Number of billionaires ($) in Europe by country

  1. exactly. All the Eastern Europe countries with 0 or 1 billionaires have some but they are all registered in so called "tax paradises".

  2. Interesting but sadly probably very inaccurate due to the "habit" of billionaires of setting their tax residence somewhere else.

  3. Ireland for instance has a number of genuine Irish billionaires who live in California (the Collison brothers) or Malta (Denis O’Brien) or Portugal (Dernot Desmond) and others who are probably doubly recorded by Forbes in those other jurisdictions. It also has a number of billionaires who aren’t Irish at all and don’t even live here but somehow are on the Irish list maybe for dom reasons like the “richest man in ireland” who is the guy who owns Tata in India), and some lads in the UK (the hedge fund guy Greykon and others) who took Irish citizenship for some reason. Probably tax.

  4. The pandemic nuked every statistic there is. Idk why people keep bringing up old data that has no relevance anymore.

  5. In Sweden evonomical inequality has worsened with larger and larger gaps between rich and middle/working class. A few people has made a lot of money from the privatisation of wealth fare institutions. And we have a large tax load on work and consumption relative to heritage tax (none) and property tax. Our self-image is helce that we are a well fare utopia still, whilst det being far from it.

  6. Well incomes are pretty equal there, but the old wealth still remains, obviously. It is quite controversial, but I think it is actually quite beneficial system for the wealthy people, as no one can become rich anymore, they have no competitors.

  7. This data is only four years old, but the number of USD billionaires in Sweden increased to 81 in Juneof 2021. That is an increase of over 150%. The pandemic was really good for rich people.

  8. One of the things we can be pretty proud of in Belgium, median and average wealth are relatively close to each other, with not too many exceptions on either side of the scale. Still could be better though.

  9. I was under the impression that the lack of billionaires in Belgium was due to the fact we're the most taxed country in Europe.

  10. Red should be green and green should be read having a lot of people hoarding wealth or having fake stock market wealth be a large part of your economy isn’t good

  11. Norway and Sweden both rank pretty high on Egalitarian rankings. If you set up your tax system correctly the only way to keep extreme wealth is to reinvest, which limits the negative effects on the economy.

  12. How do you know most of those billionaires have money that is not invested? Out of the invested money, how do you determine it's "fake stock market"?

  13. This week came out list of richest people in Lithuania. 3 people have more than 1 billion. We have had a billionaire for years now. Strange how it is zero in the map.

  14. I could accept a reversed colour scheme, seeing how more billionaires means more exploitation of natural ressources and labour.

  15. Billionaires shouldn’t exist tbh. They are the reason we plebs are poor and fucked every time inflation climbs 1%, while they profit like never before. During Pandemic, all Billionaires became even more rich. Fuck’em. Any country is better off without any.

  16. Fixed pie fallacy. If someone makes something and it can be sold for billions, they didn't take from you to be worth billions. They added a billion to the pile of total wealth.

  17. Oh, so you're telling me you can have a robust social safety net , tax the rich and universal healthcare and it won't make all businesses and business owners magically dissapear? Don't tell conservatives, it'd melt their last braincell.

  18. I think the Billionaires money should be put into government bonds. And so it's basically tax but the billionaire basically gets to keep his Billionaire status, but basically never sees it again, unless he goes bankrupt with what he has left (say $100 million), and needs more.

  19. Huh, neat how the billionaires choose to live in the high tax countries which offer a better quality of life and more stability and safety. Seems to go against what plenty of Republicans have assured me is the real case

  20. Seems like The Netherlands isn't such a tax haven after all (compared to Ireland or Switzerland for example). Not for individual billionaires anyway.

  21. Ireland is a tax haven for companies. Not so much for people. In fact, there was quite a stink here, a while back, when Bono left Ireland for the Netherlands, for tax purposes.

  22. How is it that the more socialist countries like Sweden and Norway have the highest number? I expected the opposite

  23. Nordic countries allow for a greater deal of free enterprise (greater than American socialists would be willing to tolerate) so that they can pay for the welfare state.

  24. Sweden isn't socialist. They have a robust welfare state that is paid for through high taxes on income. Sweden is, in fact, highly capitalistic and entrepreneurial.

  25. The colour scale is off. Every billionaire is an indicator for an unjust society and I say this coming from a "green" country.

  26. You are trying to say "we need to kill them". But are afraid to say it explicitly because it would be too obvious that it's a violent and cruel idea.

  27. I'd like to see the colour scheme reversed. Red for a high number of wealth hoarders / exploiters, green for a low number...

  28. A bit of propaganda in the colour choices. Low billionaire numbers are in red implying “it’s bad!” and high billionaire numbers are in green “it’s great”! High numbers of billionaires could mean high exploitation of working class, high income disparity.

  29. The top number is the number of billionaires per 10 million people the bottom is the actual number of billionaires in the country

  30. Fun fact, Hungary has a population of 10 million. The 1 billionaire Is Lőrinc Mészáros, best friend of our PM, another fun fact he started becoming rich when our current government got elected. What a weird coincidence

  31. Iceland has such a weird statistic here. The richest dude in the country is basically all by themselves at the top in a country of ~400k population.

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