Hello this is my normal TKL keyboard, nothing unusual here.

  1. bravo, exactly. 'Nah man, you just don't like .. get aesthetics'. This keyboard screams 'trying too hard to look cool'.

  2. My dude, I haven't had caps lock mapped to any of my keyboards in a long, long time. All is not as it seems with the legends. The board is designed to have base kit compatibility and I don't have a "Tap for CTRL, hold for L1" stepped key believe it or not. Keep on sizzling, homie.

  3. I read your comments. I like it. I'm sure it's interesting, for example, games that use keys like F5, but there's so many ways around that. Honestly, the average person likely don't even need the key labels if they use a keyboard long enough, but the requirement to use a mouse or other input devices in addition to the keyboard makes that more difficult.

  4. i love this. seen plenty of boards with just the 1-6 but never seen those lonely upper f-keys and the home cluster. and screw you esc!

  5. This isn't tenkeyless it's commitmentless. Either have numbers or not.. I genuinely don't get it - what is achieved by dropping the ESC? The gap below the F9-12 keys but none below the numbers... I use 30% and 40% boards - I get layers, but this board just can't commit to being anything!

  6. I don't understand what people have against number/F keys. Especially when its not really even changing the footprint of the board.

  7. Absolutely love the design... But completely useless for me as a Norwegian programmer, as my {[]} is on ALTgr + 7890 😅😅

  8. Dude I love this! Can you post an angled shot so we can see those accent acrylic layers? Also, is the top beige or white?

  9. For real though, how do people type on stuff like this and 40%? It seems like it would be such a huge hassle to use functions for relatively often used characters and numbers.

  10. While I appreciate trying to reduce your keycount some of the choices here don't make a lot of sense. Seems like 'weird for the sake of weird'

  11. I mean, it's designed around the layout of a standard TKL but with a 40s alpha cluster, and the 1-6 is shifted down to help while #gaming. I feel like a lot of normies have trouble when the legends don't align with the key functions - basically none of the F keys or nav cluster are labeled correctly, they're either macros or alternate keys that I actually use regularly.

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