The new Laverne Cox show is a bastion of toxicity and hate for men and white people and capitalism

  1. You need to make a serious consideration about if she is the right woman for you, don't get too comfortable with the relationship progressing if it's not going to be the relationship you want. You can't change her on this.

  2. Yeah, it’s sickening. That’s part of the reason that as a gay guy I don’t associate myself with the Alphabet Mafia. Narcissists and hypocrites.

  3. Non colored men can not spew such call a spade a spade a group of fourth graders can spew on what it means to be a fourth grader constantly prove themselves to the teacher be told to be quiet when they in fact wish to play take on homework how awful the teacher it is is is psychotic pitiful concerning at least in the event the teacher in the position of afforded ability to be above the student says something along the lines of imagine if the teacher complained about homework

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