Is Scorned Magnamalo’s armor worth it?

  1. Depends on what you consider worth it. It is good enough to beat the game with but will be outclassed by some other sets depending on the weapon of choice as well as by proper mixed sets.

  2. I always stick with the Furious Rajang armor pieces that have the Furious skill equipped, since the skill can boost my defenses and elemental resistances. They do say a good offense is a good defense.

  3. Yeah, I know the helmet and legs have level 2 Hellfire cloak instead and I just heard about the +50 defense bonus the Royal weapons give you.

  4. Exactly where the anxiety and stress comes from. Same for the archdemon armor that has the Dereliction skill, only that has health draining properties.

  5. Generally, if you're already comfortable with your weapon and generally don't take hits often, the MoH (mail of hellfire) is a good boost to your overall damage.

  6. I use greatsword and I would 100% use it instead of dereliction except for one detail: you have to use three particular armors: arms, waist and legs. This is an awful thing because I couldn't get those three armor pieces to fit into a good build.

  7. I already decided NOT use dereliction. But I’ve seen what master rank greatswords are capable of and honestly with all so respect, I don’t see the appeal. Sure they’re incredibly strong, but just as slow.

  8. I mean the physical aspect of the Mail of Hellfire skill and it's defense drop isn't the most insane thing so you could still work with it. However the elemental side of it is just disgusting because of how much resistances it drops, you may as well be dying to a sneeze when you so much as get touched by an elemental attack.

  9. If you know a monster well sure but personally? nah i dont like it when endgame monster armors are just do more damage . Thats why i like Furious Rajang armor as it has something unique to offer with the Furious skill.

  10. I agree completely! That Furious skill is a real life saver. And the Evade Extender skill already in the armor is a powerful bonus when using dual blades… or any weapon for that matter.

  11. I would say so since it is better than AB6 and you can use Defense Boost to negate it (which I find it easy to do since 1 4-slot and 1 2-slot = Defrnse Boost 7). As for elements, I would say the safest way to use it is to fight against non-elemental monsters.

  12. For how tough the attacks of Scorned Magnamalo is and how tough Seething Bazelgeuse is gonna be when it arrives, I’ll need all the defense I can get. Besides, a hunt is no fun if the monster goes down too quickly.

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