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  2. When I was three I was playing on a treadmill and I fell off, my thumb got stuck under the treadmill, and my skin got slowly scraped off of my thumb until I could see the bone.

  3. When I was a kid I had 2 pet mice. One was brown the other was white. One day I invited a friend to sleep over and she wanted to see my mice so I opened the cage. My white mouse was covered in blood and I got worried that it was injured but then I lifted the house up and saw what was left of my brown mouse. It was lying on its back with its rib cage completely torn open. It's intestines and organs were strewn across the sawdust. It looked like a face hugger had burst through its rib cage like in alien. The white mouse was just sitting there slightly shaking and when I tried to pick him up he tried to bite me. My friend was so horrified she threw up and asked to go home. The white mouse eventually calmed down and lived for another 6 months before passing away in his sleep.

  4. Heard mice do not go well in the same cage, but however domestic rats are fine with multiple rats in the same cage. Dont count on me tho, its all purely on what i remember seeing in the other comments.

  5. so um, patient zero- ah I mean, how's that bite wound looking now? any cravings for human flesh, rotting skin, or biting tendencies?

  6. When I was a kid, all my friends' teeth were falling out but mine still weren't wiggly. I felt left out so I got a butter knife, put it between the tooth and the gum, and levered out my two front teeth. I couldn't get them all the way out because of the angle of the knife, so I ripped them out with my fingers the next day. I had no front teeth for a long time.

  7. I’m an EMT. I used to regularly go to this guy’s apartment. When we would park the ambulance, we would always smell an intense rancid stench seeping out of his apartment reaching all the way to the ambulance. As we enter, we can only step into the first 5 feet of the apartment due to the literal mountains of trash waist high spanning from the living room to the kitchen and down the hallway leading to who knows what. Me and my partner try our absolute best to not gag and continue to take small short breaths just enough to keep us going. The guy’s bed is right by the door thankfully. He is a double amputee to both knees and has a cholostomy bag. If you don’t know what a cholostomy bag is, well some people need to have their colon removed, so they have to get a tube and bag surgically attached to their colon to collect their feces. This has to get emptied as needed. Well based on the mountains of trash in his apartment, I’m sure you can figure where he would empty his feces. There were rats and cockroaches crawling around and to top it off, I once noticed a spiderweb within a foot of my face with literally 10 different spiders sharing the web. In addition, his ex-wife that takes care of him said she sleeps on the couch every night. 2/3s of the couch is also a pile of garbage so we can only assume she sleeps sitting up and has to lean onto the garbage. The smell of that place was so thick and pungent that it would stick to our uniforms and we would faintly smell it the rest of our shift. Man, I wish I was making this stuff up. I really do. But we see some gnarly stuff. We did try to get him help and obviously reported these conditions. Never found out what happened.

  8. Hospice home care nurse here. I frequented a home where, like yours, you could smell the place from outside. I would park down the street to avoid the odor from attaching to my car. This apartment was uninhabitable. The floors were so soft in many places, i thought i was going to fall through. There was a small path leading from the front door to the back bedroom where the pt was. There were 4 generations of family living here, mostly on a mattress on the living room floor. There was an infant who was there sometimes. They were smoking indoors with the oxygen tanks. After several warnings about the oxygen, we had to admit the guy to our inpatient unit, even though we weren't going to get paid by the insurance for it. It just wasn't safe for him to be in the apartment. We had to call code enforcement, child protective services, and adult protective services. It was such a sad situation. Thankfully, it was height of covid time, so we had an excuse to go in with full PPE.

  9. In elementary school we had a bamboo cane as a pointer and while the teacher left one oh the boys used it as a sword playfully fighting with a girl. She grabbed it and did not see the front was completely splintered. The boy pulling the cane back sliced her fingers open to the point some of her tips fell off.

  10. Not that bad but in preschool, recess rolled around and I rushed out the classroom to eat. Tripped on something and smashed forehead into the brick steps parallel to the doorway. Woke up in the nurses office getting stitches into my head. Apparently I bled all over the floor in front of pretty much both classes. They probably thought I just died right then and there.

  11. I don’t want to relive this but here we go. The short version is, my aunt was a bus driver and a 5 year old crouched down in front of her bus, the bus started moving. He missed the front wheels, she felt a bump, stopped, realized she ran over, and parked on HER own son. For at least 2 minutes there was panic until I got guys together to push the bus off while I was on the phone with EMS. You don’t want to see blood coming out of the eyes and finger nails of a 5 year old.

