‘Discriminatory’ plan to make part of Australian national park men-only causes outrage

  1. I don't think that's what it says. I read it as them acknowledging that the area they are banning women from contains sites that have cultural value to women too, but they want to ban them anyway. See this further down in the article:

  2. They’re happy with a racist ban against anyone who isn’t aboriginal, but make it a “sexist ban” all hell breaks loose.

  3. If we're committed to equality before the law and enhancing human freedom for one and all(regardless of gender), why the hell are we making portions of any national park exclusive to one gender?

  4. Well, hmm, maybe we might need spaces to be ourselves? Maybe? Nah, JK, that would just make toxic masculinity and rape culture appear more in society.

  5. Mount Warning, known by traditional owners as Wollumbin, is a popular hiking area, and has attracted more than 127,000 visitors every year before the picturesque trail in the Tweed shire was shut down in March 2020. Woke indigenous (Bundjalung nation) and non-indigenous (left-wing) political activists are attempting to take control of a popular potential cash cow.

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