How is your marriage?

  1. Dated (lived together) six years, engaged for a year, married almost 32 years.

  2. Friends for 5.5 years, the last 3 of which we lived thousands of miles from each other. Then I got a job in her city. We decided to start a relationship and got an apartment together. Never actually went on a date in the traditional sense. I proposed 6 months later; we got married 9 months after that. Married 25 years.

  3. I’m so excited to get married next month. My fiancé and I also dated for 5 years prior to the year long engagement. Congratulations!

  4. Dated 3 months, got engaged in december 2019. Supposed to get married in april 2020 but because of covid we could get married in august 2020. Married for a year and half ish :)

  5. High school sweethearts. Started dating when I was 16, and he was 17. Bought a house together after 5 years together. Engaged at 7 years. Married at 8 years.. in may we will be at 12 years together. August will be 4 years married. We put more significance on how long we’ve been together than married though. May is our bigger anniversary celebration.

  6. My husband and I are high school sweethearts too. Met when I was 15 and he was 17. Started dating when I was 17. Together 19 years now.

  7. Oh man, LOL Dated for 1 1/2 months, found out I was pregnant after 2 months, and got married at 3 1/2 months. We’ve been married for 13 years, and have 3 beautiful daughters ❤️

  8. OMG, same here, glad it’s not just me! 2 dates, knocked up, married a few months later. Just celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary in January. It was a HUGE leap of faith and we’ve had our ups and downs, but wow I love that man and feel like I won the lottery. Sometimes happy accidents work out best. Congrats to you as well!

  9. Dated for 14 months, engaged for 13 months, married for 16 months. Together four years this July and have a beautiful 20 month old son ❤️

  10. Dated 5 years. Engaged for 6 months. Coming up on our 1 year wedding anniversary. Relationship keeps growing and getting stronger with every year!

  11. Together 5 years before marriage, and I wore an engagement ring for probably 2 of those five years. We’ve now been married 11 years, so 16 years all together.

  12. Dated 6 years before getting engaged, engaged for about 1 year before the wedding, been married now about 1 year 4 months (January marked 9 years of being together, 33M 28F)

  13. We dated for 5 months in high school, married different people, then 25 years later we fell back in love over the course of about two weeks online. I moved across the country to move in with him and we lived with each other for about three months before becoming engaged, and we married about 1-2 weeks after that. Been married almost four years now and I have never been happier. All these numbers don’t really have to mean anything. When you connect with someone on a deep level and constantly work at making your relationship better, numbers and time just don’t matter.

  14. We dated 9 years before getting married, were a little on/off due to distance and the fact we were young (high school sweethearts). We were engaged for 2.5 years, we were waiting for him to get done with his military enlistment. Have been married almost 5 and we are great! No issues and we have lots of fun together.

  15. Dated for 13 months, engaged for 3 weeks, married for 3 years with a 13 month old - being married is dope.

  16. Dated for 8 years, engaged since October of last year, lived together since January of this year, and wedding will be in April of this year. I know it’s a pretty strange timeline but I’m so in love and can’t wait to get married!!!

  17. We dated for 8 years but we were in high school for 4 of those years. We were engaged for 2 years and we’ve been married for just over a year!

  18. Dated 3 years, engaged a month, got married at a courthouse 4 years ago (on 2/22) !!! We had a “real” wedding 8 months later with our families there and now we celebrate that anniversary instead :)

  19. Met on facebook, talked for 2 weeks. Started dating. Dated long distance 11 months before we met (i moved down to where he was) . Was moved down with him for 2 weeks before he proposed. Engaged for 9 months and got married. Been married for 7 years this year 🥰 and have 3 beautiful children.

  20. Dated ~4 years (living together ~3.5 of those). Engaged ~1 year. Married now ~2years. Will be together 8 years total this summer.

  21. Dated for 2 years, engaged for 2 years and married 2 years this upcoming Wednesday. Best life partner I could have ever asked for.

  22. Dated for one year before getting engaged, another year before we eloped, been married for 20 years. Happily!!

  23. Dated 3 years, engaged for a year and 7 months, married a year and a half and expecting our first baby in 2 months 💕 I love my marriage and my husband more and more every day and already know he’s going to be the best dad

  24. Dated for 3 years, engaged for 1, married for just over 2 years with a baby due in April! It’s been an amazing journey and we continue to grow together each day. We are super excited (maybe abit nervous too) for what parenthood will bring!

