has your taste in metallica changed as you got older?

  1. I see now without letting Cliffs playing and favoring him, Jason newstead was a great bass player and was under appreciated by the band. Could he play like Cliff, no. Could he play like Jason, yes and that was still awesome.

  2. Newfound appreciation for Load/reLoad as I've gotten older, also for St. Anger as I was recently gifted it on vinyl.

  3. I feel like St. Anger is growing on me. I wouldn't exactly say it's my favorite (that goes to Ride The Lightning) but I also wouldn't say I hate it either. Obviously, the trash can snare is a problem, but the rest of it I have no problem with. I like The Unnamed Feeling and Some Kind Of Monster. I used to be all about the thrash and aggression of the first four albums and a little bit of the more hard rock side of TBA and was hesitant about Load/Reload, but now I guess I kinda like St. Anger and Load/Reload. Again, not my favorite album, but definitely not the worst album I've heard

  4. I’ve always been open to all eras of the band (except St. Anger), but these days I’m definitely more able to say that about half of Death Magnetic is pointless than I was when it first came out. Back then I was so desperate for a new Metallica album that wasn’t St. Anger that I’d accept autopilot bumf like “The End of the Line” and “Broken, Beat & Scarred” as worthy additions to the canon.

  5. Yes. I appreciate the load/reload era music a lot more than I used to. I love always likes them but now I really like them.

  6. I started out really with load and reload and then went backwards. I’ll say I’ve gotten away from liking the black album as it used to be my favorite. I tend to love justice and puppets above all then load and reload!

  7. I’ve been a fan since ’96 when I was 13. Metallica’s Until It Sleeps was my introduction into hard/heavy music because before this I was listening to Michael Jackson and pop radio. I got Load right away and songs like House Jack Built will always be as epic as their older stuff to me.

  8. My overall taste in music has changed quite a bit over the years, but specific to Metallica, no, not really. Metallica is one of the few metal bands I still listen to, as these days I listen to a lot of acoustic, folk, etc.

  9. As a fan since 86 I prefer their first five albums and their 5.98 ep although garage inc is pretty good I also like Death magnetic.

  10. I still love the thrash stuff of the 80s but as I moved into my 30s and now 40s I find I relate more to music released after that era. The themes and messages feel more personal.

  11. While I still prefer the 80's Metallica, I have grown to like the Black Album and especially Load/Reload a lot more. I still don't care much for St Anger, and when I feel the urge to listen to it, I tend to listen to "remastered" versions you find on Youtube that fixes the sound considerably (aka no tin can drums, etc).

  12. I don’t listen to them as much. I mean when they first came out I thought this was the hardest music I would ever hear in my life. And now while I still love them I find myself listening to more Slayer, Rammstein, Slipknot etc.

  13. I started out really liking the Black Album and Load/Reload. Growing up country was always on the radio and those appealed to that side of my brain. Favorite song was Unforgiven. As I've gotten older, my taste has gone much more towards the thrash. Love all the albums (even St. Anger now) but favorite tracks are Creeping Death and Phantom Lord, especially live. Still love when James goes a bit twangy like the cover of When A Blind Man Cries and the acoustic version of Blackened he did during lockdown. But man the thrash just gets me. So happy when I heard Spit Out The Bone in Hardwired.

  14. When I was younger, I imagined to myself that Metallica had broken up. And that the Black album was their last album. “Load is recorded by some guys pretending to be Metallica,” I would say.

  15. not necessarily but I do have a much greater appreciation for the S&M performance than I did when I was a kid.

  16. I’ve been a fan since 1993 (I was 13 years old back then), I listen a a variety of music, Metallica always remains my favorite band, I go back and fourth as far as albums and time lines, I really enjoy watching full concerts live. When I try to learn a song from a specific album it feels like I just discovered a new music since I try to learn how to play them on guitar

  17. Yes, my taste has changed over time. During the pandemic and made myself give the post Black album material an honest listen. Load is a very good album, but I was a teenager filled with rage when it was originally released and there were too many good rock/metal albums that came out in ‘96/‘97 that I gravitated toward.

  18. Yes, pretty much the way it has for you. I started appreciating and enjoying the loads and st anger a lot more. They're great albums.

  19. When I first found out about Metallica, I was really into the death magnetic and black album. As I grew older, I started to really like kill ‘em all and justice for all

  20. I like Kill'em All less and less as I get older, and at the same time I like Load and Reload more and more.

  21. This subreddit is always interesting to read. Load and Reload get so much love. I think it's because many of the posters are so young. Their first intro to the band may have been the Load albums.

  22. Been a fan since 86. The only way it has changed for me is that I rarely listen to "Kill 'em all!" anymore. I listened to that album so much over the years. I guess I just need a break from it.

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