El Chemi Kiwi 🥝

  1. Probably my favorite strain in my last grow tbh. Fast finisher, excellent flavor, good potency, and not as narcotic as I had expected, also no anxiety for me.

  2. Man oh man! That's a nice looking plant! This was the only strain of the illuminautos I didn't snag when they dropped um n from the pix I've seen, I regret it! Hopefully get another chance at some point! Yours looks awesome! Very nice job!

  3. Is the odor leaning towards the cdlc side, or the stomper? I've grown both and love both but I've been looking for a cdlc cross that still retains some of it's offensive terps.

  4. This pheno in particular had that smell at first. It was strong that hit me as soon as i opened the tent, a dead animal with burning tires and some chem mixed in there that got heavier towards the end. Now during the cure it has a more tropical citrus chem smell that took over, but its only been in the jars for a couple weeks so it still has some more time to go. I had another one that was the opposite, sweet during the whole grow just like candy, not that strong but it was there, really nice too but doesnt compare to the other. That ones also curing and still has a sweet smell but way weaker than this. Youd have to get lucky to get the pheno you want though, ive seen a lot of different variations on here

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