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  2. When I was a kid I lived on the Isle of mull. We had a dog called rowan and he was a working dog, he had a deal with our neighbour who is also a farmer. He hired our dog to chase the deer off his fields and in return we would get free fire wood. One time my dog was chasing deer and went to jump over a barbed wire fence but slipped on the wet grass so he didn't jump as high as planned. His dick was completely sliced down the middle by the barbed wire. Imagine cutting open a hotdog bun so it's still in one piece but it's open enough to put a hotdog inside. We took him to the vet and luckily it was actually a really simple procedure, the vet just had to sew it back together. He lived to 16.

  3. Similar story, but it was dog belonging to a friend. Dog let out a yelp when it happened but otherwise seemed okay so we didn't know what had actually occurred until a whole day later. I noticed and pointed out to my friend how much more his dog seemed to be licking his privates, so my friend took a look and nearly fainted: sack was sliced and ball was hanging out. Vet said it couldn't be saved and so amputated it, so his puppy was "half neutered" from that day on.

  4. I once played Wow religiously and joined this guild since i knew a couple of people. One of the first times I joined voice chat with them there was a guy with a speech impediment/lisp that made him basically sound like the "ackchually" nerd talk. Me being dumb as fuck and not having met them before I assumed he was joking around so i basically imitated the nerd lisp as good as I could as I did in the past with other friends when we were joking around. Everyone was dead silent. I found out about his impediment when someone DM'ed me in full caps about what just went down. Needless to say I was mortified.

  5. I have many several people with speech impediments recently, a couple of whom sound like Elmer Thud, and there were a few times I almost instinctively mocked them and I was mortified that I had the urge. Those were close calls though. I think growing up with brothers made me prone to being a dick

  6. I mean No offense to any of that but this may be my fav story I've seen on reddit. I could feel the pain and inner cringe just from reading. I'd def give an award if I could but I used my free one on a turtle eating a strawberry.

  7. Not happened to me, but in my village some idiots put an air compressor hose into another guy's ass and switched the compressor on, expecting to make funny farts. The result was a massive large intestine perforation and an incredibly painful death.

  8. Went in to school one morning with a slight pain in my boob. Throughout the day, it got worse and worse until I was too hunched over in pain to do much else. I had to call my dad to come pick me up and take me to the hospital.

  9. This is like my worst nightmare. Once in a while I think about having to get mammograms someday, and my big fat tiddies getting pressed flat. It doesn’t even feel possible without damage

  10. They didn’t give you anything for the pain during?? What the heck!!! I’m assuming a needle would have been way better. He basically squished it so hard it had to find its own way out instead of making an easy way out. Gosh…

  11. I thought I had an STD/infection when I hit puberty and my labia minora grew longer and purple. I didn’t want to go to my parents because it was too embarrassing. For a while I considered cutting them off with child safety scissors.

  12. Friend and I when kids, happened we both had to shit but there was one toilet. So we each pick a side of the toilet seat and let it rip thinking we where genius. Turns out that day we'd both been touched by the same devil and shit all over the seat cause of the shape of the seat and verocity of our deuces. That's was my first time cleaning shit.

  13. My stepdad was cooking Fried Dough once and the grease caught fire, he pulled the pan off the stove and the grease splashed back onto his arm, covering his hand and halfway up to his elbow.

  14. I currently have gastrointestinal infection, i vomit and poop at the same time and last night it was like every hour. Im absolutly empty and i even vomit the water i just drank. Fuck. I pooped in my bed and vomited on the floor and neddes to clean this in the middle of the night. Fuck this for real. Worst one ive ever had.

  15. So if your bed is in danger of repeated poops again tonight, can I make a suggestion? If available, you (or a kind friend/family) can grab a couple of mattress covers (for like bedbugs) or bed wetting covers in the kids isle of target. Then wrap your bed cover-sheet-cover-sheet, so then if you have a pre-dawn doo-doo disaster, you can just rip a layer off and stick it in the laundry.

  16. I understand your pain since the worst pain that I've ever felt on this mortal earth was shitting out liquid while simultaneously holding the trash can to vomit the most acidic organic substance that a physical human body could ever produce .

  17. Something similar happened to me once after I made a delicious cake with pink frosting and proceeded to eat the entire thing over the course of a day. Not fun.

  18. A few years ago on the 4th of July friends and I had a Roman candle war, got shot in the back and when I went to rub off the firework that hit me I felt my skin slide off like wet toilet paper.

