Can we please go back to a system of challenges and rewards for calling card and emblems please?

  1. There was nothing more fun than working towards an emblem or calling card and basically having a trophy to show off some cool shit you did. It will never come back with micro transaction. They want you to buy their anime girl calling card.

  2. This is the correct answer and it fucking sucks man. Calling cards have lost all meaning. At least to me. Back in the day they were a sign of achievement now they aren’t. I know they have them for seasons but it’s not even close to the same thing.

  3. I always tried for the Live Long… calling card for being alive for five mins without dying. Sure I could sit in a corner all game and get it but I actually went out of my way each prestige to work towards it. Good memories

  4. and this is what people who say 'why do u care what ppl do with their money?' don't get. it supports games with trash monetization and publishers will always include shit like that in every game moving forward since it's working. so it's affecting everyone.

  5. It wasn’t the exact same but I really liked MW19s Challenge Missions and Seasonal Challenges. They were a fun modernization and gave you solid reasons to grind. Having a S1 max level emblem is god tier.

  6. I might be less peeved about the UAV situation in this game if there were a title card I could unlock for shooting down a thousand UAVs like in MW3.

  7. I love how the redditors in this sub actually care about making the game better, it's beautiful to see these types of comments. We just want a good cod, not having fun based on transactions alone.

  8. Agreed, I can't stop thinking about those old calling cards and emblems. I don't get why they'd ever get rid of those for any other reason than pure greed, because if they had those people wouldn't buy and use the store ones.

  9. Hey man I worked hard to get this anime girl calling card. I know this is an old comment, but I hope you're pleased they did bring back calling card challenges.

  10. I also wish the calling cards would show you what the challenge actually was, otherwise I just see an ugly card and don't understand the work that went into it

  11. SUCH a cool concept for a calling card. Idk if its true but apparently the card starting with a single dev using it Day1 before it started spreading.

  12. It did a fair bit wrong too, stopping power was op, OMA noob tubes, kill streaks counting towards a nuke, weapon balance was quite poor. Still a great game that is fondly remembered because it did a lot right though.

  13. The saddest part about this is that i know i'm going to accidentally do one of the hard ones before the launch and i'll have to do it again after they are added

  14. My friend actually unlocked a calling card. No idea how, what challenge? Or anything he completed by complete accident, just unlocked. There’s no ui to tell him what he did - like everything in this game… so I bet there are unlockable calling cards buried deep in the dogshit UI.

  15. So will they auto unlock the ones I've met requirements for? Because I've done like 50 executions and I be there is a calling card or title for doing a bunch. And I don't want all the work we've already done to not count

  16. I liked this system so much!! They should really bring it back. It was nice to just play the game and sometimes unlock a few calling cards. Get 100 execution, here have a calling card and showoff.

  17. Man i can't even equip any calling cards, emblems or change my showcase operater. Stuck with this dumb looking operator i don't want and the basic ass starting emblem.

  18. So glad I lived through this apparently golden and never gonna be seen again era of gaming. New generations 100% have no idea what those days feel like and how superior they were compared to the bullshit they have to deal with now. The state of gaming is incredibly sad and the worst it has ever been.

  19. The artstyle of the cards in MW2/MW3 had such a pleasant aesthetic to them, I don't have the artistic education to describe WHY they look so nice, but damn...just really pretty. Not too simple, not to complicated.

  20. The original MW2 did so many things right. Definitely some broken things in the game, but it was the most enjoyable CoD I can remember.

  21. It still is. I play it daily. I'm really trying to enjoy the new MW2 but I seriously doubt any CoD could ever beat MW2. Each installment I lose hope I can move on from OG MW2

  22. Because they are not creative enough to fill the battle pass with content other than what they took out to make you pay for.

  23. Can we please have emblems and calling cards that don't revert to default after choosing them please?

  24. Asking for SHIT that is simple and common sense? DAFUQ is wrong with you? These new nerdy little coders are all about breaking shit that was never broken and proving they got skills to make it wayyyy more complicated.

  25. It was such a cool way to show off a bit. And when you see a cool one on the final kill cam you could go look it up to see what they did to earn it.

  26. The tic tak toe emblem for doing Sabotage shit was my favorite. Probably my least favorite game mode, but I busted my ass and spent too many hours getting it.

  27. I remember being so proud of having the #1 Stunna calling card, I got it by sheer luck but it was get a direct hit kill with a stun grenade. With everyone running last stand you basically had to down someone, and then hit them directly with a stun grenade before it explodes. I’m absolutely sure other people had it too, but I only ever ran into 1 or two other people that had it displayed.

  28. It all went to shit when they started introducing micro transactions. I don’t even bother changing my emblems or calling cards, there’s no real value to any of them when they all look the same and you can’t differentiate whether they’re from a challenge, battle pass it micro transaction

  29. The start of it was in ghosts I believe. But I like what they did in ghosts. I paid $3 or $5 to have snoop dogg voice over my multiplayer. Things like that were cool and worth it in my opinion. Wha they feed us now is mindless

  30. I wish they would allow you to stay in lobbies longer before the game starts and after… or just keep players in the lobby like they use to. As of right now I feel like the calling cards and emblems have no meaning since no one can see them for more than half a second.

  31. This era is gone. Now enter your credit card information and buy the most recent bundle that includes cool new animated calling cards and emblems.

