Modern Warfare 2 on PC, Steam or Battlenet?

  1. game has its own friend list system you can play with anybody in any platform, just pick the game anywhere you want

  2. Battlenet DL speed is shit compared to steam.. There are millions of videos how to fix speed issues for it on YouTube.

  3. A bit late to the discussion but steam uses more ram allocation because of the built in web browser. This makes bnet a winner when it comes to technicals. Then they run on the same servers so it doesnt really matter otherwise. Bnet uses less background data though

  4. Be aware that if you purchase it on Steam, you will not receive the Ghost Legacy bundle on MW (2019) until closer to launch. You will also not be able to access any of your CoD Points you have on in MWII if you purchase it on Steam. Outside of that, there is no significant difference between the two and is entirely up to personal preference for which launcher you purchase it through.

  5. yeah that's stupid, I have cp on Playstation that can't be used on Battle net, the same with few skins, for example I got the weapons skins bonus pre order bonus on pc but when I play on playstation the game removes it from my loadout, and skins that I got from ps plus can't be used when playing on PC. Fortnite fixed this and made the same wallet for anyplatform, why activision can't?

  6. FML, should have googled before not after. Got it on Steam and didn't think of that. Had a few CoD points saved up and wanted to use them for MW2...

  7. There were giving out two knife blueprints in Warzone 2.0 for those who played Warzone 1.0. There was a lot confusion between users stating that some received them and other don't. Nobody knew exactly the criteria. I made a ticket and it turned out you had to be playing WZ1 before WZ2 launched, and then with the same Activision account and the same PLATFORM connect WZ 2.0.

  8. I would personally buy it on Steam for the simple reason that my Battle.Net account just got hacked, but i managed to get access to it back but now i am banned from MW, WZ and BOCW and Activision don't want to unban me, so i can't even play the solo campaign of the games, so i hope the same shit don't happen on MW2 Steam (don't trust Battle.Net anymore)

  9. It was me. Your password was really easy to guess, get a better one next time, bozo. I got you banned by saying the n word on all of the games. Have a good one, and remember to be a good sport next time.

  10. none of the packs will transfer over to mw2 since they are starting over from scratch all the skins are for warzone and vanguard that you get for the pre-order bonus

  11. Progress is tracked cross-platform, as will unlocks and stuff like that. That's all through your Activision account. CoD points will not transfer, and yes the ghost thing you won't get until a bit later.

  12. Im getting it on steam and if it forces me to download battlenet to play the game i am refunding it on steam.

  13. Going to buy it on steam. I got my account hacked on battle net previously and battle net has terrible customer service where I ended up losing access to single player games I purchased (CW, MW2019, Diablo) I had to make a new account and could only afford vanguard to help me level up guns for WZ. It left a poor taste in my mouth considering I've never had an issue with Epic Games or Steam and I've been using Steam since release day.

  14. If I get MW2 on Steam, then when WZ is released, how will that work? Will I have access to MW2 multiplayer to level up my guns for WZ? Or do I have to switch platforms, and go back and forth?

  15. I think they will connect to your Acti account that you played other cods on , so probably all synced even if you played on BNet prior to MW2

  16. If you wanted to save money consider the services you get from steam. If you’re in for the long con and willing to wait a bit, the game will likely get a discount promo price later on post release.

  17. It’s literally the same thing. If you have Cod points on battlenet from other COD games then it’s better to download it on battlenet so you could keep your points. Other then that, if you like Steam better and don’t care for your cod points then get it for steam. There’s a user that said that their battlenet acc got hacked and retrieved but wasn’t able to still play online.

  18. If you purchase through Steam will you still need to install Battlenet for it to work? Kind of like how Red Dead Redemption 2 on Steam still needs the Rockstar launcher?

  19. Which one will crash less? Cod game crashes a bit frequently during matches, and I’d have to relaunch the game. Is that normal? Will Steam be like that as well?

