apologies for the terrible lighting, but I made tofu for the first time :)

  1. Bad lighting or not, that looks like a fantastic meal. Really hard to go wrong with veggies, beans and tofu.

  2. For all of you cooking tofu. If you have the time. Freeze the tofu the day before, and then thaw the next day. The ice crystals will create pockets for the water to escape when you press it. The texture is a bit different but it for sure will get you a more crisp bake.

  3. Do you freeze the tofu in the original container (ie with all of the water still surrounding the tofu), or do you empty the surrounding water then freeze the tofu block?

  4. If you want the tofu extra crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, may I recommend corn starch? It's my secret weapon for extra delicious tofu 😋

  5. If you're cooking it like meat, that's likely the problem! It's usually delicate, even the firm kind. Some super firm tofu won't crumble if you poke it, but otherwise it needs a little more patience to keep it intact

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