I have lost faith in humanity

  1. Guess what OP, it was a glitch in the minecraft preview version, it was a serious question (I played it a while ago and yes it was a real bug) now they have fixed it, don't jump to conclusions that fast...

  2. This sub complains about posts like that having lots of upvotes but make a post about it here and receive 3k upvotes lmao

  3. As a Bedrock player this is a current bug it's not that they haven't used their tools it's that they're playing in the preview a way less stable version of the game

  4. Well there is a command to see the durability of a tools. It allow you to see the exact number of utilisations left on a tool .

  5. It’s was a real bug my guy, they were playing on a beta version. Get your facts straight before karma farming our dislike of the main sub, would you?

  6. You’re right. If they don’t no-life the game they should get off the sub. Bet you feel like an idiot with all of these people telling you it was a legitimate bug. Exclusive people like you make the community worse

  7. Well, maybe people could, oh, I don't know, LOOK UP THE PROBLEM ON THE INTERNET before making a 1 millionth post on the same question, flooding the sub with worthless garbage? Also it doesn't take a Minecraft expert to know that when you can't see the durability bar the item is on full durability. It's literally common knowledge.

  8. I know .... that was a bug on only 1.19.40 pocket edition that your tools don't lost duribility when you use them

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