i needed a break from this game anyways

  1. It's so easy to know when you are wearing an Elytra. Just look at your armor bar. I look at it anytime before jumping.

  2. It’s so weird. I’ve played a TON of bedwars and the bridge on Hypixel, you’d think bridges over the void would be nothing new to me, but it still feels me the hell out when I’m playing survival the end.

  3. Jesus, how many people die in this exact same way?Bro all u gotta do is check ur armor, if you have all the slots, no elytra, if you don't, yes elytra. xd

  4. Maybe I'm just not familiar with the functionality of the totem of undying...but shouldn't that have given you a little more time? Or does it not work when you die to the void?

  5. First thing I did when I built one of these: widen the bridge an extra block in either direction, line the sides with fences or walls.

  6. In my opinion, RULE NUMBER 1 should be putting your elytra in your hotbar to quickly swap to it at anytime. Unless that's just a bedrock thing, I don't play Java anymore as my main edition.

  7. Nahh I don't think Phil's ever done something like that. Or if he did, it'd definitely have been like- his first hardcore world because he's too careful for that.

  8. people think they are invincible. the guy walks on a thin line of blocks in an area full of enderman without any precaution, only because they feel able to deal with all the problems that this kind of situation imposes. Except that it only takes one mistake to lose everything. At this level, we can only say that people only have what they deserve.

  9. When you are in the void, you should spam the fireworks. It might seem wasteful but the void actually slows firework flight down. Also, you are going to lose your entire inventory anyway so you might as well spam the rockets too.

  10. Maybe check your inventory before chucking yourself off the side of a endless abyss. Or even a glance at your armor bar would help

  11. Im very sorry, but can you tell me the name of the mods that shows if u r sprint toggled or not. again, my condolences.. Glad it wasnt a hardcore world

  12. The void is a terrible mechanic, I feel like it should exist only under bedrock, and the original design for the end where jumping in would teleport you to the top of the overworld was a much better design, and seeming as the developer who made the aether is now Part of the dev team, he can use the code that the aether used.

  13. To be honest if this happened to me, I admit that I would probably go into gamer rage mode, because thats just how I am ig...

  14. why do ppl actually use netherite? It’s incredibly hard to get and is really isn’t that much more useful than diamond. If you’re around middle/late game, this death wouldn’t have mattered much if you just had diamond tools and armor

  15. You know what's even worse than that? When you are playing on a server and your friend triggers a raid and they kill all enchantment book trading villagers on which you spent hours trying to get the right enchantments for a cheap price.

  16. That hurts,I feel that,ouch.This happened to me when I was in late game to,a baby zombie villager killed me when I was in a cave and I had diamond stuff too.

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