Someone Told me Post My Collection Here

  1. I’m Guessing the ones with the outer edge that isn’t a crazy looking color, isn’t dyed? There are many like that then luckily. But it looks all the pebbles are tumbled and polished :(

  2. If you recognize the 'issue' with dyed minerals, one option is to leave them out in the Sun for awhile. These dyes are typically cheap, and not UV stable, and the color will often fade significantly (but probably not entirely) with solar exposure, making them look at least a bit more natural...

  3. If you like dyed that’s amazing and a huge collection of it but for me personally I prefer crystals in their natural state. Everyone likes what they like and that’s amazing! Good collection homie!!

  4. The frustrating thing about that is that you FIRST have to know that dyeing and/or heating treating rocks is even a THING before you can educate yourself on the telltale signs of it!

  5. Hey, if you like them! No problems here. The only kinds of fake/dyed rocks that bother me are when a salesman is selling them far too expensive and lying about their origin. Like mfs who sell people glass and lie about it ("""Cherry quartz""""" or "opalite" or "goldstone" lmao. Just glass).

  6. Nice start, but, I would prefer that your specimens were not dyed,but that's just a personal choice. I have always found that the stones look more beautiful with their natural colors,than the ones that are dyed. Like I said," it's a personal choice".

  7. You have a few in there that look like the could be natural. I personally prefer natural stones, but I have 1 or 2 dyed pieces in my collection. For instance, I have a hot pink quartz tower point and a couple of aura bracelets (one is lepidolite and one is quartz). Natural beauty is definitely what I tend to go for, but sometimes the bright colors just call lol.

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