Easiest way to get these springs back on? Replacing the drum breaks on my 1998 Honda Civic hatchback but having troubles putting the springs back on.

  1. True, but I never use them for that style. I have a dull old pair of dykes I grab the spring end with and pull it over. It's still a little tricky, but not that bad.

  2. Took me so long to realize that simple outward bevel will make or break your knuckles when using a Phillips head it just goes right into place

  3. I did this 2 days ago, i just grabbed the long end with vice grip and put my whole body in pulling it to the other side until it barely hooked in the hole and tapped it in the rest of the way lol

  4. So many times I searched for the perfect screwdriver and nearly lost an eye. Several years ago I started using vice grips and good gloves, and brake springs are a whole lot easier.

  5. There's a tool for it. If you don't have the tool, you can grab the long end of the spring with vise grips and stretch it that way.

  6. Engineers came up with this design for specific reasons. It's actually cheaper to make and maintain this way. It is wonderfully effective in the right application.

  7. Anchor one pad to the base with the horseshoe clip and pin. Take the top spring and hook it to the anchored pad. Take the loose pad and hook the other end to it and use it as a lever with the caliper notch as the fulcrum. Then while holding the loose pad, anchor it with the other clip.

  8. Small flat head screwdriver. Clip the hook into the shaft, the head in or near the hole and lever it across. Or gentle application of some diagonal cutters and jus drag it across.

  9. i remember when i did this same car civic 98 dx was pain on the ass lol grab some pliers gotta use dem muscles

  10. I think you need to screw in the auto adjuster. Those ends of the wheel cylinder are too far out for new brake shoes.

  11. The tool costs like $7 from harbor freight or $10 from the cheap tool section at any auto parts store. Cmon bro you have a phone with internet access and YouTube, get with it.

  12. Fuck these things. I didn't know they were part of the rear brakes on my jeep cause it had pads too. Tried to hammer the rotor off before I knew these existed and shifted the pads inside super badly.

  13. Use a flat head screwdriver with the head on the slot/hole where its going. Slide the hook/spring towards it tension will be there but with a bit of strength you’ll get it there. Good luck. They make tool kits for this but the screwdriver method works just as well.

  14. Hateful fecking things!! Auto parts store will rent you the tool set to do it... Makes it a bit easier but will still be a struggle. When I'm doing the Honda ones I normally try and get that bottom spring on 1st if I remember correctly (the little onekindo goes behind) .. And definitely give that horshoe clip a pinch. Godspeed!

  15. Your wheel cylinders are pushed out pretty far. Make sure the other one is secure and then compress this side back in. Will make things easier. if the other one is not contained, it will push the little pistons out of the cylinder when you push this side back in.

  16. I will normally hook the top, fit it into place and then leave the bottoms out of their keepers. I then instal the bottom spring and wrestle the bottoms behind their keepers

  17. I use needle nose pliers in the curved end. Get the tip to rest in the hole and then push it through and it should just pop right in.

  18. They make tools for that brake pliers one end has a cupped end and then other end has a hook they do like six different moves hard to see it if you never used a set. Me , vice grips and a lot of strength.!

  19. Did you take photos? Before you took it apart? Do you have actual brake tools? These guys are going lose it. But, HarborFreight has a brake service kit that will get the job done. Not high quality, but it will get the job done. The tools you need to stretch the springs back into place are there. Don’t forget to put adjuster on before you place all the springs.

  20. Not a lot of room, if you take the cap off the hub there is a 32mm nut under it. Take the nut off and the hub will just slide right off. Makes it much easier. Just make sure you stake the nut when you put it back on.

  21. When I had drum brakes I would literally just play with it all until I got the assembly back together. It is a major pain and I never used a tool unfortunately. Make sure you have some sort of eye protection.

  22. https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Tool-W175-Spring-Pliers/dp/B00BR1BV8Q/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1GIHBNZB83JP4&keywords=brake+spring+tool&qid=1658158294&sprefix=brake+spring+tool%2Caps%2C674&sr=8-5

  23. My opinion is the best way to put that spring on is to convert to a disc setup. I loathe drum brakes and avoid dealing them as much as possible.

  24. I use a screwdriver a long skinny one. Put the tip someplace solid and with the hook around the shaft push it up and over to the hole. And hope it slips in. Or i use my good vise grips and clamp it on the straight part and push it over until the hook slips into the hole.i hate rear brakes for this.

  25. How many smashed fingers was this post typed with? Been there. Rear brakes are a learn-the-hard-way item for sure.

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