‘Venom 3’: Kelly Marcel Set to Direct Next Installment Starring Tom Hardy

  1. I listened to a podcast interview with the editor of Venom 2 and she said Serkis was brought on because he is a longtime friend of Hardy. Make no mistake, Tom is running the shots on these movies and financially succeeding. The Rock wishes.

  2. I don't get why people think it's the actor that's the main draw that puts the asses in the seats anymore. Like when people keep saying Tom Holland made Sony a billion dollars. Uh no. The character, Spider-Man, did. Sure maybe it brought some teenage girls to watch the movie, but come on. It's the brand, the characters that are the stars.

  3. IIRC Black Adam was some level of passion project for The Rock (he'd been trying to get the movie to move forward for years and wanted to play Black Adam from the getgo), kinda like Ryan Reynolds did with Deadpool, but it seems he just didn't have anywhere near the level of influence or control over the movie as one would think.

  4. from a few accounts the rock isn't a totally great guy to work with at the very least or v nice to people on set anyway so

  5. At least venom vs carnage were pretty different colours to help tell what’s going on. Riot vs venom was just a mush of grey and black goo at night and it was hard to tell who’s winning or what’s happening

  6. So the producer and writer of the first two movies, who never directed before is going to shoot Venom 3.

  7. To me this feels like the end of a franchise. It’s a bit like in the 80s or 90s where sequels got progressively worse and cheaper directors got hired each time. The difference this time is that they are hiring someone who has never directed before and to me that feels like movie suicide for such a big character movie blockbuster.

  8. Sony has two examples to look at. Marvel makes movies. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re just good enough but sometimes they’re amazing and make a shit ton of money. DC pours money into a project then pulls the rip cord if it doesn’t lead at the box office. Guess which model Sony is going for.

  9. This has some real Simon Kinberg directing Dark Phoenix vibes. I’d call it a bad choice, but honestly all the Venom movies have been shit anyway. They succeed because people like watching Tom Hardy act like a crazy person.

  10. It's been said many times, but Simon Kinberg hands were tied up with Fox making radical changes to budgeting, editing and turning two big saga movies into one shorter film as a side effect of the Disney buyout - even though legally they are required to say that's TOTALLY not the reason despite multiple tenpol films being damaged by similar stuff around the same time.

  11. Sounds like they couldn't convince anyone else to direct the movie, so they went with someone who is at least somewhat familiar with the property and is on good terms with Hardy.

  12. A Marvel movie where a first time director - who already produced and wrote the terrible previous movie(s) - has to take the helm because nobody else wants to do it.

  13. I think it's more so finding a name to put in "director" that will be fine with Hardy calling for what he wants. These movies make shit ton of money so it wouldn't be hard to find a capable director wanting a paycheck. But Hardy has a lot of control on these movies and this lets that remain the case.

  14. You see I want Hardy as Wolverine…Hardy could pull off doom but I’m not sure he could pull off Viktor…but he could pull off Logan for sure, I can easily see him in jeans, a wife beater, cowboy hat and smoking a cigar being annoyed by these teenage X-Men and undermining Scott in every way lol

  15. Don't really want him to tbh. I remember being so excited when he first signed on and thinking "man, Sony really wants to step things up with this film" but nope. It was somehow even more disappointing than the first movie.

  16. Although I am not the biggest fan of this franchise, I can appreciate that others are. I will withhold judgement until we start getting more information. Hopefully Venom fans see this as a win! 🤞

  17. I really hope they don’t just repeat the last two movies but this time with Toxin. It would feel so underwhelming going from Carnage to Toxin…

  18. Wdym ? I don't want it to be the same with Toxin either but " It would feel so underwhelming going from Carnage to Toxin… " ? Toxin is the spawn of Carnage, is more powerful than Carnage, and beat both Carnage and Venom at once in his debut

  19. Knull could be in it to establish the symbiote hive mind but not as the main villain unless they want Venom to get his ass kicked.

