worth picking up as a daily?

  1. Is that an MN plate? Make sure the undercarriage isn't rusted to hell. Otherwise the new head gasket and timing kit is a major plus.

  2. Mn plate and there was some rust, but nothing super major i would say. The worst is those photos with the bad bondo work

  3. Decided against this one and nah i just want a solid base i can build and modify slightly if i would like. Plus minnesota winters get nasty so all wheel drive is enticing.

  4. Yeah I'm a straight up subie guy but OP is trying to get a "cool" looking daily and is gonna end up burned instead of doing themselves a favor and getting a civic or camry or something.

  5. I personally wouldn’t, subarus aren’t really reliable and that one has a rust problem. But it’s your money. I know people still like them.

  6. I feel like I'd only pay $2000 for it; my last car was similar-ish and I only paid $2,400 down from the original $3,500.

  7. Only if you're a sadist or you have your evenings free to work on it after your commute. Also, get friendly with your local roll-back driver/owner.

  8. I daily a 2000 impreza coupe, it's a great and fun car if you can find one in good condition. That said, I wouldn't drive down the street in this car, it looks downright dangerous.

  9. Yeah these seem impossible to find. Spent all day on Facebook and cl and absolutely none for sale besides a few that were 17k+

  10. dude just for that end "will not respond to "is it still available"" is a reason why i wouldn't go for it, that's a common basic question for anybody that asks on craigslist because all the one people sell it and leave it up... somebody as stuck up not to reply to that can't be taking care of there car idk just seems dumb asf not to reply, maybe i'm just overthinking it but assholes are assholes to there car imo

  11. I recently had a vehicle listed on marketplace. 80% of the messages I received were the generic “is this still available” message that FB puts in as a suggested message. I’d answer “yes it is” to all of them and maybe 1 or 2 people actually took ether conversation further, the rest just stopped messaging. I can see why someone would say they aren’t answering to those messages to be honest having just gone through it.

  12. You clearly haven't sold something on marketplace. You get 40 messages from people who accidently hit the "is this still available button". One message from someone who actually wants to buy it.

  13. Nope, whoever owned it thinks its a wrx, he or she would’ve driven it like a wrx, i can guarantee you the internals are heavily worn, all suspension geometry is damaged and driveline is heavily worn also,

  14. Looks like fun for awhile but both rear quarter panels have about a 6by 24 area that is nothing but fiberglass. That makes me wonder about the condition of the subframe

  15. As long as the awd isn’t fucked. My sister had one of these as her 1st car. Was very reliable. Not great on gas though.

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