How much should I ask? 97 auto with 100k miles & a blown motor

  1. 3-4k for an automatic? Wtf happened man last I remember these were 2k USD for a running and driving manual in this condition. Autos were worthless and rolling shells were maybe 500 bucks

  2. I will never ever buy an na Miata for more than 2k that isn't in some kind of immaculate condition. Earlier this morning I saw a non running one with pretty severe body damage. Asking 3k.

  3. $600. It's a shell with a differential. And an open diff at that. The engine is scrap. The transmissions is junk. You'd be better off parting it out and selling it as a bare shell to someone that wants a track car.

  4. It may come to that if I can't get about $2k for it. I'll list it and see what happens. If no one wants it I'll start looking for a replacement motor or possibly an electric motor swap.

  5. I don't really know what happened. I was driving about 70 mph on the highway and all of the sudden it started to steam and stopped running and I had to have it towed home.

  6. Where is the car located? Because that will influence the price based on how nice the rest of the vehicle is.

  7. Put a ad on Craigslist for a few weeks for parts. Sell what you can and sell the rest for scrap.I have always made way more money doing this than just selling the car complete

  8. 1500 if you wait a long time for the right buyer to come along and the shell is pristine. Not a lot of overlap in people that want an auto AND are willing to replace a motor. I’d part it out.

  9. Automatics are much more convenient and thus more comfortable to drive on regular roads. Unless it's a track car autos are superior imo

  10. To be made drivable it'll need an engine, a transmission, a pedal box, pedals, a clutch master cylinder, and a slave cylinder,. If it's rust free maybe $600.

  11. So it's a shell. Needs engine and trans because no one should drive a miata with an auto. Grand if in good condition and good interior

  12. It's worth $500 but in today's market you might get $1500 for the body if it's relatively rust-free. Someone can swap in a 5spd when they drop in the new motor.

  13. Part it out, and then remember one of those "we buy any car" companies will give you ~$500 for anything with wheels. So you can price based on that. Could even get quotes from them first before listing. Wheels, seats (if they are leather/perfect), brake rotors/calipers depending on condition, a/c components (a whole functioning system is worth like $500), transmission, shifter, alternator, headlights (if it has pop ups, I can't remember the year they switched), body panels/trunk/hood, soft top looks to be in good shape, if you have a hardtop it's worth more than the car for sure, and the radiator if it is in good condition. Hope that gets you started, look up prices, see what you have in good shape and sell it! Also, I might be interested in those rims depending on $ and location, pm if you are selling them! Same goes if you have a hardtop!

  14. Honestly you'd make more with a part out than the whole car I would think, unless you need the whole thing gone at once. It's maybe worth $700 in today's market.

  15. For what it's worth i purchased a driving 1992 auto with the same mileage for $2200 last year. Paint was in similar condition and a new top

  16. Are the pop ups working if not it would be really hard to say if anyone would buy it. It's automatic so there goes a good chunk, the paint is not terrible, but it's not good either, I think I see some damage in the front like a dent? The blown motor is what takes the most price out of it. Sell it for parts you'll probably get more money out of it. Somewhere to 1000 to 1500 usd if you sell it in parts, but if you just want to get rid of it 600 to 900 depending on if thr pop ups work and if there's a dent or not.

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