Does anyone know a mascara that would work well with this white spot of hairs in my beard? Please see images below for more information. I’m thinking an extremely light brown might work? Please let me know your thoughts.

  1. Agreed! Essence make me Brow is a good choice, cheap and cruelty free. Plus it has a small brush which would work well on hair that short.

  2. I’m a redhead- with blond brows so I think I might be able to help. I think you need a brow gel- i like: Glissier boy brow in auburn, benefit gimme brow tinted brow-in 2 or 3.5 (they sell it in a mini too), milk makeup brow gel in dub,

  3. Thank you yes that might be an option. I thought a pencil is a good idea but there are so many shades of pencils I don’t know what shade my beard is. I’m looking in a website called Sephora as we speak haha

  4. Have you seen a doctor for the white patch? Like a dermatologist? The area of the skin looks like it’s patchy, like maybe a skin condition, but I also wonder if you may have vitiligo on that area. I have vitiligo, and a white patch of hair that I cannot dye no matter what I do.

  5. Oh really? I’m going to go to a dermatologist soon. I went to the doc years ago and he gave me some cream in which did nothing at all. I believe it was an anti fungal cream?

  6. Oh Thanks! I’m trying to find one now. I think there was this product called redhead revolution which was mascara for red heads? I don’t know maybe a red/ginger eye brow pencil you think?

  7. I did find a website called Sephora which has heaps of pencils. Does anyone know what shade my beard would be? Soft red?

  8. That might be ring worm. Maybe try over the counter medicine and it can go away. I had it on my arm. For me, the hair didnt grow back there.

  9. I was dropping in to say the same thing. OP I'd not put anything on it until you determine what/why it is. If it's ringworm, you're just gonna contaminate the application end of whatever and keep reinfecting yourself. You can also spread it to other parts of your own body and other people if they come in contact with that spot, linens, etc. It's a fungus (not a worm like parasite) and likes moist places, so be careful about drying that area and then using the same towel elsewhere. If you're not going to the doc stat, there are plenty of OTC treatments you can try.

  10. Mascara would be too dark and can smudge/run. Brow tint would be better but beard dye would be best so you don't have to do it every day

  11. A brow brush would probably work best. Natural colors that apply just like mascara. If you go to any CVS or Walgreens and ask for a tinted brow pomade or gel it should be easy to find.

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  13. try something like benefit gimme brow+ in one of the lighter colors! it has some color but also extra “hairs” to help build up sparse eyebrows :)

  14. I might them try an eyebrow gel in a light brown shade but make sure you check your beard in the sun for red tones so it doesn't look too different in different lighting.

  15. Buy an eyebrow tint or a dye for eyebrows. Its almost like coloring your hair but its for eyebrows so it’ll do wonders for your beard.

  16. Elfs wow brow gel works wonders it has little fibers in it too to stick to the hair makes the hair stiffer for grooming and it's fairly inexpensive

  17. You could also try a beard filler! That may work better and transfer less to skin with it's design it's like a little pin with a little comb as the tip and just hits the hairs. But a light brown in mascara if you stick to that idea I think would work well

  18. Sorry if this comes off as counterproductive, but I actually really like the way it looks!!! Maybe use white mascara to bring it out more? If you don’t think you’d like that I use just for men on my eyebrows and it’s 10/10. Hope this helps

  19. I have this eyebrow marker.. kinda looks like an eyeliner. And comes in all the hair colors. I think it would work amazing. Mascara and or brow gel usually doesn’t stick to my skin in places where I’m missing hair.

  20. Actually I had my eyebrows microbladed because I had scarring and missing most of one eyebrow. You might want to try it. Nobody knows I have tattooed eyebrows. Looks pretty natural. It's not cheap but will not wash off with sweat or water.

  21. No pencil! Use a waterproof eyebrow gel or waterproof mascara close to your hair color if you need it to stay and not transfer. This would need to be re-applied everyday or if you wash it off. But I would just dye your beard, maybe dye all of it to keep it consistent. This would keep you good for a week (or more/less idk how fast beard hair grows)

  22. I think he needs to be treating that spot with Melaleuca oil and alcohol it looks like he has some type of bumps or ringworm

  23. you could probably get it dyed, but i’d recommend some eyebrow gel!! if you’re looking on a budget one of my favorite brows are by nyx, you can get them for as little as $5 at a drugstore or on amazon <33

  24. Maybelline has a line called tattoostudio. I’ve found that I keep going back for the brow gel. But they have tinting pens as well. I think they help with being more precise.

  25. i use an eyebrow pen (it's kinda like a marker) to draw on some pretty realistic eyebrow hairs. i imagine it would work well for your beard! i use the hard candy brows now pen specifically. i'd recommend going one shade lighter than your hair :)

  26. Refectocil is a brow dye that I use with great results - I found it on Amazon (1 tube lasts FOREVER) and they have a couple of different shades.

  27. Dye it don't use mascara lol or by the root touch up stuff to cover grey hair...or even perhaps a brow tint mascara type of product... But personally i bet it doesn't look that bad. And adds character.. not sure how your age but anything in or around 30 +, your beard isn't far from the natural salt n pepper look.

  28. Or you could just use the trimmer daily and stay clean shaven. That is how I like it! No stubble to give a girl pimples when you kiss her.

  29. Haven’t much experience(sorry mild habit of mine using British grammar: means “I do not have much”) with doing makeup with facial hair{when doing drag I prefer to shave} but maybe a concealer gel/cream like;

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