  32. I want the my lil pwny card back that shit was legit. I will say after seeing some of the calling cards that aren't even out/earnable yet I think they will release some bomb ones.

  33. Bruh in lobby's you can't even see the that stuff so even if that's there you can't look or show it off.

  34. Dude I remember using "Silence" the entire time I was playing that game. Still remember how it was unlocked too. The challenge was "Did you see that!?" and you had to a get a throwing knife kill while blinded by a flashbang. I was legitimately proud of it and I almost never saw anyone else using it.

  35. No. Be happy with your gay pride calling cards and wait patiently to buy calling cards in November. Conveniently as a few more paychecks hit your bank account.

  36. Dude I miss being able to create your own emblem. That was genuinely some of the most fun shit in Call of Duty for me. You'd always see some crazy artists making Spider-Man or Goku and then hearing the lobby react to how cool it looks.

  37. I loved that too. But sadly some people used it to make inappropriate stuff. I wonder if that's why they ultimately decided to stop doing it. Would be cool if they brought it back. I remember my brother and I would chill in the basement and load up a youtube video on how to make something like Eric Carmen from South park. BO1 and BO2 are some of my favorite gaming memories from when I was a kid.

  38. Do you think they’ll eventually release mw2 remastered multiplayer? I remember hearing a year or two ago that it was done but it got shelved. Probably because of this game. But surely someday they’ll toss it out to boost quarter profits if they’re having a slow quarter.

  39. I have the Bi one on rn for my emblem but that’s because there aren’t any cool ones rn so I picked that one 😂

  40. Yooooo I remember being so excited for these and miss them! The my lil pony was mine for awhile! Idr how got it but fell in love with that one lol.

  41. 2009 game having more to do and it all working that a 2022 game with way more developers. Such a funny thing to think about yet infuriating to experience

  42. I really enjoyed grinding the complete challenge set to get the animated calling cards as well. It’s really cringey that they had to change things for the sake of monetizing.

  43. Do people not know they’re coming out with S1/Warzone 2? I’m bummed they aren’t there on release also, but no sense in acting like they are fully cut

  44. Lol, only in a CoD sub will you find homophobes complaining and then OP themself begging in their comment section, for an item that has nothing to do with the post

  45. Nothing will ever be able to replicate the magic of online gaming in the mid-late 2000’s. It was such a vibe

  46. This was the best things about the OG MW2 that I feel like flew under the radar. Cool emblems/calling cards that are simple but stand out so you can show off your accomplishments. Got 1000+ headshots with your sniper? Hell yeah. You get a badass calling card so everyone in the lobby knows you’re a badass sniper. Called in a Nuke? Get a cool emblem to let people know you’re that guy. Now it’s just random ass calling cards and emblems that aren’t even cool and are “unlocked” by weird/confusing challenges or purchasing them. Same with gun camos. I loved the simple system and ranking up to get all my guns with the gold camo 😫

  47. Ha, this reminds me of unlocking the "All Pro" calling card with the Type 95 in MW3 by luck. I've had some cool moments happen in MWII, it's disappointing that there's no calling cards to match that- all we really got are the ugly weapon mastery ones.

  48. theres just nothing to unlock right now, i feel scammed and its my own fault for paying 80 euros a game that isnt finished...AGAIN. I will never buy a game on release anymore, done with it.

  49. Imagine if activision / IW actually took the players feedback and did what everyone wants with the camo systems, gun unlocks ect.

  50. What was weird about this, if I recall correctly, they didn't show you the challenge until you completed it so you weren't trying to get them but you'd just randomly get one and be like "oh awesome, I just unlocked a calling card"

  51. When? This is the full game now. It’s shit. I was telling that to people but got downvoted every time like I was hating. I shouldn’t be held accountable for it, Activision should.

  52. There are a few that are unlocked in the campaign. I assumed there were other ways to unlock them too. I guess the campaign ones are the only ones?

  53. These were great. Nowadays, I don't even look at the insignia of whatever dude is on the killcam, too flashy and generic, no essence.

  54. I don’t dislike this mwII but man it’s so lame and greedy to not have calling card and emblem challenges. Like the only thing to work towards is camos which is kinda ok but only like 1/4 of them are really cool so ya gotta unlock this gun to unlock that gun and then level it up all the way to get challenges completed to get another grass camo, only to use the gun for a few hours to get one cool camo. It’s good you can use them on any gun, great addition but dang man. Games a decade old came out with all this stuff

  55. I just want to actually be able to change my calling card and emblem. I’m still stuck on the default bs with Fender as my showcase no matter how many times I change it. It just reverts to default.

  56. Honestly, they could literally copy paste that to this new game for all I care. The UI is better the progression is better it's just better

  57. Tried so hard to get my first MOAB literally just to have the Omnicide calling card with the burger and fries on it 😂😭

  58. No. It's dated, Boring..people would say "farming for this even though nobody can see them".

  59. I’m too busy enjoying half of the emblems and calling cards being fucking pride flags. Yes you heard that right.

  60. This was my favorite thing on earth. Absolutely loved doing calling card challenges. Even if you were getting stomped, if you got that thrown back grenade kill or long shot throwing knife kill, you still felt like you had a good game.

  61. What? Hell no! You want to “earn” a calling card? You can earn that in our battle pass! That counts as earning, doesn’t it?

  62. Loved it back in MW3 and BO2, glad cloud save exist so I can revisit everything I managed to unlock back then

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