I was a VIP guest for Pot Girl Summer at Hot Box Social in Hazel Park - here are some of the freebies

  1. The only thing in this photo I paid for was the Nom Chow from Sunshines Sweets, I also paid for a hash infused fudge from Bluewater. Otherwise everything was free!

  2. Can you believe that’s all I got?! Haha kidding, but yeah this was by far the most freebies I’ve ever gotten from an event. My favorite thing I got is easily the breeze hammock 😂

  3. Both the rkive rosins are black cherry punch! I got to try their Zahiti Lime from the reps at the event and thought it was better than the black cherry punch 😅

  4. I think pot girl summer won’t be back in Michigan until next year, I kept trying to tell the mods about this event to have it added to the July event post but no one did.

  5. So these are “sample” sizes! The packwoods are 2.5g instead of the full 3.5g and the rkive hash rosin jars are .5g not full grams. The flower and prerolls though have about $200 in value, not including any of the concentrates or edibles.

  6. I’ve heard nothing but negative reviews for the packwoods lol, but this will be my first time trying them! All I can say is at least they are fresh, the flower was harvested at the end of June.

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