What marvel heroes do still want to be introduced into the MCU?

  1. I'm lowkey hoping that we'll actually get that Nova Disney+ series that's been rumored. If only to just introduce the character and pave the way for a movie.

  2. Agreed! Can’t wait for the X-Men. Although I think they would best be introduced as a Disney+ show and have it use the framework of Lost. It would have an overarching plot but have each episode around the character their history and story. Each X-Man has such a great backstory.

  3. Any member of the original Alpha Flight, but Sasquatch and Puck specifically. Both recently appeared in Immortal Hulk. So there's still stories to take inspiration from...

  4. I’d like this as well. Box, Shaman, Puck, Northstar, Snowbird , Aurora, Sasquatch and Guardian. Done right it could catapult this team into the mainstream like they did with Guardians.

  5. I'd not come across Puck much before I read the TPBs of Immortal Hulk and he stood out as a highlight to me.

  6. I want the after credits of every movie to be the Great White North SCTV filler but with Alpha Flight characters dressed like Bob and Doug McKenzie "ok the topic for today is what if you meet your variant and they like the Leafs, eh?"

  7. Doom is perfect to keep alive because he’ll skirt that line making you think he’ll reform, but really he’s only ever after what’s in his best interest.

  8. Since they've already covered a surprisingly large portion of my "this character is one of my favorites but would probably be too weird for the MCU" list this year by adding Moon Knight and Namor, they should add Machine Man.

  9. It'd be sick if at the beginning of the movie he was played like old school Machine Man. Then maybe he gets rebuilt for one reason or another then we get more of Aaron Stack.

  10. Black Cat! Still can’t believe we’ve never got a proper version of Felicia on the silver screen

  11. I remember seeing rumors of Anya Taylor-Joy as Black Cat in the next Spidey movie when NWH was coming out. I really hope that happens, I think she could do an amazing job with it.

  12. A solo Black Cat movie is being planned with Sydney Sweeney. Unfortunately, it'll likely have nothing to do with the MCU, as it's a Sony controlled character.

  13. They can easily appear in any new X-men projects, since their leader is usually 'Corsair' Summers, dad of Havock and Cyclops.

  14. It's seriously shocking how we've gone 2 decades, 9 movies, and 3 live-action Spider-Men and we've never gotten one of Spidey's biggest supporting characters (I don't count the random secretary from TASM movies)

  15. I’ve been waiting since I was a kid for Power Pack and all I’ve ever gotten was that godawful unaired live-action pilot episode back in the ‘90s. There HAS to be a place for Power Pack in the MCU

  16. Miles is actually in the MCU, albeit he’s only mentioned by name only. There’s some weird legal stuff with the Spider-Man characters, like how Cindy Moon (Silk) appears in the MCU without her superhero persona, but Sony is also making a Silk tv show for her in their Spider-Man universe.

  17. With they just did a cross-over with multiple spider-men and how the end of No Way Home turns out, I would love for them to introduce Miles Morales and basically "creating" other spideys thats not Peter Parker.

  18. I love the concept of the Sentry. The base concept of, like, a hero that's literally just always been here, for decades, and everyone's brain forced them to ignore it Westworld-style, is so cool to me.

  19. Alpha Flight, Gwenpool, Deathpool, Adam Warlock, Rouge n Gambit, Ghost Rider, Frank Castle, Deathlok, Mister Negative, Fitz-Simmons, Quake & Yoyo from A.O.S. , more Entities, more Gods...😅 what about you?

  20. Well we’ll soon have deadpool and Adam warlock, we already got Frank and I’m gonna die on the hill that we already have ghost rider, Fitz-Simmons, quake and yo-yo lol

  21. I can hear in my head how I want him to sound and the change from 1 to 2. But I can't think of actors that resemble those voices

  22. I think it would be hilarious to see the Squadron Supreme make an appearance, if even as a simple one-off gag in Deadpool 3 or whatever. There have been rumors of Hyperion showing up in Loki season two, so I’ll take that with the biggest grain of salt, but I’m still holding out hope.

  23. Though I know this is most likely never going to happen, (with Hasbro owning the rights) but would die a happy man if ROM made it to the big screen

  24. Machine Man/Aaron Stack. Perfect set up for SWORD trying to make their own Vision/AI solder. Make it a Marvel 10 part series.

  25. I’d love all of the Fantastic Four characters we haven’t seen yet like Mole Man, Blastaar, Psycho Man, Wyatt wingfoot, annihilus, Diablo etc etc

  26. A horror thriller featuring the WW2 Invaders. Have Namor and Cap featured in a story set in 40s London wherein the heroes are chasing Baron Blood. Support characters would include Union Jack, Spitfire, and the Ancient One. Cameos by Wolverine, Dracula, and the original Torch.

  27. Sentry, Gwenpool (thought maybe she would work better in an animated series), Angela, Nova, the OG Nick Fury and of course, the X-Men (my personal dream Team would he Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Jean Gry, Nightcrawler, Storm and Havok)

  28. Quasar, his quantum bands would be awesome to see, and a good bad guy would Omega Red, one of my all time favorite baddies. And though we’ve already seen him, the movie sucked, so a well made stand alone Silver Surfer.

  29. I agree - imagine him doing Quantum Leaps and trying his best to defend the cosmos with pure heroism and no attitude. Clearly, the bands would be tied to Ms Marvel’s bracelet!

  30. The answer is the X-Men. They were hugely popular for decades. They’re actually a victim of their own success. They were so popular that when Marvel needed money from movie rights the mutants got snapped up quickly. There was a time people couldn’t imagine how the MCU could be successful without Spidey, Wolverine, and Magneto. But now that the MCU is this behemoth the stuff Marvel sold the rights to has been on the back burner. If you’re a new fan in the last 10-15 years this might be lost on you but if you were a comic fan in the ‘90s you never would’ve imagined Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy would get movie after movie while mutants mostly languished in limbo.

  31. Have him played by David Hasselhoff, have his character be Nick Fury's dad, Nick Fury Sr., and Bucky's all "Didn't we meet in 1942?"

  32. I had a pipe dream that I would see Man-Thing appear and I was blessed. Next on the more realistic scope of things; Ghost Rider.

  33. We need Hulking in the MCU like Wiccan needs a suspiciously perfect boyfriend that'll cause him to question the legitimacy of his own reality.

  34. Haven’t watched any Marvel shows/TV since End Game but i’d love a World War Hulk movie with Sentry.

  35. I know that whether of not AoS is considered canon is shaky, but I’d love Quake and Ghost Rider (ideally the same versions/actors as AoS) introduced into proper MCU canon.

  36. Ben Reilly, Kaine, Danny Ketch-Ghost Rider, Magik, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, Fantomex, oh and Slapstick. Also Quentin Quire and Boomerang. Yes, Boomerang is a hero after Nick Spencer gave him new life.

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