CNN analyst says ban on men under 25 owning firearms ‘will limit the number of mass killings’

  1. There goes the prime demographic for military recruitment of men aged 18 to 25. Even if you create an exemption for that age group, that still sends the very negative message to young men that you can be used for cannon fodder in war but you cannot be trusted with a constitutional right to own firearms.

  2. Seriously, the reason so many of these mass shootings happen is because of the media. They plaster the shooters' names and manifestos all over the country, and the shooters get the visibility that they want. If the media was actually responsible, when a mas shooting happened they would report the facts but censor the name of the shooter and keep the manifestos off the internet as much as possible, because otherwise it's just providing an incentive for people who feel disenfranchised to commit an attack.

  3. That may be because of the mental health situation here. Most of my friends have some sort of mental health issue or depression at one point in their lives.

  4. I think I would be helpful if there were other countries in the world, beside the USA, and they had more restrictive firearms laws for everybody so we could see if that reduced the number of mass killings. Then there could be an informed, evidenced based approach to gun regulations.

  5. From 🇳🇿, gun buyback scheme failed miserably as bad guys with guns didn't give theirs back... (of course) only hunters/rurals who got 1/2 or 1/4 of what their gun is worth at market value.

  6. First off, this is kind of a misrepresentation of what they said. Yes, it is a quote, but, i'd say it is out of context. This was about gun control in general, not about specifically targeting men.

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