Woman's Disturbing Reaction to Man Calling Her out for Wrongdoing Shows an Infantilization of Society

  1. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Everyone catering to her and handling her with a soft touch is just NO. They're only perpetuating the idea that she's the victim and he's some sort of perpetrator. Like she yelled, "HES THE PROBLEM." No boo boo, YOU are the problem. And the only problem.

  2. He could have called the police, but it's moderately likely that HE'D be the one getting a nice pair of matching silver bracelets. So...not really an incentive for him to do that.

  3. Hahaha am sorry can you say cray cray yes if the guy had even bumped into her or touched her that’s some crazy shit there for sure she sounds scared yes like something had happened to her.

  4. Idk man I don't think that black woman was having any of it, from what I got they're more concerned with the male customer being perturbed by this strange woman and not coming back to shop again, look at the look on her face and the assured tone she has when she says "we'll take you to another register", that black woman is fed up

  5. Details have come out about this issue. Someone claiming to be an employee of that Walmart said they even watched security video, and claims this woman was in line, and went around the other people. When the guy asked her what she was doing, she flipped out and started ramming HIM (not his basket, but rammed his body) with her buggy. When people started asking her what was wrong with her, she even threw groceries at him. That’s when he started filming. SHE started the whole encounter, and she was the only one to get violent.

  6. Watch some of the old "airline" A&E videos. Woman throws a tantrum= nicely accomodated. Man raises his voice after woman cuts in line = denied boarding and detained by security.

  7. That man handled the situation like he'd been there before.... He was calm, polite, honest, firm, and did not back down in calling this childish woman out on her behaviour. Likewise, the Walmart employees were very professional about the situation.

  8. He DID sound like he'd been in this situation before. And apparently he touched her? I don't care who cuts in front of you at a store you don't put your hands on a total stranger. That goes double for a man touching a woman (sorry fellas, it's because of your big impressive muscles).

  9. These idiots are getting really good at acting. I'm sure she has plenty of practice for that manufactured act at home.

  10. i don't think infantilization is the right term. the aristocracy isn't infantilized. children are, but you can scold them and they take it even more passively than adults, so women are more like like the aristocracy and men more like children, in the sense that they must obey

  11. Nah man, she had way too much self awareness and control to her tone of voice, I've been around the mentally unwell a lot, this woman isn't fitting the bill

  12. I was very surprised that it is a media outlet, rather than an extremely editorialized article it seems simply a personal blog.

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