The most popular type of meat to eat in every country

  1. Having lived in the bush of Kenya for many years, I find it very hard to believe that beef is more common than goat. Every local restaurant had Ugali na Mbuzi Mboga, and never any beef. Are we including tourists as well as local?

  2. Having spent time in Botswana it should 100% be beef. Most of their culture is based around cattle herding. Not sure what's going on with this data

  3. Fish and seafood first in France? Odd. Maybe because we eat different meats (beef, pork, veal, mutton, lamb, duck, chicken, frogs, rabbit, donkey, horse, boar, deer, snails...) so at the end of the year we eat more "fish and seafood" than every other category of meat.

  4. Donkey ? Wtf, I was born and always lived in France and I’ve never ever heard about someone eating donkey. Horse is eaten but quite controversial. Rabbit is common, and duck extremely popular (especially in the South West) but donkey ??

  5. I really doubt fish and seafood is the most consumed meat in Indonesia. Seafood is pretty pricey and isn't super common here while you can find chicken basically everywhere

  6. It may be accounting for rural fishing villages as well, not just purchased foods. I'm sure plenty of communities fish their own food.

  7. I can’t speak for Botswana, but in Namibia (which also has a considerable cattle industry, although I don’t know how it compares to Botswana in terms of size), a lot of the meat produced there is exported, mostly to South Africa, rather than consumed locally. Possibly the same is true of Botswana?

  8. Shout out to Laos, Mali and Uganda. Not letting being landlocked get in the way of a raging seafood appetite.

  9. No data, I assume. Or they just don't eat any meat at all in the whole country. Gotta be one of those.

  10. Slightly surprised that Ireland is pork over chicken. Live in NI and our eating habits here and down south aren't any different than in GB for the most part.

  11. Nah rashers, sausages, sliced ham, white/black pudding, pork chops etc all combined are definitely eaten more frequently than chicken in the south

  12. I’m a little surprised by the pork in Italy and the poultry in the USA. Really would have thought poultry or seafood for Italy and beef for USA.

  13. We don't really eat that much poultry in Italy (a part from some exceptions) and seafood is expensive (especially in the center-northen part). Also, mortadella, prosciutto, salame...are all pork made and those are very commonly eaten.

  14. Rumors said that in Romania we grew so much pigs because under ottoman empire we had to pay tribute, and they did not eat pigs so we grew lots of pigs because they could not take that from us. We also have some special tradition with the pigs around Christmas, the love for pig is real.

  15. it made more sense to me when i thought that eggs are probably not included in poultry. but, no source so i may be wrong about that.

  16. The first thing that blew me a away when I was in the army was the absolute quantity of chicken that passes through the chow hall. Then, the absolute quantity of chow halls. I know for a fact that there’s an efficient way to feed the homeless and the army has the method down pat.

  17. There's no way Canada eats more chicken than beef. Maybe it's because I live in western Canada most Canadians live in the east, but still, it still seems unreasonable

  18. Is it really bovine meat for Kazakhstan and the rest of central Asia? Those are majority Muslim countries and I don't think they eat buffalo/bison very much.

  19. I’m kinda surprised that Sweden consumes more fish than pork and that Finland consumes more pork than fish. I thought it’d be the opposite.

  20. The pork is awesome in Sardinia, Italy—especially their prosciutto. Wild boar and the swine cut loose in the hardwood forests to dine on the nuts. Spain does the same with some of their swine. Best pork ever!

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