Why the Glare lost

  1. The allay is by far the most useful and kinda cute. The allay gives you items; the copper Golem just presses buttons

  2. They want to hype up the new update but I find it to be an absolutely horrible way to do it, it brings the worst from people, kinda like political votes, but at least those aren't permanent, those vote, yes.

  3. didn't it just detect light levels? I don't really remember, but I'm pretty sure it was instantly rendered obsolete by eyes

  4. Detecting dark spots is more useful than... randomly pressing buttons. If uselessness is the argument it should score above the copper golem.

  5. Note: I was an allay supporter, but I accidentally clicked glare on the mob vote. Yes, that's right, I was one of the 11% that voted glare.

  6. Although I fully supported Allay, Glare would’ve been a good mob in game, especially for bedrock players like myself.

  7. I wanted that handful of moss. It's eyes are adorable peeking out of the shrubbery that is it's body.

  8. Still salty for that one vote, the 2020 disaster wasn't that bad, all 3 options were pretty meh in my opinion (iceolager felt like some sort of mod that wouldn't fit into the main game, glowsquid is like, ok idc and moobloom was pretty cool but still pretty minor like the glowsquid), but damn everyone voted for the Allay with the pretext of making awesome item transfer things but its been like 6 months and I still didn't find a single contraption with them used, the cg would already be used a bunch by both redstoners and builders (it rusting for making statues would have been super useful, maybe even for parkour ?)

  9. The golems one and single use is randomly pressing buttons randomly. No, redstoners wouldnt use them, because you can make a redstone randomizer in 2 minutes. In terms of usefulness, neither the golem or glare were anywhere near the allay by a mile.

  10. tbh it should have won because I'm playing the mobile version and I literally have to wait for mobs to spawn in my base just to find out if my base is well lit

  11. Allay won because, even though they explicitly stated it couldn't duplicate items, people still thought it could duplicate items. Change my mind.

  12. why they come up with the most random mobs bruh, add more ambience fireflys flys crickets capybaras camels sharks zebras lions why tf these useless creatures☠️

  13. Honestly if the golems could be made to not rust (i.e. waxing them) I think they mightve won. There's some potential applications and even then I like the design more than the allay, even if the allay was my vote.

  14. Thats why we love mods. Little golems in mods hsve been around for years and far more useful than what the Allay does.

  15. ...if you're gonna compare the singular allay to years of functional golems, then obviously one has had more total use case...and even then the allay is amazing for any type of farm, sorting, or pickup system..

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