Biden admin: Trans women must register for draft; trans men don't have to

  1. In the article it says that the Biden Administration has been pushing for universal registration (both male and female).

  2. Better yet, NO ONE gets drafted. All volunteer force or none. I did 8 in the Marine Corps and wouldn’t trust anyone who has to be forced to serve in a combat role

  3. 90% of the women are way weaker then men. Do you have the time and money to test every women if they are part of the 10%? And the 10% who are stronger are only stronger than the weakest 10% of the men. It is faster and less expensive to only test the men and have the 10% weakest men work in non-combat areas while the women produce weapons and food in the country

  4. Seems like there'll probably be a whole lot of "inadvertent" gun shot injuries to a whole lot of feet should the draft ever become necessary again. But at least they can wear their skimpy, sexy outfits to feel better about themselves while they recuperate.

  5. About a decade ago, I knew a US trans man who was in the military. He was living stealth (i.e. nobody knew he was trans), and eventually he got outed and dismissed (as at that point, the US military didn't allow trans people).

  6. Let’s not make this about trans men, but trans women. They are the ones losing out on this solely because they were born male.

  7. Said nobody ever 😂 Nobody should be drafter for a fucking country that gives ZERO fucks about them.

  8. How hypocritical. Trans women are women when it’s PC for them to be but not so when it’s PC for them not to be.

  9. For some clarification, they're simply keeping in place the old policy, while pushing for a change in law that has all persons, both male and female, to be required to sign up for selective service, which I fully support.

  10. Well yea so this is just him saying the government doesn’t acknowledge trans which is expected. Men still have to sign for the draft and women don’t, this isn’t really an update to anything.

  11. I'd love the various trans-men who come to this space to say how they know what it really feels like to be a man to respond to this event.

  12. Agreed but it doesn’t sound like this is a new event. The headline makes it look like this is some new announcement but then goes on to say the policy is the same as previous administrations and nothing has changed. Toward the end it says the Biden administration has voiced support for including women in the draft.

  13. This is new. I’m trans, and back when I was in college, I was forced to register. For what it’s worth, I didn’t fight it and don’t know what the outcome would have been. I’m aged out now, so this doesn’t affect me.

  14. Why use this as an opportunity to attack trans-men? Their experience may not be 100% that of cis-men, but I don’t think anybody ever claimed that.

  15. Why can females take jobs such as quota hire police officer or firefighters where they are a risk and a burden because it makes then feel special, but not register for the draft? And why aren't feminist going crazy protesting to register considering that would legitimately make them equal. Of course we know why they want to have their cake and eat it to it's never about being equal.

  16. This doesn't have to be gender specific. Just make the rule that all American citizens must register at age 18. That way everyone can enjoy the suck.

  17. It would be untenable to allow trans women to opt out. The military has a long history of men trying to fake alternative lifestyles to get out of it. Look at the old TV show MASH when Klinger would cross-dress intentionally trying to get kicked out.

  18. What rot. How many Trump era things has he undone? Including fixing up those Title IX kangaroo courts his “pick” has now brought back. Whatever you think of Trump, that was a positive. So he could have done something and has chosen not to. The Dems hold the majority in both Houses. No excuse for him to have not tried if he really isn’t for this.

  19. Good question. Seeing how Ministries and Departments of Defense can’t procure a decent MRE (save the Canadian sausage and mustard sauce), i wouldn’t bet on it.

  20. So in the same breath as 'trans women are women' 'trans men are men' it really transpires to a reality where : Have ovaries and 2 x chromosomes = NO draft. Do NOT have ovaries and own a Y chromosome = Draft.

  21. As long as men need to register for the draft women should need to as well so either get rid of it or get women to register.

  22. Not if it really matters anyway. They might make a scene about putting a “trans woman” into a woman’s prison, or letting them use the Ladies, or making a song and dance about “inclusion” and “degenderising” documents (stuff like “menstruating person” and “birthing person”). But if it’s really important to those running the show, well that’s another story entirely!

  23. So in other words, despite all the pro-trans policies and rhetoric the dems push for, this shows that they truly do not care to actually validate or even consider these transitions as valid. Disgusting lying hypocrite. It astounds me how people can't see through their bullshit still.

  24. With some of the issues that trans people have they shouldn't be allowed to serve. If they are allowed though than the trans "women" will have to be put with the men since they are men and the trans "men" will have to be put with the women since they are women. It's not just about basic biology but also all the medicine and hormones they take and whatever other medical issues they have to deal with.

  25. The easiest solution - not that the Democrats would ever do this - is to make everyone register for the draft regardless of sex.

  26. To give credit where it's y, democrats are trying. To give scorn where it's due, the republicans are preventing it.

  27. This is hilarious especially coming from liberals who vouch constantly that transgender people are genuinely the sex they identity with. These morons are inconsistent with their beliefs on every facet. From equality between races, feminism, and now lgbt rights

  28. Hilarious this is a policy that existed before Biden took office and you right-wingers eat up any rage bait you can get your hands on

  29. Some of this stuff is fake news. But II’m afraid this one is the real deal. No worries at least we don’t have to get drafted. I always wanted to join the army. But I have disability’s that makes me automatically disqualified. I was in high school and was going to sign up. Once I mentioned about being a drug baby with autism and flat feet with nerve problems the guy said sorry you can’t join. Autism is a disqualification to join. No disability is aloud. Ok??? Idk know about now since I transition. I don’t think that policy has change.

