Big News: They changed P5S's steam icon from Jack Frost to the regular logo

  1. Atlus you will pay for this. Once I install the demon summoning program on my comp I'll send a army of Jack Frosts to your HQ. They will say Hee-ho constantly until you reverse this decision.

  2. Raiho better jump on this case because this one makes no sense, and we need to beat the shit out of for it.

  3. Don't worry guys, They are preparing to release SMT Nocturne HD remaster for pc. We just gotta wait. This is the first sign

  4. p*rsona is not worthy of the jack frost logo they should save it for a real shin megami tensei game

  5. I'm not a persona fan that much, but it should have been P5S from the start, it wouldn't really make sense to keep it Jack if it were a different game than mainline smt. Games like smt III remake would make sense to have that.

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