  25. Known each other for 32 years (since we were 4 and 5). Dated for 3 years. Broke up for 2.5 years. Got back together and dated for 3 years. Got married (very short engagement because he was ready for me to have his last name) and have our 2 year anniversary soon.

  26. We met, 1 month later we moved in together, had 1 child, got married a year later, had another kid, and have been together ever since. We're going on 33 years.

  27. Dated a year, engaged 6 months, married almost 9. My 2nd, his first. We adore each other and our married life.

  28. dated 8months, engaged 4months & been married for 2 years!! we were best friends for two years prior to dating. we knew we would marry each other one day!

  29. Dated for 6 years, didn't really have an engagement but I guess you could say 9 months from the time we decided we could combine finances to the time we had the party, and married 3 years in April.

  30. Dated 3 years, had a 7 month breakup, dated for 6 more months then got engaged. Engaged for a year and a half before we got married. Married 4 years. We met in 2013. Two young kids, under 5. A damaged house from hurricane Ida in August 2021.

  31. Close friends for 2 years , dated a year and half ( he had to move across the country from sf to nyc , moved in for 6 months ), engaged for few months then married at court. 6 years marriage , we see each other 24/7 both wfh lol same social circle. Just had our baby girl this year.

  32. Dated for 3.5 years, engaged for 1.5 years and married 7 years :) started dating when I was 21 and lived together after 6 months of dating.

  33. Dated/lived together for 8 years, got engaged, then married two years later. So married after 10 years together. To be honest not sure we ever would have actually gone through with a wedding if I hadn’t lost my job and needed insurance. We’re both anxious/lazy and not great planners 🤷‍♀️

  34. Dated for 8 years. Engaged for one and married for 7 years. We wanted to be really sure that we were in it for the long haul.

  35. We dated for 2 years, engaged for 4 years and our wedding is on May 1st which will also be our 6 year anniversary But we have been spiritually married since the beginning 💜

  36. Ok so...met one night...dated 6 month.- married ..been together for over 31 years. Marriage is hard to maintain at times. But so worth it. Would do it all again.. Gotta trust each other 100% at all times,support each other 100%.And dont sweat the small stuff... Oh and no dutch ovens,ever!!

  37. Got together on August 26th, 2007. Moved in together after about 3 months. Engaged on August 26th, 2008. After putting off getting married for three more years (due to him always being deployed for his insurance job & having to leave to another state 12+ hours away on a literal moment’s notice mandatory he had to be there within 3 days, lack of money, etc etc), we decided on August 4th, 2011 that we were finally going to get married on the 26th of that month. We married on August 26th, 2011.

  38. Dated 3 months, engaged 5 months, married 18 years (19 this October). We have 2 boys, 14 and 12. We are doing better and stronger than ever. Years 3-5 were rough, though, heheh.

  39. Dated a year. Engaged 5 months. first time together was on our wedding night. Married 18 years now and we are madly in love. We disgust our kids with our cuddling, hugging, kissing etc, lol.

  40. Dated 2 weeks shy of a year before getting engaged, engaged for almost two year due to a family illness and dates not being available, married 21 years this coming May.

  41. Dated 3 weeks before he proposed, 2 months until we got engaged, 18 months until we got married and 29 years married this year.

  42. Best friends for 9.5 years, but were always interested in each other and we’d date others and then when those relationships ended, we would try our hand at a relationship. Finally got serious about each other, dated for 1 year, engaged 1 year and will be married for 9 years in June.

  43. To all, I have told the story on reddit and it's long so go to my profile and read the hitchhiker thread. Short version is he picked me up hitchhiking. More details in the hitchhiker thread.

  44. Dated 3 years, engaged 1 year and married for 4 years. We also fell pregnant a year into dating. Side note we had been really close friends for 7 years before taking the plunge into dating. We had always had a thing for each other. It literally feels like nothing has changed for us. We get closer everyday, we have the same sense of humour, tough times have made us stronger and we are still totally crazy for each other. I legit married my best friend and couldn’t be happier 😊

  45. Close to best friends for 12 years dated 3 months engaged 4 months and married for going on 2 months now. (Got married earlier than we both expected given I'm carrying our son and need married spouses signature to get tubes tied) but so far so good

  46. Congratulations!!! We dated 2 years (also had a kido in that time ) planned to get married in a few years and then he’s Grams wasn’t doing good and was sad she wouldn’t get to see us married so we took a month to plan our wedding and we were technically engaged for about 2 weeks before the wedding lol (he proposed and had the ring) have been married for almost 3 years and are very happy and thinking of trying for another kido in a few months

  47. Dated two months, engaged for 6, married now but will have an official wedding this December. Couldn’t be happier — he’s my love, my rock and my best friend.

