Share of people who trust journalists in their country

  1. we dont trust them. that’s true. they are too biased. we use term journalist(기자) + trash(쓰레기) = 기레기

  2. We're also a newly democratic country. Our democracy has been here for only 30's naïve for us to simply start believing what the journalists have to say.

  3. The press is very split between different political ideolgies and even YouTUbe based information channels are babbling shit like "Hw Japan got fucked up and we are getting a jackpot" or whatever.

  4. One of the corruptest states in the world, basically owned by Samsung, has regularly scandals where the PM is in some cult (happened at least twice, iirc). People are just smart not to trust journalists.

  5. O'zbek haqiqati #1 OLG'A O'ZBEKISTON 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🐺🐺🐺👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪

  6. Greece number1 πάμε ελλαδαρα παγκόσμιοι πρωταθλητές Ελλάδα #1 χώρα στον κόσμο 💪💪💪💪💪🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  7. The funniest part of being in a STEM field is that I literally know all the alphabets in that sentence right there despite never being exposed to anything remotely greek in my life.

  8. This guy on Tiktok was quoting some obscure Greek newspaper for Ukraine war news, and I had to call bullshit on him when he said a Russian cruise missile killed every foreign volunteer in Ukraine. I was following a few of those guys, and they were still kicking.

  9. I'm from Australia and no one has ever asked me if i trust our media and I can 100% tell you that we should not be shaded light blue, we should be one of the yellow shades.

  10. A Greek station stated that Hideo Kojima shot Shinzo Abe when he died iirc, no wonder the they’re not trusted.

  11. Don't forget about the time when they presented the opening scene from The Interview (2014) (where a north korean girl wishes death on the US) as a real video. This happened at TWO DIFFERENT NEWS STATIONS.

  12. They showed the picture of Kojima wearing a red army hat and the one of him posing in front of a portrait of Che Guevara basically trying to imply that a communist radical shot him.

  13. Tanzania being one of the more trusting countries is so funny. The country is so open about everything news wise imo. It’s because everyone seems to love each other but also be in constant competition with one another. Everyone has an agenda, but there’s thousands of groups that all have a different one and have no problem calling out the other ones for ALSO having an agenda. I love it here.

  14. The ones not trusted here are those Swahili channels from international broadcasters BBC,VOA.. But local journalist are doing great job especially since you are required to seek info from all sides involved by law

  15. Whenever I see these maps, I imagine that people on Reddit that are not from a traditionally Western countries, must be flabbergasted about the self-importance riddled complaints and fights about biased press, crooked politicians and violated rights that we complain about.

  16. I live in America but my dad is Saudi and currently living in Riyadh. He won't even make a comment about the government on Whatsapp unless it's something positive. Even when we talk on the phone he knows people are listening (mostly because he did the listening during the Gulf War). When we send letters or packages they are often opened and clearly looked through. He even had an uncle disappear for a while in the 90s due to some government disagreement. Saudi is an extreme opposite example, but it makes me want to give the Constitution a great big hug.

  17. Agree completely. People in the west say politicians are "corrupt"meaning they vote supporting the elites. Everywhere else it means they are literally taking bribes.

  18. It's all relative, if you only start complaining when we get to South Korea, well, sorry pal, the press is too biases, the politicians are too crooked, and your rights are being taken away

  19. This map is pretty funky though, French Guyana shouldn't be grayed out since it's part of France, Brazilian trust in Journalism is not very high right now (unfortunately) and there are some suspicious countries there too. In general it seems fine though

  20. I am extremely surprised we Norwegians are so trusting. Most everyone I know here does not trust the journalists. And "alternative media" has gotten more and more traction these last few decades. Then again "news" up here isn't really news. It is a little news, tons and tons of pundits and assorted "feelgood / feelbad" nonsense stories (cute cat, true crime, etc).

  21. I don't think I've ever in my 40 years alive met a person in Norway who said they don't trust our journalists.

  22. I am surprised about the UK as well. Basically everyone in this country will at least be aware of how the media and the police collaborated to blame the victims after Hillsborough, and yet trust is apparently above 50%

  23. That's what happens when 'a lot' and 'some' are lumped together. I have a strong suspicion that 'some' is doing the heavy lifting here.

  24. If anything trusting our ‘journalists’ too much is our issue. Fox News/ CNN telling us what to think for the day over breakfast and believing everything they throw at us is kinda our whole thing. We just choose propaganda over actual Journalism.

  25. It’s a combination of people deeming any media with a different bias then theirs as untrustworthy, combined with actually poor journalism from all ends of the political spectrum.

  26. President Park Geun Hye (impeached for being controlled by a cult leader) had hidden blacklists for media censorship. She also controlled mainstream news during the Sewol Ferry Incident and told them to report everyone was evacuated, later said rescue operations are ongoing and successful when they were completely stalled and unsuccessful.

  27. Yeah as a Pole I'm also witnessing party-specific propaganda finding its way into the education system. Absolutely appaling things can happen when you give one old fanatic too much power

  28. I agree. Countless things were swept under the rug during the Obomba administration. You have to do some digging to find answers, nothing on display in the mainstream.

  29. Honestly, I find a lot of these comments very concerning. In order for a democracy to function, the people need to have reliable sources of information they can base their vote on. That source of information is journalism. It is essential for democratic societies to function.

  30. The problem is that the news is generally owned by corporations. This means journalism has been reduced to maximizing profit on the one hand, and promoting corporate propaganda on the other hand.

