies monsters instead of just cycling through the same set of monsters it was nice to see something from an older game that I never got to play personally

  55. Not really a fan of this Diablos rathian mix. It's just annoying imo. I'm down for new/old monsters so whatever they add I'm into however

  56. for years i’ve always wanted to try frontier, but then it shut down as soon as I get the hardware required to play it, and this gave me a small taste of what I missed out on

  57. Probably my favourite of the sunbreak monsters, but the more I think about it it's mostly because of the music 😂

  58. Honestly While I do like him I am disappointed. I heard how crazy Frontier monster mechanics can be and he's so plain to what I was expecting. Dudes just a sleep deprived angry tank. Doesn't even use his fireballs much.

  59. It is a bitch to face in the Arena Quest is all I can say. Arlow gave you no antidote? Gear has no antipara? Tough fucking luck.

  60. Honestly I didn't like it at all. Before rise all the posts about frontier gave me the impression that there was a crapton of power creep in frontier and then I fought it and yup literally a dude who has 3 blights in a projectile it spams.

  61. Not gonna lie, it kinda sucked. Felt just like a reskinned rathian, which to me screams pushover, I feel like the slot could be used in much better monsters out there

  62. “Uncreative”, you mean like Fatalis, Safi’jiiva, Rathian, Zamtrios, Azuros, Lagombi, Kushala Daora, Zorah Magdaros, Rajang, Anjanath, Behemoth, and every last Bird Wyvern correct?

  63. Fought him in Frontier first but it's super awesome to see him in Rise. Not just because he's a sick monster and a decently fun fight with a cool gimmick but because it sets the precedent for some other monsters or even locations to escape Frontier/Online purgatory.

  64. Shit one trick pony, gimmick monsters always are shit, paralysis resistance shows how bad this monster really is, it’s incapable of being a threat to you if it can’t paralyze you

  65. Espinas was a pleasant surprise. Such a delightfully “old school” monster that we finally got to fight in the second half of Gen 5. You can tell it was designed years ago because it could easily fit into Gen 1/2 with its design and move set.

  66. Probably going to get white fatalis but it will be somewhere in between the normal and frontier version even sharing a few attacks and the second phase theme with frontier white fatalis

  67. Better rathian but I kind of wish they brought in the he just walks around and ignores you part of the fight. I’ve one seen what RGV has put out on it and I would have loved for him to wake up and just walk away completely unbothered until he enraged

  68. I don't mind the multi-status effects. I just think the charge has a stupid hitbox and does too much damage.

  69. A boss that uses poison fire paralysis without it feeling like bullshit? I am impressed. Also he right now my favorite monster in the game. I really love Mizu but this guy is such fun fight. Also who ever made his music. Deserve fuckibg rise.

  70. At first he was a little difficult but once I had an understanding of his moves I don’t particularly struggle with him. I’m hoping that once the next rank of Anomaly quests release they will introduce some new moves instead of only making the monsters hit harder and have more health.

  71. I appreciate that they didn’t go too overboard with it, but still made it a fun and exciting hunt. K didn’t find it particularly difficult, but it was definitely enjoyable.

  72. I love and hate it when its angry since i can deal more damage but he moves faster and as a player without years of experience fighting it, it sucks.

  73. Well, at first I was frustrated with the multi ailment fire but as I got used to him I found Espinas incredibly fun to fight. He is a mix between the fighting style of Diablos and Rathalos but bigger and with a more punishing gimmick.

  74. Honestly it was pretty underwhelming. It looks cool and so does the gear, but the status thing just made a "dodge this, dummy" projectile more dangerous the first time to really hammer home that you need to dodge it.

  75. I havent fought it much but. Its weapons and armor is suuuper cool and i love it, but its fight felt a lot just like a rath so i didnt find it super engaging. Then again i havent fought it much so maybe itll grow on me!

  76. Hoping that since the door is open, maybe one day we'll get other monsters, maybe a giant fight like Laviente, or a happy lil monster named Varusaburosu.

  77. Absolutely based, like I know he's not 100% like he was in Frontier since he's fully aggressive even when non-enraged, but it's a fantastic fight. And given that he has three ailments to his name, I'm genuinely surprised he's as fun as he is. Like, something that can dump two sources of DoT AND paralysis on you at once should not be this fun, but it turns out the fight's well polished so you won't be tearing your hair out over it and it feels fair.

  78. He's seriously one of my favourite monsters ever. Fireballs that also poison and paralyse you is the best and funniest thing I've ever experienced. I don't think he's that hard (especially after knowing how he moves and stuff like that), but the fight sure is very fun.

  79. at first i thought "oh boy ANOTHER rathlos/rathian" and then i fought it a couple times and well i like it ALLOT more than los/ian xD

  80. I’m really surprised how much I love this monster, it shot up to my top five favorite for sure. It’s simple, but just enough spice to keep it exciting. The charge attack instakilling even late game armor, the poison/para/fireball is super cool, the personality, and the simplicity of its design all really click. Frontier has a reputation for its bonkers monsters but Espinas feels like a classic MH monster, it’s not over the top at all and it fits right in the main series.

  81. Espinas fucking rocks. He's not annoyingly hard, his attacks are telegraphed, and I feel like you enter a dope dance with him.

  82. I was suprised to see espinas in sunbreak, i knew frontier had some crazy fucking monsters but seeing a fairly normal one that's fun to fight and isn't as crazy as every monster I've seen in frontier footage was amazing. Espinas has easily become one of my favorite monsters to hunt and i grinded for his mantle just for the fun of it

  83. Ehhh. I see a lot of praise here for him but to me he was just another flying wyvern with very little different in how you approach the fight. Not terrible but also not unique enough to make him stand out to me.

  84. it was my first cart in sunbreak: the fight started, it did like 2 moves then started moving towards me (I was almost full health, upgraded armor) and I thought he was gonna setup for another attack… him moving towards me was the attack and I instantly carted. I love him tho

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