  19. Dated a girl in college for about 2 years. Great time together, lots of memories, good relationship. Or so I thought. Turns out the “family friend” I’d shake hands with and talk to every party was piping her behind my back for at least a year. Had no idea until she told me on my birthday. She told me she wanted to break up and wanted to corroborate a story to tell her family that the break up was “mutual” and there were “no hard feelings”. I declined and cut off all ties with her cold turkey. I see her 6 months later at a grocery store, pregnant, with a big ol diamond ring on her finger. We made eye contact and she got a little embarrassed and walked away without a word as I laughed a little to myself. #WhatAWoman

  20. You dodged a bullet and she married someone who is willing to cheat with her. One of them is liable to cheat again as soon as the next best thing comes along, especially since they see no wrong in their actions.

  21. My parents divorced when I was really young, and had some custody agreement where he'd get us every other weekend. He still had to get up Saturdays at 3am or whatever and do dairy farm work until noon or so, so me and my brother were just free to roam the farm he was working on, as like 6 and 8 year olds. I can't believe I'm not dead. Some highlights:

  22. Sounds like my childhood, we grew up next to a dairy farm and our parents would tell us to go "help" out. My brother and I spent quite a bit of time in the emergency room from "helping out" on that farm.

  23. When i was young we would holiday at my aunties holiday house in the middle of the bush. There was a creek going around the property and i remember, i was going along the creek (in the water) pulling myself along the reeds/grass because i couldn't swim or touch the bottom. I was by myself....

  24. TLDR: Stomach was in chest, surgeons had to split my ribs and deflate my lung, also cut from diaphragm to bellybutton. Waking up, I was choking on blood clots from my lung and couldn't cough it up because they'd cut all my ab muscles.

  25. As a kid, we always build a rifle made out of wood and rubber. The bullets we use are the small and unripe jamaican cherry. Me and my friends used to steal this fruit on our neighbor's backyard. My friend, Mike, is a small dude but a great tree climber so he's the one who usually climb the tree. As he was going down, one of the branches he's stepping on snapped and his balls got caught on the snapped branch that remained on the body of the tree.

  26. When me and my pals were kids we used to climb over a very tall around 15ft high fence to get into the leisure centre grounds where they have Astro turf pitches to play footy without paying. A friend of mine was on the top of the fence ready to climb down the other side. He held onto the top of the fence to lower himself down, his finger got punctured by a nail in the process and he let go of the fence in reaction to the pain. It de-gloved his index finger as he fell from the height and his bone and tendons or whatever were just in plain view while the skin of his finger was still up on the fence. He then had to have the remainder of his finger amputated, we called him Arthur from there on out. “Arthur finger”

  27. One time when I was a kid I was putting stocking stuffers into the stockings (a treasured position to be in) and as I placed the item into the stocking the stocking holder fell - directly onto my big toe. My toe nail smashed into bits and to this day I have a mild fear of those stupidly large heavy things and I have a scar on my toe.

  28. This brought back a memory i had of when i was about 14. My mother loves her knitting and crochet, to the point where she wound her own wool and everything. Her wool winder was one that could be clamped down to a table, but of course the motion of the widner meant that the base was also very big, very thick and very heavy wood.

  29. reminds me of when i was ~11 or 12. my mom was putting up the stockings and the heavy metal hanger fell on the floor. it lodged itself in our very old wooden floors in our cabin, alongside the sharp edge of it slicing right through my ankle. i have a scar about the length of my middle finger, and probably around an inch deep. was fun times as a child

  30. I think it was my 19th birth day when i got hospitalized for pneumonia, i had a cathoder in my dick and it was kinda big for my urethra and also a bit sharp. Anywho when they pulled it out it cut the inside of my dick hole and blood came out.

  31. 9th birthday party. There was 3 cars full of girls to go ice skating. I exit the car, slam my thumb in the car door and spent my party at doctors. At school on Monday, everyone was telling me how amazing the party was while they were signing my cast.

  32. Resp therapist here. We’re going to a delivery, meconium, PROM, the works. Dr and nurses are telling mom to push. There’s an officer sitting on her phone in the corner. I guess mom is in the clink unfortunately. We get our stuff ready for baby at the warmer. Midwife readies the suction cup to go on baby’s head to yank him out of mom. One giant tug and a very wet sound later, baby is out. In one swift motion, baby comes out, amniotic fluid mixed with in utero poop flies everywhere. Gets all over nursing students, in doc’s mouth, in nurses eyes. They’re all mortified. Baby was fine though lol

  33. Back when I was in secondary school, I had a friend that I used to sit next to in some of my lessons. The next Monday, it was English and he came in and sat next to me with a HUGE yellow lump at the side of his ear. I asked him what it was and he said that it was an infection (I can’t remember what it was clearly but I know it was an infection). I didn’t really care so I moved on with my day as so, and it got to history when I was sat with him again but this lesion didn’t go as planned. My friend dropped his rubber and he bent over to get it. As he was bending over, the puss filled lump at the side of his ear popped. All over my face. His reaction as well as the classes reaction, and the teachers reaction says it all. Let’s just say I spend my time at home scrubbing my face for the rest of the day.

