Is there a comic book storyline that your still waiting to see on the big screen?

  1. If I could make sure they did X-Men right I'd very selfishly want Inferno, but that would have to be the end of a multiple phase thing

  2. Dark Reign would be great as a multi-film arc, culminating with Seige. They already have New Asgard on earth, and Secret Invasion is coming up so all the pieces are there.

  3. Just a good Phoenix Saga in general and it doesn’t need to happen for a while after the X-Men are introduced. I’d say have a trilogy of films then the next 2-3 after are about that.

  4. I've always wanted an X-MEN / Mr Sinister movie, but after seeing what they did to Apocalypse, I think I would rather they leave it for now.

  5. Secret Wars, the actual comic version of Secret Invasion and the Phoenix Saga, Annihilation, World War Hulk, Fear Itself, Mutant Massacre.

  6. I think we could still get Dark Reign, just featuring someone other than Osborne. Kingpin, Val, or Thunderbolt Ross is my pick. Probably Ross, so you can still get the split personality angle. I agree it won't be the same though.

  7. I know I'm in the severe minority, but ever since the mid 90s, I've wanted to see a proper Onslaught event, either animation or live action.

  8. I wish we could of got that proper reveal of the thunderbolts like the original run. Finding out they're all villains was amazing.

  9. No, because they've butchered most of the good ones already. So, I'd very much like to remember what's left with some sense of fondness, rather than seething rage.

  10. Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch. I don’t know how it would work, what with the Infinity Stones being reduced to their basest elements.

  11. Maybe not a story arc so much but I want Cosmic Ghost Rider. I want it to be a multiversal Frank Castle and I want it to be as darkly funny as the comics were.

  12. Dark Reign would be great as others have said but one I would love is Secret Empire. I’m not sure where public opinion is on this event anymore but I thought it was a cool idea and I think it would be a great kick in the taint to get Chris Evans back only for him to be the main villain

  13. Age of apocalypse, would have to be multiple movies. And ofc Onslaught, best start to a movie, juggernaut being hit halfway across the world (or was it America)

  14. 2000s X-men would be amazing. Messiah Complex, Utopia, and Second Coming would be amazing. I'd love to see Cyclops' revolutionary phase, but Marvel would definitely do it wrong. The problem is that the X-Men comics are inherently political and Disney are way too centrist to do it properly.

  15. I really thought we would have had the "Spider-Man jokes Hulk back into Banner" with both characters in The MCU but alas I don't think it will happen now that we have Brainy Hulk but I still have hope....maybe, someday.

  16. I can't believe that after 13 hours no one has said Earth X. Make it a 2 or 3 part movie and build it up to a massive conclusion to the end of the marvel universe

  17. I want X-men Asgardian wars. That run by Paul Smith was awesome. As was the follow up with Storm being lured to be the new Thor by Loki.

  18. My original answer was Jason Aaron's run on Thor but after seeing Thor: Love and Thunder it will highly depends on who is adapting the source material. For a sequel I think

  19. Dark Reign! That story was amazing. But they might have some trouble without Tony...and they need to introduce Norman Osborn, Wolverine AND Daken, Ares, Sentry, etc...

  20. Dark Avengers just because Norman Osborn is that entertaining. I’m aware we’d have to do a ton of buildup up to it though.

  21. Marvel marvel's. I don't think thy can put it into the ucm, or even into the what if episodes, but i hope that in the future they could do like an another reality story, just like dc have a lot of comics in different realities but with the same characthers.

  22. I wanna see Morlun Vs Spider-Man but not the Spiderverse storyline of it, the one when they first met. Or the Superior Spider-Man storyline

  23. I want to see a movie about the mid-west avenger is what I believe they’re called, yes I know not technically a storyline, but it would be neat seeing them struggle being this kind of squad of B or C list heroes wanting attention, being overshadowed by the avengers.

  24. Sentry’s origin story comic run. The marketing could be amazing you could have marvel release every MCU crossover movie poster during the build up but instead have sentry in everyone of them. It would be a great paranoid thriller with a large conspiracy with the end revealing the void is actually a part of sentry and not a separate villain.

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