  20. The game is going to be the same, so any glitches in one version will affect the other too. The only changes would be related to in game purchases and cod points.

  21. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if the steam version just makes you go through the launcher anyway similar to how games like GTA V on steam make you install Rockstar games launcher and sims 4 installs origin and stuff.

  22. Looking at steam now, “all pre-purchase customers are eligible to receive the ghost legacy pack, final judgement bundle and Khaled Al-asad operator bundle.”

  23. I bought it on Steam, mainly cuz I'm currently living in a country where Battle.Net is close from inaccessible. I have to use a VPN to get it to work, but constantly changing my virtual location is a sure fire way to get banned 😂 Steam is more forgiving on that front, plus I only got like 700CP left in my Battle.Net account, like, what am I gonna buy with that? Stickers? 😂

  24. Yes, same way u are able to play with cross-platform friends, you will send them an Activision friend request

  25. I was going to say I'm going to get it on steam for achievements and conveniency so I don't have to jump between launchers when changing games but honestly I might just go with the free warzone again this year like I did last year which was the first time in 16 years I've skipped buying the base game. I've bought every CoD since CoD2 in 2005 but when I don't care about SP, only MP and MP has been feeling off the last few releases. I can get almost the same experience in Warzone. Not as fast paced as MP but it won't cost me $90 to shoot players on like 12 smaller maps. I'll admit MP in the beta looked good so I'm on the fence.

  26. When i switched from PS4 to pc about 1,5 years ago i didnt buy mw2019 for my pc. But everything i did on ps4 transferred to wz on my pc in playing trough

  27. Won't it just force you to sign into anyway and launch the battlenet launcher if you open it from steam?

  28. Couldn’t you buy it on steam, then log into mw2019 or vanguard or whatever and buy the battlepass there? All the other games the battlepass transfers over but the points don’t.

  29. My battlenet is always failing to connect to battlenet servers and i have to open cod through the program files, every single time for another crash i get. That leans me towards steam but ill lose like 1900 points, maybe i can come back on mw2019 and buy the battle pass with them if it carries over like all new cods

  30. Guys just found out that Steam doesnet offer steam cloud on modern warfare 2, i tryied to play on two pcs and doest support this feature. Its a no buy for me , we are at 2022 for god sake.

  31. Quick question, would getting the game on both platforms cause problems? Even if both steam and battlenet accounts are linked?

  32. DO NOT BUY STEAM! constantly kicks me off due to lack of contacting steam. no other game does this to me. but its annoying af. happens minimum 2 times a night

  33. I have read about questionable auto-banning for alleged use of cheating software which results in an inability to refund.

  34. I decided to go with steam incase I find a deal on future content threw g2a, instant-gaming or something like that it's more likely I'll get the codes through steam then battle net due to availability usually. There are definitely not any at the moment of this comment tho.

  35. my friend is on steam and im sadly on battle net, yall know if we can still play together? and if, how?

  36. I dont know if somebody is going to read this but i see tons of people scared about CP if you want to play in steam, you can use the "f2p client of warzone" on btnet log ing and buy there with your CP something, i have my CPS 1600 on bnet but when i log in on steam they arent so use bnet to waste your CPS and then you can play in any plataform

  37. So I made an account on battlenet for warzone 2 and have some progress on there. Now I wanna buy the full game on steam though. I was wondering if that progress on battlenet would swap over to the steam account?

  38. Progress yes because it's linked to you Activision account but be aware that COD points do not transfer to a different platform.

  39. my gf has already gotten locked out of her overwatch account for a year with battlenet lol ...steam seems way more forgiving when it comes to passwords and playing on different computers. so there is that.

  40. i bought mine on steam, and ofc im experiencing crashes and all that. So the other night i was talking about to this one game that ended up in party with me and he told me that there is a way to get ur full version of mw2 bought on steam also on battlenet. n that theres some videos online on how to do it. i tried to look it up but didnt find anything. is this actually possible ??

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