  34. I worked in the emergency room, and one time this guy came in because his finger was swelling around a couple of rings he had on it. The the swelling had been going on for a few days and his finger was turning black. We went through 3-4 diamond cutting blades to get the ring off, it was titanium. We were using water to keep the blade cool, which was splashing back at us. We had eye protection on, but everything around was getting soaked. When we finally managed to get the ring off, a huge chunk of necrotic flesh under the ring came off with it and all there was was exposed bone underneath. The sound it made as the ring and flesh came off was something I’ll never forget. We immediately went and took showers with hardcore antimicrobial soap and chemicals to get the necrotic flesh juice off of us. I drove home that day with a thousand yard stare in complete silence and questioned all the decisions I’ve ever made to end up in that situation.

  35. I’ve got a few. I’m autistic which means I’m a lot clumsier than the usual person and have damn near zero spatial awareness. I trip up stairs a lot for some reason. (Look it up, this is a real symptom of autism. If it wasn’t relevant, I wouldn’t bring it up.)

  36. I got nose surgery (deviated septum) in Mexico a few years back. The next day, middle of the night dead asleep, I woke up to my pillow and face all wet. As soon as I sat up, blood came gushing out of my nose. It was as if there was a water hose in my nose and someone turned it on. I got up to get a towel to press it to my face but that didn’t really do anything . Less than a few minutes later it was drenched, and the walls of my room and bathroom were covered in blood. I woke up my dad and told him we gotta GO. That was the first time in my life I saw genuine fear in my dad’s eyes. Anyway, it got to the point where there was so much blood, it started coming out of my mouth. We rushed to the car in the garage as I left a trail of blood all the way there - I cannot stress how much blood was pouring out of my face. I started choking on my own blood and I was scared for my life. We got in the car and sped away, but luckily we passed by a parked ambulance and they rushed me to the hospital. A few hours later, I was out of there with my nose plugged up and feeling super weak. Cleaning lady came by the next day and just about passed out from the amount of blood; she had to vomit a few times during the cleanup. (She’s an old family friend and volunteered to clean it up). Needless to say, I won’t be getting any more surgeries in Mexico.

  37. My friend was put into a cult when he was younger while he was in Minnesota, after some time his family finally got out and fled. He went through many therapists and moved states a lot. We finally met each other and we are very good friends. He is a great guy and I’m happy he was able to get out of the situation.

  38. The care you experienced is dissapointing and aggravating but the waiting is understandable. Unfortunately (yet very importantly for survival) hospital care triage goes from most injured/ill to least. Your injuries while likely quite painful and annoying are considered to be low priority and that could be why you were waiting for so long

  39. One of the few earliest memories I had when I was a child, I was role playing as something from a video game and was pushing a couch on a tile floor.

  40. One time when I was a kid, I decided I wanted to swim in the deep end (I had no idea how to swim). I was in the lane right next to the downward slope, so I decided to just walk down it. After I was like a foot down, I realized it was a really stupid idea, and I tried walking back up, but my feet kept slipping, and I just kept sliding further down. The last thing I remember is just thinking to myself “ohfudgeohfudgeohfudgeohfudgeohfudge”, and then just waking up surrounded by a crowd of people, my family, and a lifeguard. I don’t know why I didn’t get the reflex to breath, or how much longer I had until I did.

  41. I have a lot of genetic problems-autism, ADD, bipolar disorder, Alports syndrome, irregular menstruation, and poor eyesight. They have all caused me plenty of suffering, but this seems to upset the people around me a lot more than it does me now.

  42. So this is suppost to be viewed from my friends perspective. One time my friends parents went out of town and we all took some shrooms and were playing darts and having a fun time, good music , out on the deck with a fire , all is going well. My friend whos parents were gone took a large dose and asked me to explain instagram posts to him because he said he could not read anymore. Fast forward a bit my friend goes to the door inside while we are still sitting on the deck laughing, and comes back and just laughs histerically and starts packing up , shaking so badly he cant hold anything and constantly drops everthing. We look at him concerned as he suddenly falls headfirst smashing the glass table to pieces and going reverse scorpion on his neck unconscious. At this same exact moment , his mother and father opens the door, asking what the fuck is happening (turns out they just showed up with no warning ) , with their son laying bleeding and unconscious on the floor , and that is why he was shaking, from the shock. Ofcourse we offer to help our friend and explain what was happening , but the dad just kicks all of us out. And now I have to DRIVE home (small town, and I would never plan on driving in this state but I was still very able to drive) to my parents and have dinner on shrooms with them :) My friend was never the same after that , and his relationship with his parents have since been destroyed which is very saddening. Eitherway , we all suffered a bit that night , and it made me stay away from any substances for good , so yeah, theres that, sorry for the long story.

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