Substituting a for keycap is historically poignant.

  1. This is such a relief to hear. I could never tell by looking at the pictures. Whenever I zoomed in, things got too blurry to tell the difference between 1.5 (Tab Key) and 1.75 (Caps Lock)

  2. I feel like we are in two different sects of the same religion! A few fun facts about terminals that tend to say people in one direction or another.

  3. Great write up! I've been meaning to try out a HHKB style layout, excited to see if it works for me!

  4. Hey thanks! At least in Ubuntu, it's really simple to do the remap. You don't even need to install anything extra. It's right there under settings.

  5. As long as you can adapt to having keys that do different things than the markings on top of them, you should be fine.

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