  48. Got together in January 2018 long distance, then moved in together when Covid hit after 2 years together, bought a house in May 2021 then got engaged in September and getting married in July this year - by then will have been 4 1/2 years together!

  49. Marriage EbS and flows like everything else, you can be doing great and then have a bad day, but that's normal. I was engaged for 2 years and we have been married 13 years. We love each other very much

  50. Dated for 5 years, engaged at year 6, now getting married this year (August) year 7, we moved in together after 6 months!

  51. Dated for 2 years, engaged for 1 month and have been married for 14 years this year. We were only 19 when we got married (which I don't recommend), but we've grown up together which makes our relationship pretty sturdy

  52. Met in college 13 years ago, began dating 5 years ago (although fooled around ALOT in college lol), got engaged 3 years ago, got married 2 years ago 🎉

  53. My (27f) husband (28m) and I dated for 7 months, engaged 3 months and have been married for 1.5 yrs. Currently pregnant with our first baby.

  54. Dated 6 years, then engaged 2 years, lived together for about 2.5-3 of those pre-married years, now we've been married for about 2 months!

  55. My husband and I meet, dated, engaged, and married all within 4 months. Most of that time he lived in Alaska and I lived in Colorado. We have been happily married for almost 12 years.

  56. Started dating on 2014 and there was never a proposal, just found a date we wanted to get married. We are not the romantic people and in our country is marriage way more for proper paperwork than out of love. We got married in February 2020 right before the pandemic hit the world.

  57. Dated for 6 months before we moved in together, continued dating for another 4 years before we got engaged. Engaged for 1 year and been married for 6.5 years! Together for a total of 12 years this year! 🥰🥰

  58. Dated exactly 1 year and a few minutes, got engaged, then married 3 months and a day later. We’ve been married over a year now and our closing on our first home. I’m 23 he’s 28!

  59. We have known each other since middle school. We parted ways after graduation. Got together in April 2016, he was then stationed across the country from me. We got engaged in December 2016, and got married in January of 2018. Been married for 4 years with a 3 year old and 5 month old.

  60. Started dating 12.5 years ago. Got pregnant (happy accident) 12 years ago. Got married almost 10 years ago. Have 3 kids and a dog now.

  61. Dated for 5 months. Got engaged one month. Civil wedding, just me and him. Been happily married for three years.

  62. Dated for 2 months, then lived together 4 years, now married for 12 years (total of 16 years together). Still going strong!

  63. Dated 6 weeks and then moved in together. Lived together for about a year, got engaged, five months later we got married. We've been married for 26 years. We'll celebrate 3 decades together next year.

  64. Friends with benefits during grad school for about 8 months, then exclusively dated for two months, broke up for another two, got back together for another two and got engaged. Married six months later and have been married for almost 20 years.

  65. We dated for 3.5 years before getting engaged, were engaged another year and a half, and we've been married for about a year and a half now.

  66. Dated 3.5 years, engaged for about 8-9 months, married almost 11 years. together for 15 years. Love my life!

  67. Dated for 3 years. Living together less than a year (will be a year in June) Will be engaged for 2 years. Wedding is on our 5 year dating anniversary in 2023.

  68. Dated two years, engaged three years, married a year in May! My husband and I are the only ones who know we were actually engaged three years instead of two; i actually proposed to him! But as far as everyone else knows, he proposed to me the following year and got our friends to take a video for the public.

  69. Currently happy with my wife however we live with her family and we have 2 kids. They overstep and cross boundaries and will absolutely not be corrected. It's passed the boiling point and everyone is at each other's throats.

  70. We was together for 2 years before our 1st daughter was born, 3 years together engaged and 2nd daughter. 6 years then our son wax born. Engaged for 15 years. We have been married almost 4 months.

  71. Dated for two years, engaged (and quietly married) 6 months ago, formal wedding with family and friends to come this year!

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