  31. mainstream journalism is no longer a reliable source of information regardless of your political persuasions.

  32. Journalists are and always have been a tool of the state. This is true for both traditional Liberal-Conservative print media and fascist "alternative" media (aka controlled opposition).

  33. the only form of media that people actually get news from is TV and most channels are owned/heavily subsidized by politicians

  34. Theres no way Spain is more than 60%. Journalists here lie more than they talk. Every piece of news is manipulated in some way or another and everyone knows it. It should be really low like Greece.

  35. Mexico should be very red because nobody in Mexico trusts the newspapers about anything politically. But crime reporting but certainly not politics.

  36. I am greek and I can confirm this, the vast majority of the greek media are owned by oligarchs, funded by banks and state advertising and grants and praise the government from dusk to dawn. They'll tell you the sun is green if their bosses tell them to.

  37. It depends on which journalists. There are certainly a few serious media houses, but most of the media is only about profit, clickbait, sensationalism, lies in the service of the owner.

  38. I was surprised UK is even blue, but I guess that makes sense with the lies they get away with CONSTANTLY.

  39. I just realized I can't really say how much I currently trust because I've barely consumed it in the last years. Between staying in English on the internet and not being able to take 10 minutes of TV news without getting mad I'm not up to date with the state of the media.

  40. I think most Americans trust some journalists, just not all journalists. Alex Jones could be called a journalist and is definitely part of “the media”

  41. There's an Hidden Brain episode where they talk about how places where newspapers in various municipalities and regions went out of business and so there were fewer journalists covering those places, those places would experience higher loan interest rates, especially at the municipal level. The expert interviewed suggested it wasn't just a correlation, that it was actually a causation. According to this person they were interviewing: when there are less journalists, there is more corruption. It's because banks know this first-hand since they have to deal with.

  42. Greece is based but it's surprising to me that the french are up to 70% trusting. It feels like nobody in the country takes the news or any newspaper seriously these days.

  43. I'm from France and I'm really surprised by the number given here, it should be way lower given the bias it has, nearly all the press is owned by a dozen millionaires/billionaires, it's insane!

  44. This is a bit difficult to measure. I see finland with a colour there. In elementary school curriculum we have items regarding "who is saying/writing what and for what reason" and small seed of doupt is supposed to be planted in every citizen (Kane?) in the country. I have it too, understanding that journalists do have affiliations like other citizens (Kane?) in the country and everything should be taken with grain and salt. Journalists are naturally aware of the situation and blatant lying usually gets pointed out rather quickly. It still happens. We have phenomenon called "yellow press" that is supposed to be avoided but it has its audience. Don't know if they're elementary school pupils who were sleeping during classes?

  45. If the Philippines had 70-80% trust in our journalists, our current president wouldn't have been elected ಠ⁠︵⁠ಠ

  46. These surveys with just one question are kinda worthless aren't they? You need to define what journalism is before asking about trust. Do I trust that journalists won't lie about a fire, a missing person or a notification about a new survey. YES

  47. It's the opposite. Most journalists are leftists and are too afraid to point out crimes by muslim perpetrators. On the other hand have no problem pointing out when a hindu does a crime.

  48. Given that the US is pretty evenly split politically and that our media clearly leans left, I can see the percentage we get. I do not subscribe to the notion of some that everything I disagree with in reporting is "fake news" but there is some very slanted reporting in the mainstream US media. I don't dismiss all of it, but I have long since learned to take it with a grain of salt, use multiple sources, and, when possible, confirm certain facts on my own with a little research.

  49. Dont forget innaccurate. Certain court cases were intentionally reported on innacurately for political sway until court showed otherwise. The laptop story was buried as abaolutely false until the election ended, yet the unproven dossier was trotted out as truth on the other side. Id say there is alot of reason to be distrustful, the media has substantively lied, and for political gain, numerous times.

  50. I actually didn’t expect it to be this low given how eagerly our elderly population consumes all the bullshit on the state TV. Those I dealt with were purely zombified and impossible to convince

  51. Well, Europe is not very clever, is it? Congrats to Greece. Specially nowadays, when journalists get their degree out of a cereal box; what a bunch of illiterate bums.

  52. I'm a Canadian in Australia - Canadian journalists are pretty shit, but they aren't nearly as blatantly pro-conservative/fascist as the Murdoch indoctrination teams down under.

  53. I'm an Australian in Canada and I totally agree with you. In general I find Canadian journalists passive aggressive and Australian journalists aggressively blunt.

  54. I just hope that Australians can keep taking Murdoch media with a grain of salt, that hope is really lost in the UK where even the BBC takes over Murdoch's trash narratives.

  55. Why the hell would anyone “trust journalists”? If we’re talking about corporate mainstream journalists, then you’d have to be a brain dead idiot to trust them. If we’re talking about independent journalists, then you’d be a brain dead idiot to simply trust them without recognizing that there will be some honest ones and a lot of crap ones.

  56. You know not every country is the same, right? In the US newspapers are owned by corporations. In my country they're owned by corporations, the worker's unions, farmer's league, churches, and local communities. They're subsidized by the state to encourage a free and varied press, and it has remained so for the last two centuries.

  57. Many Russians actually have a healthy skepticism for anything they are told by journalists, Govt and authority in general, much more so than in the West.

  58. The distrust is also spread by the Kremlin though, as demonstrated by a lot of the anti-vax propaganda. Russians tend to not trust anything and think it's just as bad elsewhere, which helps create the "apolitical" but compliant portion of the population.

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