He just forgot what he was supposed to do

  1. Before anyone says bedrock moment, this can happen on both versions because it’s happened to me on Java several times, I think it might just be a bug with slabs or mobs as a whole and their AI will just break sometimes. Not exactly sure why this happens but it probably has something to do with slabs not being a whole block

  2. It is probably because of the chest, seeing as it's slightly lower than a full block, and depending on what's below it the zombie might just be convinced he cannot move from there.

  3. I think it is some kind of AFK protection since it works everywhere and only when you are not moving I sometimes even abuse it and it always works with zombies

  4. I'm pretty sure its a trident killer. Its a bedrock edition contraption where you use pistons to push a trident in a circle, allowing it to kill mobs. As the kill is affected if the player is using looting on their currently held sword, it will produce more loot while reducing the durability cost as a thrown trident will only lose 1 durability.

  5. There was probably an alien behind you and cleared the baby zombie's memories so it could get away If zombies can have memories

  6. seeing as how in most media they can say “brains” they at least have a semblance of a brain; can recall the word “brains”; and thus have at least one (1) memory

  7. That happened to me yesterday, I had a Drowned jump in my boat and he just stayed there. He didn't hurt me and I didn't bother him, we just rode around for like 30 minutes exploring until eventually he started hitting me in the back of the head. Kinda funny to turn around and see him just kind of observing the environment.

  8. Ive read that if a zombie is on another height than a villager it wont attack it, maybe that is the same with normal player?

  9. Isnt this a game mechanic to prevent afk deaths? Ive seen this alot and has had this happen to me in both bedrock and java

  10. This happens to me a lot, I have been playing skyfactory 4 a lot recently and whenever I get attacked by zombies I hit them once and they just stop dead in their tracks, shocked that I have fought back and rethinking their whole lives

  11. Had a cave spider do the same to me! Run up to me, ran away from, an just stayed there till I moved. An then it attacked me.

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