Got these 10/100 from a dispo today, wasn’t expecting much bc of the price, but these baby’s got me ripped 🤘

  1. All I can say is great shit but ALL of it tastes bout the same no matter the strain, that's why next time I go out to MI I'm getting quality :3

  2. "The dude" dispensary just takes all the labels and throws them in the bag lol. I actually much prefer it that way...

  3. Cousin snagged these out in bay city a few months back - it left a white rings in his lips after dabbing and it hurt his chest — i had it help him report it through online and get a investigation going on the dispo /// would not trust this

  4. It’s not the best shit no, but it beats Ohio quality and prices 🤷🏻‍♂️ pretty sad when 10/g dabs are better than the 80/g dabs in Ohio 😂

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