I need some help! I have a notification saying I'm able to complete a task but there's nothing to complete. Any ideas?

  1. When this happens to me, it usually means that there is a new area to open up. Right now it is Romantic Spot for me, and I am betting that it is for you as well. Once you merge the milk bottle from the lover’s line of items gotten from broken vases, and open the spot, it should stop.

  2. If you just reached L30 that would be a notification for Rufus Park, which you have already started. If you have the L11 baby bottle from the Lovestory chain, then it would mean you could open Romantic Spot as this area need an item for it to become available rather than level or area completion.

  3. Check the right lower box for tasks where the red dot is. It should be listed there. If not, close your game & reopen it.

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