Megaman 4 is honestly one of the best of the classic games

  1. What I love about the game is that while it was released 2 years after the end of the Cold War celebrating the defeat of the Russians, they made Dr Cossack a Russian doctor who was told to be evil against his will by Wily when he is really an innocent doctor.

  2. Forgot to mention I love how the Ring Man starts during the day and then it seems it transitions to night/space in the second half.

  3. This game was my steez. MM3 was always rented out but I had many, many happy weekends with MM4. My 7 y.o. self was so proud to figure out that Toad Man had an easy pattern. And I found the wire totally by accident! So many fond NES memories.

  4. I have a hot take but Unlimited isn’t a real mega man game; and the level design is so cheap that it rivals MM&B and X6 in terms of bad design

  5. I agree completely. I can barely play the first three MM titles; they feel like beta tests. 4 is where it started to really come together, IMHO. 4 and 6 are my personal faves; 5 is a tad too easy for my liking but it's still an awesome game.

  6. Wily Machine in 4 is brutally hard to figure out how to win if you don't know that drill bomb detonates. Just throwing it out there, it took years for child me to beat it by using wire, rush jet and whatever other weird shit I could jery-rig up just to get high up enough to deal 1 damage at a time with the arm cannon.

  7. While 4 isn't my favorite I consider it to be the best designed and balanced of all of the games. The soundtrack is also one of the best.

  8. 4 is one of my faves too! It's really solid and doesnt suffer from nearly as much slowdown or sprite flicker as the games before it. Great weapons too, though not quite as good all around as 3. I think it's the most well-rounded of the NES Mega Man games, and it's always a joy to come back to

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