  30. This is about trans-women. These are people assigned male gender at birth, who later transition to female, even though they are still genetically male.

  31. When was the last time you saw a feminist advocate for more women being placed in overwhelmingly male occupational fields that are extremely dangerous or dirty? They want equality for women in offices and businesses and boardrooms and places where you get your allocated breaks and have heat and A/C. Not mining or logging or farming or doing any of the things you might have seen on Dirty Jobs

  32. And if your pronouns are they/them? Let’s open the can of gender classes and have a good ol’ time!

  33. They better riot and stand for trans women being women... If not then don't be mad if people call them men since the government considers trans women as men.

  34. I thought that transwomen had their birth certificates altered under this “progressive mindset”. Only goes to show that all this alphabet soup/gender bender stuff is only indulged when it’s “convenient”. As soon as it is judged to be too much of a cost to the State, the special coddling goes out the window. Activists should take note.

  35. There is no anti-men agenda, there's an anti-male agenda. We must stand alongside our biologically male friends (men, transwomen) to fight this injustice.

  36. Trans woman means man -> woman. Just think of it as it's the current gender after a transition, which is why the correct/current gender comes after the trans modifier.

  37. wait...what? Which is the actual man? the transexual woman? I thought that meant the woman was a transexual? Or does it. But which is the man? Oh this is so contrary to logic and reason....

  38. END THE DRAFT! Drafts are undemoncratic garbage from a time when Kings and Queens could send their country’s males to die on a whim. If a war is just, I will be the first in line at the recruitment office, Biden. BUT it will be my choice as a US Citizen.

  39. This is where identity politics begins to crumble. They have push and pull so many of their own arguments that don't make sense to anyone. So for example, they'll push the narrative that transwomen are women, but they'll pull back when the draft is mentioned.

  40. Because this administration and the Democrats celebrate biological males who transition to become women and throw EPIC tantrums when anyone disagrees yet does nothing other than offer platitudes when it comes to acknowledging or doing things that would make an actual difference.

  41. There is a " don't ask don't tell/ comfort woman ( exceptfor the US and not Imperial Japan)... draft" pun in here somewhere....

  42. The only exceptions to the draft I support is medical and I'm a single parent with a special needs child, other than that you have to sign your ass up.

  43. "While the policy was established before Biden took office, the Biden administration has not changed the standard." That's what this story is about? This is click bait

  44. Wow even when you used to be a man , you still get treated like shit , while the ones that used to be women don't need to worry. You're showing your misandry Mr biden. -.-

  45. I think it’s because people see that transmen who take t change but bone structure doesn’t change and I guess that can efect performance. Not to mention because they can literally have children they can get injured if pregnant. Not all trans men want children. Some can’t have. But most people don’t pay attention. It’s the same thing that happens to women.

  46. This is terrifying. I’ve been seeing so much stuff about the draft, that I feel it’s about to go into affect. Is that all what we are to these people, cannon fodder? Our humanity doesn’t matter, because we weren’t born female?

  47. I was going to make a joke about if anyone knew where to get some of those giant Canadian teacher tiddies but then I read the title again...

  48. There is no draft right taking place now (in USA) but all males need to register for it at or near age18. So I need help figuring out what’s happening here because I do not understand this “trans” terminology. Per this news story are they saying a male who transitions to a woman does NOT need to register for the draft?

  49. This is a statement of fact, not of opinion. The law is cisnormative. That's not Biden's fault. The democrats tried to add women to the selective service, and republicans blocked it.

  50. The point is that this administration, Democrats and liberals INSIST that trans women are women and trans men are men and defend biological males in women's sports (for example), but when it comes to the draft men are men and women are women.

  51. I “self identify” as a trans man then, since I can just say I am and they have to believe me. It doesn’t matter, I will be too old for selective service in 2 months

  52. Can I just say I'm a transwoman and still wear pants, not always shave, and have shortish hair style... and a penis?

  53. Wow these comments are a real shitshow. Judging by them + their upvotes, this place clearly isn’t for me anymore. Never thought this place was about hate, but here we are.

  54. Why is draft even gendered now, it’s not like previous wars, where most of the work is physical, hell women make make soldiers cause they are lighter.

  55. I don’t believe women should be made to join in the draft for religious reasons only. I believe God made men to be the protector and women to be the nurturers. I also am not a feminist to the point I think women are not equal to men (strength or religiously speaking). Now I’m all for women who want to join and I would say a good 75% of men in the military I’ve asked said they would rather women no be drafted bc 8 out of 10 times women cannot do everything a man can do in a war zone plus they feel men are more likely to get killed while in a war zone with a woman bc it’s their innate reaction to protect a woman instead of watching more for themselves.

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