75% and up gang 🤙

  1. gf works a ton in excel and he hates my 60/65s for this reason!!! been trying to figure out a build for him and he also likes the tkl layout best

  2. SpaceFN for the rescue! It makes using navigation layer with modifiers very easy) And for me personally muscle memory was an issue only for the first week or so. upd: 44% gang here)

  3. I hate layers too. Much prefer combo keys and mod tap. I don't think I would survive on anything smaller than a 75% without those 2 things.

  4. I (stupidly) started my mechanical keyboard journey with a 60% and it was the Excel shortcuts that broke me of that. I’ve done alright with a 65% since then but things like Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow made me cry on the 60%

  5. I'm with you. Reaching that far seemed stupid, so I replaced the number row with the function keys.

  6. I’m the same way. I don’t mind I’m using a layer to get f-keys but losing a numpad means absolutely kneecapping my productivity way more than any space I gain. When I’m working on a spreadsheet or something I don’t even have really touch the mouse at all. I don’t mind swapping boards if I want to game, it lets me use all my boards anyways.

  7. My guy it's so easy you literally just have to press 1 extra key to switch the number keys to function keys and you gain so much desk real estate. I have 9 keyboards 4 65% and 5 that are bigger but the one on my desk is almost always a 65%

  8. I can second this. I was firmly in the 75%/TKL camp until I moved to customs and actually tried a 65%, now I find it hard to go back to a larger board.

  9. That 1 extra key can be annoying to some, especially for people who like simplicity. I have a tkl and sure, it takes up some space, but I’m not crammed 3 inches of extra space the 65 would save so I don’t really care. My next build would be a 75 tho lol

  10. I would love someone to do the numbers on it, but "you gain so much desk real estate"? Sure boards and desks vary in size, but by eliminating one or two rows of keys, you surely gain, what, 1% deskspace?

  11. You gotta be drinking some serious koolaid if an inch of "real estate" at the top of your keyboard is making a big difference in your desk usage lol.

  12. I just like the 60% because it gives me more room on my my desk for my dab rig, oil, iso, etc… my sensitivity to high to use that desk real estate and tbh so am I

  13. 65% and 75% are both just one row wider though. As someone who just got a 75% board specifically for the extra mouse space, I totally get the value in that, but the arrow keys and stripped-down navigation cluster are still totally worth that one row imo.

  14. 40% is perfectly suitable for gaming too! In fact I like it more than when I used a 60%, especially for an MMO like FFXIV

  15. Idk if it’s because I got big ass hands but it’s never an issue for me to press the f keys. I see a lot of people complaining about reaching for the f keys but I just don’t understand how. I think adding layers is much more annoying because depending on where you have your fn key placed, you’ll have to take a hand off your mouse to use the layers.

  16. As a hardcore 75%/TKL user due to the need of function keys for work, I've had a very recent appreciation of the 65% form factor.

  17. I've been an f-row die hard for a while now, but I have a lot of wrist pain and am trying out an Arisu (the Q8) to try to help with that. Almost none of these have an f row, so here I am. So far, it has been going okay. I've heard people.say it's more ergonomic to not have to reach, but I can't imagine having to hit two keys on opposite sides of the keyboard is less strain, so I feel like those people are just making things up. Now, if they just don't need them, then sure. I've remapped things that I used to map to those keys elsewhere.

  18. try mapping the function key to one of the space bars and the f keys to be on a different layer on the home row. that argument for superior ergonomics only holds water if the function key is in very easy reach and your most used keys on a different layer are closer to the home row

  19. When do you ever use the f keys? I have a split backspace in my 65 because I need a tilde for Unix but what do you use f keys for

  20. I use fkeys a lot , mainly for games but also it's used in basically everything, fn and a number is much easier though, oh god I hate reaching to the f row

  21. Going fullscreen, reloading a page, changing URL in the browser, accessing the BIOS menu, exiting certain terminal applications, compiling code and running it, a huge bunch of shortcuts in productivity tools, etc. If none of that is relevant to you, it's still a full row of programmable keys with virtually zero desk footprint.

  22. I tried a 60% board because I thought I needed desk space as my first mech. I then panicked when I couldn’t see the f keys and returned it to Amazon. I now have a tkl with an mk870 case lol

  23. You just use fn + number or whatever combination you prefer . I'm a programmer and also do 3d art which uses the f row even more, and it's not a problem whatsoever.

  24. I cant remember the last time i uaed the F row aside from F5... which ive had mapped to a macropad on my desk for over a year so not even the f5 key would get use on my boards.

  25. I would use the 65% layout more if, god forbid, keyboard makers start being reasonable and agree that FN KEY SHOULD BE ON THE LEFT SIDE, next to the left CTRL, not the right side.

  26. I really want to use 65% layout but I couldn't work without the numpad so if there's a 65% + Numpad layout I'd go buy it instantly.

  27. 100% all the way, although I work at a dealership where all of our systems are antiquated and I actually use about 95% of all the keys on my keyboard.

  28. I have dedicated f1-f4 on the side of my 65% for playing MOBAS otherwise I just hit a mode key and a number for whatever function I need pretty easy lol.

  29. It’s really not that hard to press function then the number you want. Also macro pads are a great excuse to play with new switches.

  30. Same until Wootility changed my life. Far and away the best keyboard software and it let's you do virtually everything. I have a wooting 60he, apex tkl, and a custom condensed 96% layout. I would use the wooting for everything except maybe MMOs where you need an absurd amount of keybinds but im sure you could make the wooting work for that if you tried.

  31. 65% just looks so pretty.....but I really do regret not having the function row. Its not that hard, just hold down one of the function type keys and hit the number, but it feels so lonely without them

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