Glorious GMMK Numpad Giveaway

  1. A little compact steno-compatible keyboard- I like the idea of the little minimalist ones other brands do but they can be so ugly! Would love an excuse to make the jump to typing 100% via stenography/open steno

  2. Oh my lord that numpad is sexy. I’m loving this already but it would be great if there was a macropad like this with just 1u caps for editing and digital art!!

  3. Hey dude, not trying to hijack anyone's thread here but I actually built one custom like this and I have extra cases and 3d prints lying around. I'd be happy to get you one, if you're interested just dm me

  4. More keycap set variations! The current ones are super cool but definitely want to see more variety in colours and your gradient designs 🥰

  5. It would be perfect if you made modding parts to compliment your products and allow people to get deep into modding, like mouse switches, different springs for mx switches, nylon, POM housing and stem recolors. Also, how about macropads and/or a 40% keyboard with oled screen???

  6. Glorious springs would either be overpriced or worse than stock springs, and it will be very difficult for them to beat tx or even sprit

  7. more iso- eu stuff.. and please check out your store. wanted to buy there but no one (also not your support on gmmk website) could tell if barebone would be send with mikro usb or usb c -.-

  8. Something super portable - could be a keyboard with a super small form factor, Bluetooth, or/and a 2.4 ghz connection.

  9. A more affordable barebone would be great. Really wanted to get something off you guys as I love your mouses but thr keyboards were too expensive for me

  10. Couldn't have imagined a numpad when it was teased on twitter, I guessed a mouse! I think it would be nice to see Glorious artisans in the vein of the Gilded cap for those of us who are not in NA!

  11. Anything brightly colored is cool. I’m really into Matcha colored things as well so a Matcha themed keyboard would be amazing.

  12. It’s a super niche area but I would love to see more 100% keyboards and 100% slim keyboards. The most use I get out of a keyboard is at work!

  13. I would LOVE, and likely fork over cash, to get a GMMK Pro style/quality board in an 1800/96% layout. It would be amazing.

  14. One can dream for a Wireless, Southpaw, Hot-swappable TKL or 1800 Keyboard. And of course, a knob as a cherry on top!

  15. I would love to see a wireless Model O- with no holes. Would be awesome to see a direct competitor to the eventual Razer Viper Mini Ulitmate.

  16. I think this could be the beginning to Glorious making different sorts of purpose driven expandable keyboards, such as a macro keyboard for those who are video editing, photoshopping, etc that also have the same sort of features as this numpad here :)

  17. Vertical mice, a 65% with a knob, and maybe more macropads in different layouts and knob configurations (kinda like pabile macropads)

  18. I'd love to see a split White Ice GMMK! (Also a wrist cord for the power blower for those days when you can't find your stuff without it being attached to you, literally.)

  19. Alice iso, because the only one i've seen was the keychron q8 and i think everyone should be able to choose between different boards no matter the layout

  20. I think anything with some bright pastel colored cases would be great. Also, more knobs/sliders, I love the aesthetic of that.

  21. honestly looks like you guys have it all already, can't think of a single thing to add to the lineup

  22. Glorious already has good presence in the mouse and keyboard fields, going to headphones and mics should be the next step.

  23. Just recently bought one of your keyboards but still haven’t assembled because of parts coming in at different times. Would love to see more customizable top plates to be honest. And less stripped screws lol

  24. I would like to see some kind of ergonomic keyboard. Maybe Alice style or even tented like the Microsoft Ergonomic keyboards.

  25. Some more keycap colors and cases? The black and white options are pretty nice, but possibly adding some color in would be pretty cool.

  26. Probably more colours. I much prefer brighter colours so my desk is themed around that! Numpad still looks sick tho!

  27. A more affordable keeb tbh😭😭. Like..10-20 bucks cheaper and it's prolly already best selling. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. You have cables themed around most of your keycaps, but I’d love to see one based on rain forest, i think the bluey greens would look great on a cable

  29. Would love an Alice keyboard, or even a mouse with extra peripheral buttons for MMOs. Glorious themed/wireless charging deskmats?

  30. Mouse wrist rest with g-floats. I am really serious. Mouse wrist rests are great but once you've gone ceramic floats, they get hard to use because of inferior Teflon floats

  31. Macropads in all formats and sizes, i love having a small keeb but love macropads for more stuff so i dont have to use a lot of layers. So my desk is tidy with a compact keyboard but i still can programm some nice numpads/pads for specific actions

  32. Omg alrighty out of all the giveaways this week, I am most excited for this and praying to RNGesus for a good roll on this one please.

  33. Genuinely please make keycaps that are unique and do not infringe on other creators work like alexotos. Also please make a nice 65 with proper cnc plates

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