Noxx Grand Rapids I just cashed in all my points!!! 10 pre-rolls for $4.66!!!! (I like those numbers) 😤😶‍🌫️😮‍💨

  1. Their prices are always better than anywhere else in GR that I’ve seen (I pretty much only get edibles though as a disclaimer). The gummies I’ve gotten there have been cheaper at Noxx full price than at 25% off elsewhere. Combine that with the point system and occasional sales and it’s my new go to.

  2. Noxx is just 3Fifteen 2.0. Pretty much the same corporate chads from last time just a different name and location. GREAT for budding on a budget and that's it

  3. I wish I could give you the REAL sauce but I dont want to ruin my own play lbvs! I will tell you this… they have the absolute BEST points/rewards and referral system!!! Insane DEALS!!!!!

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