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  1. i remember sleeping in the car listening to that song and then when the main heavy riff started kicking in and the singing started with the WHAAAAALLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! part my ass woke up so fkn fast and i gave the song my full attention for the rest of the car ride home 10/10

  2. That’s literally me. I got into Gojira with Terra Incognita because I was really into death metal. And a little bit after I literally fell for Job for a cowboy after hearing the bass on sun eater.

  3. In flames (when goliats disarm their Davids) was the first death metal i heard with growling and disted guitars. It was so much energy which suited my tastes perfectly!

  4. Mesarthim is fckn nuts, the composition of black metal and trance. And the vision of stellar objects like the coma wall.... Get outer space now! Aah and much I've learned from their acoustic guitars

  5. Behemoth - I had no idea there could be music like this, specifically metal like this. This initiated the K-hole of discovering other black metal.

  6. I’ll never forget the first time I heard the somberlain…and it’s like the first time everytime lol

  7. I saw Sepultura during the Arise tour.. never seen anything saw raw and powerful. They were really something special up until that record.

  8. Can't say I didn't have a similar beginning. Always listened to the house of hair on Sundays after church. Grabbed a few 'best of ' albums on CD. Went through my dad's 70 some hair metal cassettes one day.

  9. Slipknot was the band who got me into metal, but after that it all lead to the inevitable discovery of Meshuggah, when I heard dehumanization. That song changed my entire view on metal, ever since then I’ll never stop saying Meshuggah is the greatest and my most favorite metal band ever. Edit: Another band who really melted my face was Signs of the swarm, the song was tempting death.

  10. Rational Gaze was the first one I heard, and now I feel the same about Meshuggah. They are definitely in a league of their own.

  11. Slipknot got me into Metal, Death blew me away with what was possible at that time and Deicide (especially Legion) just fucked my head

  12. Hearing Panopticon by ISIS for the first time was mesmerising. Also By Inheritance by Artillery, blown away by every single riff.

  13. Dude Chevelle is so underrated! They show that bass can do wonders for a song when it’s actually audible and don’t pretend the bassist doesn’t exist.

  14. Zeal & Ardor. I remember sitting in a Panera Bread Co. when I heard Devil Is Fine for the first time in like 2018. Gave me an entry point and reason to finally start wading into black metal

  15. I’ll never forget hearing Progenies playing Brutal Metal on my Xbox in high school. I was kind of getting into death metal and stuff at the time, and this song just fucking slapped me so hard. So. Then I started liking Symphonic stuff lol

  16. It's not three but Linkin Park live, I had to get close enough to the stage just to make sure he wasn't miming. Chester really was something else.

  17. Chester 🙏🏻 I will never get over his death. His appearance on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack on the song System is a great listen.

  18. Ok, not exactly metal but when I was around 10 or 11 I picked up my dad's copy of ZZ Tops "Afterburner" and it absolutely blew my mind. That album still holds up too. It was the beginning of my journey into harder and heavier rock/metal.

  19. I cant remeber how much bands actually blew my mind but i think these were pretty surprising for first listens: Behemoth, Septicflesh, Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, Helslave, Murder Construct, Revenge, Pseudogod, Profane Order and The Secret. Im gonna stop adding stuff before this list gets too big.

  20. Cryptopsy, Hellripper, Batushka, Mortician, Kyuss, Dragged into the sunlight, Bell Witch. Thats all the ones I remember really blowing my mind

  21. Full of Hell with Trumpeting Ecstasy, Devourment with Obscene Majesty, Infernal Coil with Within a Forgotten World

  22. Wage War - The River I saw them live at a festival and had no idea who they were and then they played The River. The instruments the vocal Britton brings oof top tier metalcore imo.

  23. Decapitated for when I heard the song ‘Cancer Culture after having seen that Robb Flynn was featured on the album, which led to me checking them out.

  24. I was like you 3 years ago. The next step for me was Gojira - Born in Winter which took me into Gojira and later, many kinds of Metal

  25. I put on "Clearing the Path to Ascend" by YOB and it absolutely rocked my world. Psychedelic doom/doom in general became my favorite genre after that.

  26. Marrow of the spirit, pale folklore and ashes against the grain are all metal I would say. (Pale folklore and ashes are arguable but I would consider them some sort of metal)

  27. I'm gonna get dragged for this, but Trivium, there's something about thier rhythm and lead guitar playing that really blew me away and also Pantera it's just Phil, Rex, Vinnie and Dime, those four just being in sync made the best metal albums of the 90's.

  28. I can only think of one that blew me away on the FIRST listen; Cattle Decapitation. Standard tuning (Eb on their latest record), heavy as hell, and those vocals!

  29. The Smashing Pumpkins. The video for “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” was peak awesome for 13-year-old me.

  30. Vildhjarta, darko, sadness, frontierer, car bomb, Plebeian Grandstand, neptunian maximalism, pig destroyer and dillinger escape come to mind

  31. I was 12 when I first listened to For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica and I still remember the goosebumps I got especially durning the intro. I still get goosebumps to this day whenever I blast it. It opened a whole new world of metal to me.

  32. Death. Obviously a lot of songs come to mind, but those tracks from Human were insane. I remember the first time hearing Flattening of Emotions and being intimidated by the rumbling of the drums in the beginning.

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