  12. On one of my firsts days of elementary school I was playing soccer with some bullies and they pushed me as hard as they could to get me off the ball and I fell teeth first into concrete my right front teeth chipped and got pressed into my skull so I had this weird tooth that eventually had to be pulled a year later after they realized it wouldn’t be coming out like a normal tooth

  13. Holymoly! I had a slightly similar situation. As a kid I had an accident while playing that pulled one of my upper front teeth forward, toward my lips. It ended up almost horizontal, sticking out of my mouth but still attached by a lot of veins and nerves etc. Obviously an emergency dentist appointment was made, made more difficult by the fact this all happened while on holiday on the other side of the country. We eventually got one and I was leery, I hadn’t had any dentist related badtimes before then, but knew plenty of friends who had so was still wary of dentists. For one the guy was massive, like the kind of man who has shovel like hands with fingers twice as thick as a usual adult man’s etc. Anyways, he decided to skip anaesthesia due to not being familiar with me to gauge dosage, and the assumption that there was little left attached to the tooth to cause issue. So he just put those chilled cotton wool cylinders between my lips and gum, and within my eyesight, picked up a pair of pliers that looked like a normal hand tool rather than a medical tool. I ended up screaming, the dentist and his nurse assistant tried to restrain me, my dad burst in to see his 5-6 year old daughter being almost sat on by two adults while she screamed, and lost his shit. We were outta there with the cotton cylinders still in my mouth. Ended up needing to visit a dental hospital where I was given anaesthetic gas and knocked out cold.

  14. When I was like 2 years old I fell down some steps outside and knocked one of my bottom front teeth out. It was still holding on barely by a thread. My mom went BALLISTIC because her baby girl was hurt so she rushed me to the doctors and had them shove the tooth back in. They fucked that up and it damaged the adult tooth underneath. I have a yellow tooth now. It isn't sensitive or anything, it's a normal tooth. It's just yellow.

  15. Why do some dentists like to pull and drill teeth without anesthesia so much? There has to be a statistics on how many of them are sadists or psychopaths. I can't find another reason on why a dentists can't just fucking poke you with a needle.

  16. I hid in a Bush in the garden for 8 hours to avoid going to the dentist. When I eventually came in I found out I got the wrong day and the appointment was the next day. Fml. We changed dentist though so win?

  17. I am so sorry you went through that. I cannot even imagine. Tooth removal already hurts enough with anesthetic and novocaine. Yeesh.

  18. So around 4-5 months ago I had some surgery done on my right leg, and for 4-5 weeks everything below my knee was under a cast. I couldn't bathe in a tub or shower, I only managed to wash my hair somehow every 3-4 days. Everything else, well, except my right leg, was sponge baths.

  19. Damn. I had a big bandage on my right hip/thigh area to cover up an 8" incision for a couple of weeks and there was a good amount of crusted blood and sticky residue but nothing like that.

  20. When I was 14 my brother (5 at the time) was tossing a foam football with my grandpa in their living room. He would run from one end of the room to the other and catch it while he was moving. At one point the ball bounced out of his hands and landed on the ground next to the couch my grandpa was on. Now, he used to do this thing with us where he would put his legs out and trap us between his knees and then shake us. So when my brother went to pick up the ball he had to pass in front of my grandpa on the couch so he put one of his legs out to stop my brother and then shake him. But instead my brother tried to hurdle my grandpas leg (was at about waist heigh on my brother) but his feet got caught so he fell forward with his arms out to catch his fall. I was sitting directly where he landed and his right wrist nearly snapped apart. I heard the crack and saw exactly how it broke. I’ve always been terrified of broken bones and that traumatized me. Just thinking about the crack sound makes me shiver and every time after that I would get extremely anxious whenever my brother would do anything in my grandparents living room. Little guy was an absolute trooper though, not a single tear was shed except for when he heard he might have to stay the night at the hospital ( it happened later in the day around 8pm). Plus since he couldn’t use his right hand/arm for a few months he’s become ambidextrous

  21. When I was 21 I worked in construction and we built a metal building that had a 30 feet tall roof. We subcontracted the sheet metal outside skin out to another company and they had completed the sides and were working on the roof. I'm walking through the building on day and notice something fall from the roof out of the corner of my eye. I approach to see what had fallen and it was one of the roofers. He was laying face down and had blood pooling around his head. I called my boss and told him the guy looked dead and we needed an ambulance. After a few minutes the guy started moaning and trying to breath. It sounded terrible as his mouth was full of blood. Luckily he lived but had a collapsed lung. Dislocated both shoulders, broke both wrists, broke his eye socket, and multiple ribs. The ironic part is that he was wearing a harness but failed to tie off and stepped on a piece of insulation that had been layer over a hole in the roof.

