This motherf₹cker is said not to buy PS5.Now,this retard is shaming people for not having a PS5

  1. Damn you sussed out mackles hypocrisy, I bet when confronted with this blatant hypocrisy he'll feel like an absolute fool that he never even considered this blunder

  2. I just can't fathom watching a YouTuber you've never met and being this upset over what they do. It's something to watch for entertainment. Whether you think he's serious or not

  3. At what point does “trolling” and “clickbait” just become plain old trash takes? He has no integrity, really. Hence his need for the stupid “never question the integrity” meme.

  4. He literally said people who clamoured for the PS4 remaster are hating on the PS5 remake. And he postulated it is because you don't have a PS5 so you are hating because you can't play it. He also said if $70 is too expensive for a game then you shouldn't have bought a $500 console. He didn't shame you he said stop being a retard which you all clearly are because you make 5 posts a day complaining about the sun rising.

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