Drop Giveaway Day 6 - 5x The Lord of the Rings MT3 Elvish/Dwarvish Keycap Sets

  1. My girlfriend just introduced me to season 1 of True Detective. Gotta say I’m thoroughly enjoying the show even though it’s not something that I’d usually watch. I think it might have to do with me just enjoying spending time with her but the show is still very good

  2. Lucky brisket! You're today's first poster and winner of a DCX BoW keycap set! :D I will be shooting you a PM shortly to collect your details - congrats!

  3. I'm early again :O loving these giveaways even though I haven't won anything yet lol, always something fun to look forward to before going to bed

  4. Last movie I watched was Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. It was an incredible take on a multiverse story and my movie of the year so far!

  5. Watched Bob's burgers this morning as background noise for modding my akko alice! These sets are a real beauty and would love to get one. Shipping to Canada always puts me off from ordering stuff from the states.

  6. The last show that I watched (and am still in the process of watching) is Stranger Things; my wife and I finally got around to starting it a couple of weeks ago, and I truly feel that it's worth all the hype!

  7. Damn been looking at these for 3 weeks as I'm looking to get a custom board but haven't pulled the trigger yet... Dwarvish is probably one of my favourite keycap sets just looks wise

  8. The last show I ever watched was Once Upon a Time then we pulled the plug, and I never watch TV again.

  9. Wow, it’s been almost 20 years since it came out, I’m surprised you made it so long! What did you think?? (Typing this out also made me realize next year is my 20th high year school reunion. Ugh.)

  10. always wanted a keycap set that would force me to never look at my keyboard again, even though i can touch type the odd look down i feel is a crutch, plus tolkien was the first real author i was able to fall in love with the world of

  11. Alright, easily the coolest caps I've ever seen. Truly worthy of the most mighty kings and the humblest of hobbitses.

  12. I watched the His Dark Materials series most recently. Not nearly as good of a book series as LOTR but still amazing

  13. Last tv show I watched is moon knight ! Two episodes in and it's entertaining so far ! The last show I've finished is Love Death + Robots and it is mu favorite:D

  14. The true ones here before the rules are posted lmao. Hoping with my unlucky hopeless hope that i at least win 1 of these giveaways 😭

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