  22. Was once chopping a head of lettuce, looked up at someone talking to me and chopped part of the tip of my thumb clean off. The worst part was that the gauze would hook into the open wound basically attaching itself to the tip, Making the process of replacing it far more painful than losing the bit of thumb, and I had to do it daily for about a week. I’ve never forgotten to tuck my thumb since then.

  23. Broke up with a closeted heroin addict get constipated for like a little over a week and just shat a lot of blood. I dont think that life is for me

  24. I once made a joke with a surgeon doing a surgery on my head about having an ingrown toenail. I woke up with a bandaged big toe.

  25. Haha. Surgeons are great, I told mine I hated needles and they waited until I was getting the anaesthetic mask put on and being told what to do (distracted and about to pass out) to put in the IV. Still felt it but I was definitely focusing on other things at the time and it helped

  26. So you go onto reddit to talk shit about your students, who are children, for being stupid, which children are known to do?

  27. LONG STORY: Enjoy my clumsy misery. When I was 12 I was playing at a park with my friend and we were pretending to be superheroes. My power was healing myself. So of course I’m going to jump off shit and pretend I broke my leg, I did this for a couple rounds until the last jump and that’s when I heard a snap and sharp pain in my leg.

  28. Mine was about the opposite. Biking to school in the morning while it was still dark, hit a hard to see patch of ice. Fell over directly onto my hip and slid a few feet because ice. I started yelling because I couldn't get up and it hurt a bit, some guy pulled up to the intersection and called an ambulance. The people that showed up in the ambulance thought I had just bruised the bone since I wasn't acting like I was hurt that bad and I thought I would just get a day or two off school to sit in bed and let it stop hurting. They were definitely more worried about a concussion and I had to tell them multiple times that my helmet never even touched the ground

  29. I was pretty new to working out and was bench pressing some dumbbells. One of the clips must've slipped and around 30 pounds fell into my ribs. I broke 3 ribs and right lung collapsed. I also got traumatized for weeks. Don't trust clips bois

  30. when I was 16 I was in the hospital for idiopathic inter-cranial hypertension, pretty much my brain stopped distributing spinal fluid for no particular reason so it was all just chillin in my head. I was losing vision really fast, and was on the verge of paralysis from my brain pressing into my spinal cord. They decided to try something that was like lumbar drain; needle going into my spine and draining excess fluid into a device at my bedside. One day I noticed my sheets were wet and I started worrying my drain was leaking somehow but a nurse came to check it and said it was alright. 15 minutes later, I experienced a super sudden, intense pain in my neck that quickly turned into a severeeeee headache. my heart rate shot up to 180 as I started screaming from pain and passed out almost immediately . The lumbar drain had infact been leaking, so within about 30 minutes, a dangerous amount of fluid had been drained and my brain was basically shock dry for a minute or two before a code team rushed in. I remember being in and out of it, the ultimate throbbing in my head, and just the nastiest feeling overall. My team decided within the next few days that the lumbar drain was not going to be effective long-term anyways so I had have a VP shunt put in. Whole lot of hoopla.

  31. When I was 4 I was at a neighbourhood party and I tripped on a flagstone going face-first into a table made from an old sawmills blade. Nasty cut from the bridge of the nose up to my ear

  32. My brother had a house party when he was a junior in highschool. He was really drunk and trying to drive off in a rage about something. So I wrestled his keys from him and locked him outside while I called our mom ( she worked third shift ). While on the phone I heard a giant crash. I thought he had just thrown a chair through the glass door.

  33. One of the kids in my class is a really interesting character.. he frequently refuses to eat things that, he coughed near, touched another food, has a crumb from the same type of food on a different piece, sounds healthy, sounds unhealthy etc. Like fine you're a picky eater. But what I can't abide is that he often asks for food and then throws it away for very frivolous reasons and then proceeds to go outside and put the grossest things he can find in his mouth...

