I'm doing my best. You don't have to be rude. 😔

  1. As far as handling the aircraft you do better than most, but you have a thing or two to learn about how to configure it for landing. But you'll get there. See you in the skies.

  2. i've hardly played this game at all but i can't make the plane land without it bouncing a bunch of times so i genuinely can't tell what's wrong with this

  3. You actually did great. The retard is a standard warning remind you to idle the throttle if you haven't yet. I usually idle it at 50 so I rarely listen to it.

  4. You did absolutely way better than me. About 7 out of 10 flights I just miss the runway completely or do a landing so hard that if landing gears weren't invincible they'd shatter. So yeah good job you did very well :>

  5. Just by looking at that dammed FPS I can say its Fenix. Fenix is too heavy man, its beautiful, it has many features but the performance is very bad compared to all other aircraft. And I have Concorde, FBW, PMDG-DC6 & 737.

  6. Airbus is a French company. It’s actually saying “Retard” which is a French word that means to slow down or delay “the throttle”.

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