  20. A romcom between an alien and the loser he possesses as they go around San Francisco and fight crime was the least interesting film series you’ve ever watched? I don’t know what that says about you, but I guess it’s just not your type of film.

  21. Venom 3 continuing the CBM train that Blade Trinity and Dark Phoenix left off, just let the writer past several movies with hardly any experience direct the movie.

  22. She's definitely had a mix track record. Venom and Saving Mr. Banks are decent. Venom 2 was mediocre. 50 Shades of Grey, yeesh. But I really liked Cruella.

  23. Just more reason to believe Spider-Man is not making the July 2024 date that Lizzie reported. It would have tapped a director by now if that were the case.

  24. I know Venom gets a lot of flack and it's very divisive. But Hardy is very good in them and they are OTT, bombastic, silly 'popcorn' "movies that I really enjoy. I don't get into worrying about characterisation or the MCU history or anything. I just forget about life and enjoy the spectacle. Its just silly fun.

  25. Was hoping for Hardy, but I’m good with an in-house still directing. I personally love how these films are twisted rom-coms and looking forward to Venom 3.

  26. As a huge Venom fan, I will not be watching this movie. Venom 2 broke me and Morbius was just salt on the wound. I'm done.

  27. Hardy is probably the best part of these movies. If they ever start making them without him, it will ruin the franchise (and one of my all time favorite comic villains).

  28. hot take: venom 2 was actually somewhat decent and at the very least super entertaining, and I feel like it knew how goofy it was (unlike the first movie) and embraced it. I think it would have actually been genuinely great if carnage and cletus’ character wasn’t completely changed from the comics

  29. I enjoyed venom 2 for what it was but it desperately needed a good 15 minutes to flesh out cleatus more. I was fine with a less violent version but they did not get across the craziness or the relationship between him and symbiote enough.

  30. What is the reocrd for the most sequels to a mediocre movie? I figure its Resident Evil, but a few more of these, it will be in contention.

  31. One thing I find interesting here is that this article refers to this movie as “the final chapter in venom’s story”. Venom is the face of the Sony universe, do they plan to stop at just 3?

  32. I do wonder if they'll have venom follow up on his "I should speak to this uh... Spiderman" comment in the no way home post credits scene , or if it'll focus on him training toxin or something like that.

  33. I dunno…. This franchise has been pretty underwhelming / bad and I am surprised we are still gonna do this. I really like Tom’s work and his general presentation of eddie brock / venom has a certain charm but the situations they are put in, the fight choreography, and overall stories are so bad.

  34. I'm kind of curious what they plan to do with the third film. Venom and the Sony Spider-Verse is in a weird place right now.

  35. Meh. The fact that she was so involved with the first two movies and has never directed anything before means there's not much to get excited about here (unless you loved the first two).

  36. I’m pretty sure if Tom Hardy didn’t think she was capable he would’ve suggested someone else. Her and Hardy seem to have a good working relationship which is how she probably got the gig.

  37. I've got nothing against Marcel. Always willing to give a first-time filmmaker a shot. The last two Venom films were average-to-decent at best, nothing to lose here or even get up in arms about.

  38. By now we all know sonyverse movies are box office bombs. The movie will be mediocre like the first two without Spiderman.

  39. Do we know that? Nearly all their Spidey movies have been very successful at the Box Office. They’ve only actually had one Spidey-related box office flop ever, and even that film seems to have made it’s money back.

  40. Fucking scums teased spiderman just so people will finally watch the movie and he’s not even in the third. I’ll rather eat my shit than watch this below average scummy shit by sony. And i suggest you guys do the same so these bastards will stop releasing these idiotic movies and finally make a Spider-Man movie, god what a waste of the most famous superhero, sony the dumbest company to ever exist

  41. Venom’s more popular than most Marvel characters full stop. The same can be said for most of Spidey’s major rogues/the characters Sony has plans for.

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