  34. I couldn't have been older than 5 when this happened. I was playing outside with a buddy, barefoot as usual. We were running around the trampoline when I stepped on a crawfish hole (I'm from southeast Texas). Usually this wouldn't be a big deal, but I hit it right with the soft part of the very top of the arch of my foot, so instead of just crushing the little cylinder of dried up mud, it sliced a good sized gash into my foot. God it bled like a stuck pig as I one leg hopped my way to the door of my house screaming for my mom. Left a trail of blood all the way across the yard and onto the driveway and up the stairs where I stopped and continued to bleed until she came out to see about me.

  35. Some family friends have been staying with my parents for most of this year while they searched for their house. They have this profoundly stupid small version of a boxer and it didn't get along great with my parents dogs (a 6ish year old Irish doodle and a 15 year old dachshund). It would constantly agitate both of them, and my mom eventually said that she (the boxer) has to stay in her crate except for when she goes outside or she has to go somewhere else. Anyway, a few weeks ago my mom was the only one home and was letting all 3 of the dogs out in the morning. The boxer ran straight toward our old dachshund and my mom yelled at her to stay away from him. My mom looked away for a moment and heard him let out "the worst noise she'd ever heard him make." When she looked the boxer was standing over him and after she got her away she found our old man unable to walk with his eyes drifting to the left constantly while twitching back the other way.

  36. Stupid and short but here we go. So last month I was meeting a friend to grab a couple drinks from a bodega and chill in a park but I had to pee badly so I tried to go to this urgent care center cuz they usually have nice bathrooms and the receptionist just brushes me off and says it’s out of order, (it’s all good I use the bodega bathroom instead) then when my friend and I get drinks I try opening one of them with my key since I forgot my bottle opener and my already tipsy dumbass self had my hand slip and the bottle cap carved a solid inch of flesh out of my finger and I didn’t stop until I opened the beer and by then two other fingers were nicked. My friend was telling me to stop being stubborn and go to the clinic so after downing my beer I did and the nurse at the front desk who brushed me off before just gave me such a “wtf” look before saying the doctor is out and all I could get was a bandaid. Yes I have scars from this ordeal.

  37. I’d like to just point out the logic in a medical clinic having the presumably only doctor out of clinic during open hours lol.

  38. I have weirdly long roots in my upper canines and one molar and they decided to just not freaking let go when my adult teeth came in. I wound up with teeth growing into other teeth and wound up having to have surgery to fix it.

  39. About a year ago, my friend came down from Minnesota to stay with us for a week. Her hotel had a pool, so we ended up swimming around for about 3 hours.

  40. Similar story except it was in a hotel and it was vomit loosely covered with napkins. Thankfully I actually did not put my hand in it, but I was thoroughly disgusted.

  41. In 5th grade this boy leaned on his desk with the tip if his pencil towards his chest. I don't know if someone bumped him or he just forgot how sharp the pencil was because that sucker when straight into his chest. The last I ever saw of him was his squeezing his eyes shut in pain, walking with paramedics with a pencil sticking out of his chest. It was upper chest too. At the time I kept thinking why didn't they just pull it out right then and there.

  42. First rule of dealing with objects stuck in people that shouldn't be, leave them the fuck where they are. They could be preventing major blood loss and pulling it out could lead to bleeding to death on a bad day. Penetrating chest wounds also have the added complications of fucking up the balance of air in your chest so your lung can end up collapsing but I'm not to read up on the mechanics of that, but still better to leave it in and let someone more qualified deal with it.

  43. I have a bunch of stories of me getting hurt, but the stories that still makes me shiver to this day is about food.

  44. When I was little, like 6 years old. For what ever reason my friend and I were jumping on the bed. He spun with his arms out and managed to backhand me square in the mouth. Somehow this broke one of my front teeth In half. I'm talking bottom half of the tooth broke off. This left me with only the top half and exposed nerves. Had to deal with this for a whole week until my mom got me Into a dentist to get a clean extraction on the rest of the tooth

  45. After my mastectomy and the bags were pulled out, I got an infection. So we went to the emergency and there the doctor squeezed on my chest and floods of pus just flowed out like a waterfall, so much I could’ve put it in a cup. Both me and my mom regret that she didn’t film it lol

  46. My grandma knew a woman who was severely mentally ill and that woman put her baby in the oven and fed it to her husband because she was jealous.

