Who do you like more the champions or the young avengers?

  1. Young Avengers without any hesitation. Do we know what happened to the serie? Clearly, season 2 (Children Crusade) ends with a massive twist. Was Allan Heinberg to busy on TV that he didn't have time to write the rest? Or was the new editor in chief not very fan of the team and choose to promote Champions instead?

  2. They actually did another Young Avengers series after that by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie which had America Chevez and kid Loki on the team.

  3. Young Avengers, easy. One of my favorite characters ever, Stature, is on the team. Plus, I love every major player in the YA, but I can’t even remember everyone in the Champions.

  4. Young Avengers. I just think their books have generally been better written. That's not to say champions is bad. But Young Avengers is just better

  5. Young Avengers had the better story, but has kinda been squandered for years, and I have enjoyed the Champions in the waning years.

  6. I might be in the minority but I appreciate the civic responsibility values that the new Champions was founded around. It can be cringe for me in its attempt to capture youth culture, but then again I’m a lot older than the book’s intended audience. I don’t hold it against the book, and I think it’s all the better if it does appeal to younger readers.

  7. You know, I get where you’re coming from, but wow, Champions hit me as preachy. They were right, bad guys disagreed with them and were therefore wrong, morality wins out. Not much in the way of gray areas with them.

  8. Definitely Champions. Young Avengers are just that, another Avengers-like team. Champions at least tried, and partially succeeded, in being something more. I really like the idea of a team focus more on helping people and influencing them than simply fighting bad guys. Besides imo Champions have better and more interesting members, even counting only the main ones.

  9. I like the designs and costumes of the young avengers more but I love the relationships and characters in champions. If they could get the artist and concept artist for the young avengers suits and put them on the champions, champions would be perfect IMO

  10. Always the Champions roster without hesitation, but Young Avengers have had better stories. It's the exact same as Young Justice and Teen titans for me.

  11. Nova, Ms Marvel, and Miles are the only people anyone actually cares about in the champions and maybe Viv too so I don’t think it’s a contest on witch team is better

  12. Champions. Kamala and Miles are more interesting characters to me than anyone on YA. I especially dislike Kate Bishop, transitive property of my intense hatredof Hawkeye.

  13. It is funny to me that you hate Kate via the transitive property when her whole thing is "she's the polar opposite of Clint in almost every respect that doesn't involve arrows". You must reaaaally not like Clint ahahaha

  14. Long story short, the Young Avengers are more your traditional teen superhero team. With Champions, they’re more so activists than superheroes

  15. Young Avengers easily. When it comes to me reading about a team of superheroes, I want to read about them being superheroes. While social activism is fine every now and again, I’m not interested in that being the entire identity of the group especially when it gets to the point of feeling like it’s lecturing you, which is what led me to dropping Champions early on. It certainly got better after Waid left the book but it never quite got to the level of Young Avengers for me

  16. As much as I love Miles and Kamala it’s the young avengers without a question they’re just a better team i’m pretty sure I would forget who the champions even are if Miles and Kamala wasn’t on the team

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