Mr.Misunderstanding- a great movie on @PrimeVideo. But not available in India. Why @PrimeVideoIN why?

  1. they are not superior but number system, 0, plastic surgery, microwave communication, fibonacci series and many more contributions were made by these evil oppressive bahmanvad. undermining contributions for the sake of abuse doesn't do anything.

  2. Bhai m bhi pehenta hu, Janeu kehte h isse, 6 reasons h peheneke.. there could be more but these are the ones i know of if anyone wants a scientific article it’s already there done by a Chinese scientist because Tao sect people also wears a thread for the similar purposes.. Caste is dark history of greed and misfortune it has nothing to do varna both are different, learn it’s meaning first before commenting

  3. Your 4th point clearly suggests there is indeed inferiority superiority bias. The one who does it always does kriya, pooja and all sorts of rituals (3%)

  4. Look people castism exist. According to cast system i am a shudra and my ex girlfriend is a Brahmin. Her parents told her that i didn't belong to their caste so we cannot be together. We truly loved each other ,at the end we decided not to see each other. It was very hard for me. She is a educates girl didn't believe in this fucking caste system. This fucking caste system look my love away from me.

  5. Yo kinda same bro. Am Brahmin. My ex was ST. Mummy saw us kisssing. Spewed all kinda casteist shit at me like we are better blood and they are bad people by blood. She broke up cuz she was angry at my mom.

  6. I can relate your situation b'cos i am also so called brahamn but i don't believe in manu because some idiots manipulate these knowledgeable work for their benefit but i want to tell you i have a gf from so called your caste and my family is happy with that she used surname bhargav i think there is only one thing exist that is economic barrier i think ur gf's parents are rich that' s why they didn't let her to marry you but love has no boundaries good luck :) if u have fire for love then abt each us then nobody stop you before death and after death .

  7. She is right toh no varna is superior And calling manusmriti a sh*t is not good bruh it not tells us that Brahmins are superior, Accha hai india mein yeh anti hindu propaganda release nhi hua

  8. Bruh ye bann isliye hai kyuki duniya mei aisa koi banda nahi jo aisi baate karta hai lmao. Ye toh clearly misconception faila rahe hai indian society ke baare mei aur kya

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  10. Pehena band kar dia hai kaion ne, mere papa tak hi khtam ho jaega meri family main bhi, ya toh sub pehenege ya koi nahi, varna hm 3 Percent hi reh jayenge aur baki sub Buddhist/ Cristian ya mullon main convert ho jaenge, brhamans toh future dekh nahi re, bakion ko toh dekhna chahiye!

  11. yes, I a brahmn talk like that... ofcourse why dont they just have him say hail hitler while they are at it?.

  12. Accent se ye British lag rahi hai to isko bhi puch lete Tumhari late rani ne esa kya kiya tha jo uski g**nd chante the wo bhi to uske blood ke wajah se respect ki jati thi

  13. Well it's not like anyone can wear it even for Brahmins, it is not just some status symbol rather a symbol of resilience and self control. There are rules to wear it and if someone can follow them then they can wear it. Also I am pretty sure other castes not wearing it had nothing to do with the Varna rather the occupation which people were employed in as it made hard to follow the rules. So even kshatriyas did not wear it as they are in an occupation of violence. And one of the rules is to never harm anyone ( well obviously some didn't follow it but the more you know).

  14. Haa bhai 3% Brahmins pe saara blame daldo kya hi farak padega. Caste discrimination has no place but diluting your caste to appease others and sound modern is cowardice

  15. "we are superior" "we are representatives of gods" Lol in this generation its hard to tell Brahmins are the ones who have as much knowledge as brahma...

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