  47. I might have been 11 or 12 when this happened maybe younger but I used to go out to skating rinks a lot. It was like my thing. One summer my Nana took my siblings and I to the local rink for done night time skating.

  48. (context, we are tribals)Yesterday, i saw some kid crying because his family decided to kill his dog. And they were preparing the dog's body to be eaten, they shed, skinned and were roasting it

  49. When I was like 3 I fell teeth first into a coffee table, shoving my 2 front teeth up and back into my gums, after which they had to be removed, I didn’t have front teeth for like 5 years lol

  50. i was in a p.e. lesson at school when i was 12. i’m doing a tennis warmup exercise with two other girls, when one of them launches the tennis ball across the field. i run to get it. as i’m coming back, a girl in another group is messing around, but doesn’t realise that i’m walking behind her. she swung her tennis racket at what felt like 100mph and smacked me directly in the mouth. all i could feel was my lip bust open and half of my front tooth falling into the palm of my hand. i don’t think i’ve ever screamed so loud in my life. i had a day off but came back with a crooked smile until i finally had it properly fixed a few years later. the girl was very apologetic and so kind when i came back into school, which i really appreciated. hope she realised that i was never angry and that it was just extremely poor timing

  51. Last night I got out of my car to walk to my friends porch, I was wearing flip flops and I ended up kicking this concrete lawn decoration that I couldn’t see. Usually when you injure you toes/foot it feels like it should be bleeding but it’s usually fine, well I was bleeding. About an hour later I’m at my house I brought my friend so I could feed them some dinner. I also have a boyfriend who has been on this woodworking obsession for the past 2 months, this is relevant. So he’s been making a shed and has been putting his tools by the side door at night. I ended up kicking his drill with that same fucking foot and sliced the side of pinky toe. I was still wearing my flip flops and I could feel the sudden warmness sticky mess of blood pooling between my foot and the flip flop. It hurt. Who injures the same foot twice in the same day? Me, I do.

  52. when i was like 4 or 5 we had this wagon. could fit at least two kids in it. it had these gaps on the sides and one day me and my friends thought it was a good idea to use these plastic kid-sized hockey sticks i had as a lap bar and pretend we were on some roller coaster or some shit. so we were in the wagon, strapped in by those hockey sticks, and a friends older sister was pulling us and started running. it was super fun! like we were really on a roller coaster! until the wagon flipped on its side somehow and instead of just falling out, i was stuck sitting criss cross, now sideways, with my face being dragged on the sidewalk for a second. felt like a lot longer than it actually was but shit was wild. somehow my friend fell out and just had minor scrapes on his arms i think. i was like two-face for a while but luckily it healed up fine since it was only just a few big ass scrapes, and my doctors gave us a prescription for silvadene. but i’ll always have a very vivid memory of it going from “wheeee!” to flipping sideways and screaming and while my face got dragged. good times though.

  53. During hurricane Katrina I was living in Miami with my mom. When the worst of the storm was hitting, the window shutters outside were rattling and vibrating so hard that we thought the windows would shatter.

  54. I farted in our Shih Tzu's face to see her response, and she seemed really happy about it. Well, dogs like sniffing butts, so I guess she found it a fine hello.

  55. When I was in 2nd grade, I was climbing up the steps of a jungle gym on the playground during recess. It had huge gaps between each step, and my foot slipped into one of them and my entire body fell through. My head didn’t though, and I caught myself with my top teeth, which slammed directly onto the stair I had slipped on. One of my two front teeth was pushed so far up, there was a huge bump where it had lodged itself into my gums. I ran to the bathroom, looked into the mirror and saw SO much blood running down my chin and shirt. My teacher was absolutely mortified. I had to get it surgically removed later that day. I only remember the laughing gas being awesome, lol. But that was pretty bad day overall.

  56. I get a bartholin's cyst when I get stressed and dehydrated. Why is that the trigger? Fuck if I know. I used to get them all the time, along with clogged salivary glands. Made some life changes and as long as I eat well and drink water I'm usually fine.

  57. Well, back when I was with my first ex, we were more than a little kinky but she was a little bordering abusive, and sometimes that extended to the bedroom. Sometimes she'd complain I didn't stay erect for long enough, so that got me thinking.

  58. Not me but a friend of mine; short and quick he ran outside and shut the door on his baby cat’s head and it blew up in his face he says hes still traumatized by that. Its been 7 years

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