Does anyone know what this symbol actually is???? It looks like a steak to me I’m so lost

  1. I thought it was a foot bc when you double tap it you go back to using your feet (not flying) but now that you mention it, thats totally a wing bro

  2. It's a wing? Bruh I've been playing mcpe for like 10 years and I never even thought about it. I thought I just looked like a bean.

  3. It's a stram. In swedish folklore exists a winged god who can destroy anything it touches, but also create whatever it wants. It's called a stram and in an interview when asked about it, they said it's meant to represent the strams one wing as we the player are essentially a stram. I made this all up btw.

  4. Judging on how they designed that rabbit’s foot later in development, I’m kind of assuming it’s supposed to be a foot, but since there isn’t any coloring or other texturing it looks dumb

  5. Had the exact same thought I was sure everyone knew this after a few years of playing but it does indeed look like a wing!

  6. It's a steak. Why? No idea. If my memory is correct, it was added to Pocket Edition when sneaking was added and jumping was moved from the middle of the d-pad to the right side of the screen. That was 7 years ago though.

  7. I've always thought it looked like the red candy from the hit game candy crush saga but now I don't see it unfortunately

  8. Definitely looks like a steak. I thought it's rabbit foor because it would make remote sense but apparently it's a wing

  9. Is it the bottom of a shoe at an angle, like to show it as jumping? It looks as though it’s curling up and the heel is at the bottom. I don’t play mobile, so I’ve never seen it before.

  10. I'm fairly sure, tho do correct me if I'm wrong, that it's supposed to be a shoe lifting off of the ground, as if to levitate. That's what I've always assumed it to be.

  11. Timing probably, as in whether it was posted or becoming trending at a time of day when a lot of people are checking Reddit. And whether another more popular post buried* it early on.

  12. I think it's supposed to represent a finger - specifically, a thumb that's bent. I think those odd lines on it are a poor attempt at showing the ridges on the skin on one's finger.

  13. Wing. The darker lines inside separate the feathers. I always thought it looks more like the cooked mutton, personally.

  14. it's a wing and me too when I was 4 I thought it was a chicken nugget until I finally put the pieces together at 14 years old 😭😭😭 it just means ur flying

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