kirin armor is easily my favorite, design wise. Anyone else wants kirin back for rise sunbreak ?

  1. I personally don't mind the monster but they could just bring the armor over and put it as an award in some event quest. They don't necessarily have to put Kirin in as a hunt.

  2. No, i hate kirin with my soul, and not to say that it was in 4U, GU and world, that's more than enough kirin.

  3. Tbh I hate how the armor looks and I dont like the fight at all, but I like Kirin to be there because the design is so cool. But again, the fight is so boring and frustrating because he is so small and his weak point hard to miss, and then most of his boy is hard as fucking steel so no, I dont like it hahaha I always end up killing him with stickies instead of using my Greatsword.

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