Hagia Sophia from Civ6 but in Minecraft

  1. Was gonna say, they take great offense when the point is that OP wanted to do the build mimicking the style of wonder building in the game... I thought it turned out pretty rad myself.

  2. Was gonna comment that exact thing but even so, I would still congratulate him, it’s still a very impressive build.

  3. I’ve literally never played civ and i probably would’ve made a snide “you know it’s from Turkey, not civ, right”

  4. Ah but sorry mate, just before you placed the last block, another chum finished theirs, so now you've lost all your progress!

  5. I think it really adds a lot to the overall building, obviously I don’t know what it looks like without them but I think the 4 minarets make it look unique.

  6. can i ask if you practiced getting the proportions right beforehand? i don’t wanna ruin the magic because this build is beautiful but i’ve gotta know if you just built this masterpiece in one take with everything right

  7. I really love this, and I looked through you + your friend's builds, and I think his video sums up the comment section perfectly

  8. Great work mate :) Can you provide me with an world download of that building? I want to get it as a schematic and build it in my survival-world

  9. Fun Fact Hagia Sophia or in Greek Αγία Σοφία used to be a Christian church and was the biggest one at the time built by the Byzantium empire but after the fall of the Byzantium empire and the rise of the Ottoman Empire it was later changed to a musk

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