Sooo we split up our server world into different places in the world so now we have Earth 2.0

  1. Yes, New Jersey. Well known for sharing a lake border with Indiana and a land border with Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. Oh, and barely any oceanfront property.

  2. he didn't label it as British though, he labeled it as "The British Isles" with a geographic term, not a political term, and does encompass both great Britain, Ireland and a few other islands like the isle of white, the Ilse of man, jeresy and the one beginning with g that I can't spell

  3. This map is false!!! The queen of england owns all the land!!! This reply has been made by her loyal serverants of the crown

  4. I'm glad Ohio is one of the areas moment i saw that i laughed and made my sibilings stare at me for a second

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